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    I honestly haven't though much about a ranged Herald, so I may not be the best resource!


    That said, based on what I know it should work just fine - 20 INT sounds ideal for ranged, and I'd be sure to pick up the phrase "Sure Handed Ila Knocked her Arrow with Speed" as it has a huge impact for ranged recovery/reload. Kind Wayfarer seems like a great choice to me, Flames of Devotion works at range (and still heals around the paladin); Bleak Walker also works well if you want to focus on DPS, but be mindful that it leans towards Cruel/Aggressive dispositions. Also worth noting is that Sworn Enemy works at range, which is nice.


    If you go that direction you could lean on the fire and choose Shared Flames and Aelfyllath Ues Mith Fyr to buff your party and your ranged attacks. While Troubadour works well (especially w/ high INT as you may be able to keep Sure Handed Ila up 100% of the time due to linger), if you went Beckoner these effects would work on your summons as well which would be nice (and the summons could help keep your Herald safe from melee). For Invocations, I'd check the ranged offensive options as well as summons (I haven't tested many of these personally).


    Honestly beckoner was my first choice, but the sheer flexibility of Troubadour is very inviting. I can still summon, and I can toggle Brisk Recitation if I want to build up phrases quickly for summons or other abilities. However multiple tiny skeletons and other summons all doing attacks with the shared flames and Aelfyllath Ues Mith Fyr is super tempting. 

  2. I went Herald for my Watcher so I may be of help here. My story is similar to yours - I had a Chanter tank in PoE1 and wanted to make her a more realized version of the same character, so I ended up adding Paladin in Deadfire.


    After a lot of research prior to release and I ended up with a Tank/Support Herald that looks like this:


    Chanter (Troubadour):

    Troubador is really helpful for flexible Phrases and Invocations, given that this build needs to focus a lot on tanking and support skills I found this to be the best fit of the subclasses. I think Beckoner would work too, summons are nice meat shields, though it requires more abilities to be effective and thus the character can feel liked it is stretched thin in regards to points.


    Paladin (Shieldbearer):

    Shieldbearer is a great choice for the tank (and my preference for RP reasons), the engagement bonus especially helps when adding in Proficiency with Spear (puts you at 3 Engagement right off the bat). That said, Shieldbearer is not the only option for a good Paladin tank, Kind Wayfarer is worth considering if you want more healing, and Goldpact is a nice tank alternative.



    I'd focus on INT for your various auras, but I found MIG to be useful for heals, and RES is nice for tanks in general. DEX and PER are of less importance, though I'd advise against taking PER too low as you want to be able to hit on your Engagement attacks and Invocations.


    I wanted to avoid dumping anything for RP reasons so I went with this:

    • 14 MIG, 12 CON, 10 DEX, 12 PER, 16 INT, 14 RES
    It has been working pretty well for me, but I'm guessing its not optimal /shrug



    I focused on stacking passive healing and defenses





    Come, Come Soft Winds of Death

    Dull the Edge, Blunt the Point

    Ancient Memory

    Her Courage Thick As Steel

    The Silver Knight's Shields Broke both Arrow and Blade

    Their Companion Braved the Horde Alone


    Zealous Aura + Exalted Endurance

    Glorious Beacon + Enduring Beacon

    Stacking Ancient Memory and Exalted Endurance is great for passive regen. Add in the Deep Faith and Sword and Shield Style passives and your saves will be through the roof. Another good combo is using Shared Flames with Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr, especially if you go Beckoner or use Summons regularly.


    Overall I've found the character to be really viable, especially with tuning in it's current state (my character almost feels *too* powerful to me).


    None of the above should be a prescription, just what I ended up going with and what I've found to work for me thus far.


    Hope that helps!

    Thank you so much!! Any suggestions for a ranged Herald? Not necessarily exclusively ranged, one weapon set of pistols/blunderbuss duel wielding.

    I would likely change that starting stats to accommodate 20 INT for the chants to have a constant linger and may contemplate kind wayfarer, but I'm curious about which chants/invocations you would choose if you weren't exclusively front line? I only ask as you look to have a very good grasp of the game!

    PS I apologise for the multiple edits, writing this on the mobile site on the bus led to poor button presses.

  3. I don't see what's so problematic about Green Shirt Girl. Sure, there were idiots among the crowd, but aren't there always. Personally I thought, that whole nasty thing aside, it was in good spirit and the Obsidian folk certainly seemed to think so, too. I would love to see it referenced in the game.


    True, I guess I did not express myself accurately a NPC girl with a green shirt for example simply dubbed "Green shirt girl" would be a great little easter egg. I simply did not like the idea at first because I was still at the time of writing the post still a bit "bleh" at the internets reaction towards green shirt girl :p

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