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  1. Heh, k, guess that is is the processor reward tier then. I suppose having the processor in it makes it something to send faster. Most of the rest of the physical tier thingies are dependent on the game being completed/near completed.


    .... but still, I protest...because they could at least send me my t-shirt. :biggrin: ... eh, maybe they haven't figured out what to put on it yet.


    Blazing Hero, sounds like a nice haul. I didn't need the processor but I'd love the pen and the patches. Heh.


    Thanks! I actually sent you a PM right before you posted and pretty much confirmed exactly what you expected.


    Worry not everyone, nothing from the 250 dollar tier down was shipped to me. I think Obsidian was just trying to be nice and get the AMD to the 350 backers as soon as possible.

  2. Could you post a picture of the haul?


    Sure but it will take a few days since I left my phone at my parents house. *Yes I am that stupid*

    But for now I will just list what was included:

    - A AMD processor

    - A PC copy of Alpha Protocol signed by a bunch of the Obsidian staff on the cover, with a message saying "Thank You Dylan!" (My name) in the center.

    - A black pen with "Obsidian entertainment" on it.

    - A Dungeon Siege 3 comic

    - A Fallout New Vegas patch with the word "Courier" on it

    - Another cooler Fallout New Vegas cloth patch with a picture of the Vault Boy holding a bottle Cap with a "Mojave Express" mail service logo on it. Also the patch indicates that the mail route includes New Vegas, Zion Valley, Big M.T., The Divide and Sierra Madre. It is shaped like something a real life postal employee would wear

    - Lastly a mystery cloth patch that I don't know the origin of, It has an birds talon, a symbol with lighting coming out of it and a snake on it. The words written on the bottom are "Quo Nemo Sequt Potest" I don't know what it is from but it is wicked looking.

  3. I just got Chris Avellone to give the OO a shout out :)




    What did he say...... ????

    He said "Obsidian Order, Obsidian Order, Obsidian Order! Yes!!"


    He's really drunk lol


    Lol... I really wish I could see it. Does anyone know if it's being recorded. I would really love to watch at a later time.


    Yes I believe it is being recorded twitch.tv

    So I am sure you can watch it later.

  4. congrats and welcome to everyone! had to go for that 350$ pack earlier myself :D


    Me too! $350 tier club high five! I wonder if we will get totally different loot from each other.

    I also had to snag one of the $350 packs... :)


    *high fives Gensou*

    It's great that so many people in the order were able to be among the 30 lucky ones.

    If I had a lower pledge I 'might' have gone for it, but I wasn't going to downgrade mine that much for it. 'Grats to those who did get it tough.


    I was contemplating the 500, but it was just a bit to much of a stretch so this was perfect! Glad you were able to snag a higher level one! I really wanted that dev team signed harcover, alas


    Actually it was the same for me as well, I was still in the 250 tier which is a heck of a lot of money to me. I wanted to increase and when this tier opened up it was like fate was poking me.

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  5. I was going to stay at $50 because money is tight but watching the stream/comments made me cave in! Im now at $178 for the collectors edition and pack of cards and the extra 8 for the order! Woohoo!


    If possible I would like the title WinterBlaze - Elemental Caster of the Obsidian Order


    We are allmost at 4mill with paypal! Im so excited!


    Almost nothing we passed it already. ;)

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