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  1. Well then whats the point of even having the repair skill available for your PC if you have a droid that repairs everything for you. Makes the skill a bit useless I reckon.


    About having no level cap, this doesn't automatically make it a powergamers paradise. Really depends on how it's handled. I recall Planescape: Torment not having a cap and it is more focused on role-playing then most CRPGs in existance. Saying that, if there is going to be a cap, I hope I never reach it.

  2. The funny thing is Gorian is killable. That old wizard that you get a scroll from as part of a fetch quest isn't. He'll rain down one hit kill call lighting while Gorian casts one hit kill lighting bolts. The easiest way to kill Gorian is to swarm him with creatures via Wand of Monster Summoning. If you kill him you can't leave Candle Keep though so you wouldn't be able to complete the rest of the game.


    As for Planescape: Torment, going on a mad killing spree attracts the attention of the Lady of Pain. If you've already been mazed she'll simply destroy you with her shadow. Game Ends. Good to see the little video of it at least once.


    Lothar can't be killed. If you attack him he taps you with his staff and you drop. He can perma kill you though dialogue when you first meet him. Other than him I think everyone else is killable. Ravel is semi-killable since you drop her but she doesn't really die until after the fact...

  3. Unless I read wrong, there is going to be more planets, joinable npcs, npc quests, classes, levels, force powers, skills, feats, animations, saber colors, weapon quick slots, etc? Barring that crap, I have no idea what else Obsidian is doing with the game as far as expanding beyond KotOR... <_< I just assume since they don't have to develope the technology the game can be released sooner. Sacrifice potential content for more imminent availability? :blink:

  4. At least 50 hours. If the game goes for $49.99 (average MSRP for most new titles), that's approximately 1 dollar per hour, which fits my dollars per hour ratio for PC games. Now if it's over 50 hours, then thats great value. If it's under, it better be on point with the replay value. B)

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