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  1. How do I even back the project? It asked for my credit card, I only have a visa debit card. I tried it and figured it'd yell at me if I couldn't use a debit card but it just said "grats u did it!" and it seemed way too easy.


    Did I do it right


    Kickstarter uses amazon to process pledges... and amazon accepts Visa Debit Cards (http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=518224) so it should work...

  2. Oh why not? It's not like my bank account can hate me any more at this point.


    Put me down as "Fluffy Wambler of the Obsidian Order".


    But what about my position as the only fluffy thing on the Obsidian Order? ;(


    Pretty sure you're the only marshmallow, if that's any consolation...


    I don't think that's going to last... A soon as someone bites Fluffle you'll have another weremarshmallow around...

  3. Aren't we there already if we factor in the PayPal backers?


    Actually, paypal backers don't add to the dungeon levels. There are two factors: every 2500 kickstarter backers numbering above 50000, and arbitrary facebook likes for their facebook presence. They aren't considering actual amount donated by these backers, it's sort of a freebie.


    Thanks for the info... Though I'm pretty optimistic that we'll reach the 70000 in the next 10 hours anyway :)

  4. Next 2 hour update!


    If you're interested in hearing my own personal projection of what we'll get.... I like to look at bare minimums. So with that being said. 3,270,232 is where we're currently at. A 12,410 increase or 6.2k/hour. Our backer number is now 65,289, that's a 180 increase or 90/hour.


    Okay projection time. 1 day 11 hours to go, or rather 35 hours. The final days will see about half of what the start of the project saw. Keeping that in mind, I believe we will hold a 6,000 on average per hour ratio for donations. This being just Kick Starter, so let's take that number. That gives us 210,000. Putting us at 3,480,232.


    Paypal gained about 7 thousand in 24 hours, so keeping that in mind. We'll see another 10,000 from Paypal alone. Now at 3,490,232. Add in the websites which rpg codex is now at 7,344, plus 3,281 from gamebanshee, plus 1.349 from sorcerer's palace. That brings us to a total of 3,502,206. (keep in mind this being a bare minimum projection.)


    I won't go into the math on the backer count but bare minimum I project 69,519 backers.


    Now taking all that into consideration, that's the 'bare' minimum this project will receive. If we look at it realistically, or hell let's go to the top of the spectrum. Let's say we have a most fantastic final 35 hours and we get the absolute best donation turnout. A solid 12,000/hour, all together with the websites and Paypal figured in we'd see 3,789,945.


    Just remember that this is no way includes the fact that it's the final days in which case we should see double digits of what we normally get. Meaning, that Sunday's 160,000 should mean that we'll get 320,000 in our final 24 hours.


    From an absolute minimum projection we are going to and will hit the 3.5 million mark.


    Thanks @ Darustet and Loranc!


    Good to know that we have a solid chance to get the second city (and to go even beyond that) :)

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  5. 2 hour update time, yay! 3,257,822 (Almost there!!!) 12,196 increase, 6k/hour. Our backers are now 65,109 (We have now un-officially obtained dungeon level 10, (Obsidian stated that Paypal won't count until the end of the KickStarter.) a 179 increase 84/hour. We are now 242,178 away from 3.5 million!!!!!!!!!


    Are there any projections on what the final amount will be?


    That statue has to be of Od Nua. If you are a mad megalomanicacal wizard then of course you would dominate the dungeon with a massive statue of yourself.

    Why would a megalomaniacal wizard have a chain around his neck though?

    He probably thought it was the height of fashion. That or it's a giant stone titan who the paths were built around as a sort of elaborate subterranean prison. A Dungeon if you will.


    Or he was creating some kind of magical construct... A Giant Walking Stone Giant would be a perfect servant for any crazy wizard!

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