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  1. 1 hour ago, Gfted1 said:

    The "like" should be something other than a "heart". I don't "love" the post, Im just nodding/agreeing.

    Not sure if I'm losing my mind, but I could have swore that the like heart was originally colored blue rather than red immediately after the updated site launched. The blue seemed much more appropriate for a like. Than when I came back at some point the next day I noticed it had been changed to from blue to red.

    Or, I may just be losing my mind.

  2. 14 minutes ago, 213374U said:

    I noticed that Gfted1's rank is "Forum Moderator" and he's part of the "Moderators" group. He also has a huge "MODERATOR" tag right under all of that.

    My considerable deductive powers suggest that he may be a moderator, but I would need more evidence to make a definitive statement.

    Maybe 3 or 4 flashing images that things like "Moderation is Key", "Moderating is just my thing", "I Moderate, therefore I am", etc., etc.... could help add a little more clarity on this matter.

    I do love how this forum is really taking a "hit 'em over the head" sort of approach to getting a message across. But have they really done enough yet?

  3. 1 hour ago, Ethics Gradient said:

    It might be fixed now, but each bit of info in that profile popup was being treated as a required field. You needed to fill in each field with something before it would stop periodically nagging you...

    I filled out all of my fields with whatever responses. And haha, several of those fields are displayed every time I post now. I'm having fun.

  4. 27 minutes ago, Lexx said:

    Even a week is too short for my taste. : >

    Isn't this forum invision software? Should be a default feature for as far as I am aware.

    Same here, really -- hence my edit (you did notice the edit, right? Oh god, they may need to make the edits stand out more...!). Previously I was able to stay logged in for a good month before having to log back in. That would be very nice to keep with.

  5. 47 minutes ago, rjshae said:

    Is there a configuration option to stay logged on? I didn't see one; it's a nuisance now to have to sign on every time.

    Obsidian is working on increasing the "session" time. Hopefully it will be for like a week or so, at minimum. There's really nothing "sensitive" about these forums accounts that requires timed sessions or even multi-factor authentication. If people are storing their social security numbers on this forum, they are doofs. There's essentially just words about games and even less meaningful stuff.

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  6. What if all edited posts also had a watermark image taking up the entirety of the body said post. It could say something like "Attention Dip****s! This Mother F&%kin' post was edited by the Mother F*&kin' poster. Obsidian wants to ensure that NO ONE overlooks this fact!!!"

    If the watermark made the actual post kind of hard to read, that would be most appropriate.


  7. 6 hours ago, The Guildmaster said:

    Sorry Marceror, I just didn't realize that was your thread. :) Fionavar and I had discussed the edit grace period several times across various patches over the years and they've just not added anything that makes this less frustrating, at least with respect to having a grace period... I definitely know what you're referring to.

    I'm looking around though to see if there's a mod or something but so far I haven't found anything.

    Thank you for the response. After 5 years, I had given up all hope of ever getting any official response, so it is truly appreciated.

  8. 7 minutes ago, The Guildmaster said:

    Hi Marceror, what are you seeing exactly? The unfortunate thing is that there's not really much configuration available on the backend for post editing. :(

    Well it's all in this thread I started nearly 5 years ago (linked below). But since that apparently hasn't been noticed yet, I've been questioning why there isn't a short grace period to edit a thread before the thead is marked as edited. Nearly all other forums seem to give at least a couple of minutes, so that minor typos can be corrected. But here it's always been an immediate notification on the thread. Since the upgrade, now the thread is called out TWICE. Once at the top of the post, and a second time in the body of the post. This absolutely drives me up a wall.


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  9. 2 hours ago, LadyCrimson said:

    It mentions the edit twice now. Once at the top of the post (posted 1 hour ago...(edited)  ) and the edit tag in the actual post.

    But aahhhh! I can highlight and quote only the highlighted section! Now that's one feature I can get behind. And the cut/paste r-click menu finickiness is gone.

    Oh crap! It does mention it twice now. I somehow missed that before. Doh!

    So glad to know Obsidian is listening! Warms the ole heart, it does. 😛

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