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  1. I know this won't be a full 3d game so my guess is that they won't have a 3d avatar cration tool like all recent crpgs as Dragon Age, Fallout NV, NWN2 etc... And, to be honest, I never liked to choose from pre-drawn for me portraits. So, I thought that maybe we could see a 2d avatar creator in game like this one: http://www.ageofgame...asy-avatar.html I believe it would be cool. What do you think?
  2. He's great but, to be honest, i would't like that serious, sad face to everyone around me :D Also I prefer 3d custom made by me portraits than pre-drawn for me. I couldn't ever get attached to any of the pre-made portraits in IE games and I loved that i could make the face i wanted in the most recent rgps.
  3. Don't know about the Berzerk comic but i quit the animated series at the 2nd or 3rd episode due to the usual sexism in anime. In particular, the merchant leader orders his 2nd in command woman (who is presented as too much of a badass until then) to sleep naked with the wounded berzerker for curing purposes, because this is the job women!!! And of course, she obeys... After that i don't really cared about anything else that anime wanted to "say". Hopefully we won't be seeing any of that bullsh it in PE
  4. I'd prefer a single box say 30 characters long so I can give my char more than 2 names if I would. Who says you should have only first and last names?
  5. I might use it to fill up my party if i haven't met 5 or more companions yet. Else I won't. I prefer to go with the story and see the companions' stories and how they can react to me and to eachother.
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