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  1. Actually the drugs balance pass includes another Cipher nerf. Prior to 3.0, Ciphers could get +2 PER and +20% Focus gain from Blacsonn, or +4 Focus gain from Carow Golan. Now they can only get +20% Focus gain from Carow Golan if they also suck up a -4 INT penalty that massively shrinks their powers' AoE and shortens their duration.


    Ciphers really got the hate in this patch, for some reason...

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  2. Ya it gives a description.


    Well yes, a description was already there since the beginning :) What I mean is, does it have a black-and-white illustration of the weapon in the style of the IE games? All soulbound weapons do except for The Grey Sleeper in 2.01. Example from St Ydwen's Redeemer:





    By the way, do modals retain their graphical effect upon saving/loading now?

  3. Could someone with the beta patch confirm whether the following have been fixed?


    • Player-centered spells and abilities don't work
    • Accuracy is displayed incorrectly until you enter combat
    • Weapon "Speed" enchantment doesn't work (was fixed in 2.0 and broken again in 2.01)
    • Soulbound weapons don't register kills to unlock the next level
    • Spells missing from Ninagauth's Black Pages
    • Monk multi-class talent does not apply to Druid's Spiritshift form
    • The Grey Sleeper does not have an illustration


    I'm surprised the first two are not in the patch notes as they were the most reported issues after 2.01 was released.



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  4. mushroomli,


    the spell was not added retroactively. You'll need to give yourself the Grimoire once again via console commands if you want to get that spell in your current play through.


    If you are concerned about disabling achievements, you can install the IE Mod to cheat without disabling them. You can then uninstall the mod, but I'd suggest keeping it because it's so awesome.

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