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  1. I wish Obsidian would rebalance POTD Port Maje while they are still polishing the game. The difficulty is out of line compared to rest of the Deadfire and PoE1 POTD difficulty. That kind level of difficulty isn't fun or interesting when your options are extremely limited, and it's a bottleneck PoE1 POTD didn't have and was better for it. It also immersion breaking to have some of the hardest fights in the game on the tutorial island.

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  2.  I also think people are generally under-valuing initiative right now and we should wait until it gets balanced a little better. Currently it's value is being severely undercut by a bug which causes the player party get a free round in practically every combat, as when combat begins you start in a round with you and only a few enemies that initiated combat with you. The game also seems to be giving a free "surprise" round when you start combat from stealth. Add to this that a lot of enemies seems to have very high initiative, such that even my characters with heavy armor, modals, two-handed and 3 DEX are still going before them.


    I think if they buff enemy initiative a bit, fix the free round bug, and perhaps only give a 20% initiative bonus for starting from stealth people will change their tune. I have already had 1-2 encounters that punished my lack of initiative. Eating an entire room full of enemy attacks left 2 of my back-line dead before I had even self-buffed. Thankfully, I had a paladin rez handy.


    Limiting char's to 1 free action/turn and adding some initiative to cast times would also help bring casters in-line, as they would be vulnerable to low-initiative enemies removing concentration and interrupting the cast.


    I also like the idea of adding an extra attack to light weapons, as that would make one-handed builds more viable. 1 light weapon would get 2/attacks, dual wielding with 2 light would get another, so 3 attacks.


    While the things you mentioned will buff dex I don't think it will be nearly enough. Especially harder fights tend to last a long time and the longer the fight is the less your initiative matters. As it is I don't really see the point of not dumping dex in favor of the other stats. A character with high might and low dex should hit harder but less often, and vice versa. Basically dex should be changed to also affect how often the characters turn happens.

  3. I'm trying to figure out a fun party for my probably final PoE playthrough. Only thing set in stone is that I want to include the three WM companions in my party. Also my main is mostly likely going to be a cipher, but this could still change.


    At the moment I'm thinking of using Zahua as my main tank. Don't really know how viable that is though. And rest of the party would be Maneha (ot/dps), Devil (dps), cipher (cc/ ranged dps), Durance, and Aloth. I'd like to replace Aloth and Durance with other characters, but both priest and wizard seem pretty essential to me.

  4. Well i'm very sad to hear that such an old firm is closing and people are losing their jobs, but I have to question their business practises, almost everything they announced about SCL was a slap in the face to D&D players, to the extent that they had the fearsome Eye Tyrant level scaled to the player. They alienated their potential audience with almost every facet of their game, and I can't see what audience they were pursuing, D&D is a niche interest and Kickstarter and Beamdog have both shown that those interested in it are more than willing to spend money. Why spurn that huge market?


    I hope that some lessons have been learned going forward, I would hate to see more firms throwing everything away chasing an imaginary audience.


    That was my impression as well. Luckily I never even bought this game because everything I saw and read about SCL, just made me wonder who the hell was the target audience for this game.

  5. I had the same issue, but then it seemed to solve itself (or was literally fixed by Steam while I was trying it!). Here's what happened with me: 


    - Launched the game.

    - On the main menu, another menu popped up announcing White March II. I clicked on "purchase" simply to see if it charged me so I could pop on here and confirm there was an issue.

    - Instead, after a moment, Steam told me that it was already in my library.

    - Closed out of the game and sure enough, after a moment, the DLC showed up in my "DLC owned" and the expansion began downloading.


    Give it a try and hopefully it will work for you.


    This worked for me, thanks!

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    Makes me wonder if Beamdog's plan post Seige is the BGIII they wanted to do before (but with added old-BG team members)?


    That has to be the plan. There isn't much else for them to do which would get anywhere near the exposure and potential sales that a BG3 would; NWN3 is impractical as it would require a new engine (albeit there may well be be one for BG3 anyway), new rule set, construction/ DM stuff plus the name is already (mostly) in use for another current product and IWD/ Gold Box are less well known.


    But isn't SCL based on 5E-lite? I always thought that WotC basically forced game developers to use the latest edition.


    Not any more. They also (eventually) explicitly made Planescape available for T:ToN as well, so their policy has changed pretty much wholesale over the past three years. While it was an understandable policy to get people buying the latest stuff and they likely prefer it still it was also short sighted and contributed to the dearth of credible D&D products on computer over the past decade. They acted like D&D was still a premier product that it was a privilege to be able to work on for far too long after it wasn't, and were far too precious.



    Eh what? T:ToN doesn't have anything to do with Planescape. It is based on Monte Cook's Numenera setting.

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