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  1. Absolutely disgusting to see Obsidian cave in like this, and spitting in the faces of their backers in the process. The overwhelming majority was in favor of KEEPING IT, as you could see simply by checking the official forums or other places.


    If I'm offended by wizards being in the game because mystical things are against my religion, will you also pull them from it?


    If I may, I think I like the new one better. It's actually funny.

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  2. - Too much content, do people really care about so many classes and so many plotline replays, which frankly, only the tiniest portion of people would ever consume?


    - You focused on the quantity of the content, not quality.


    - By focusing on the quantity instead of quality, you tricked people into this illusion of false dichotomy, that they will enjoy more content even if it is poorly realized, and in the process rendering yourselves as hardcore old-school developers who care about deep gameplay mechanics and story.


    - Why not 6 classes instead of 11 ??

    Do you really think that gameplay archetypes can be achieved if you shove as many character labels and "unique" spells as possible, instead of just dispersing various pertinent talents and abilities, properly implemented, across 6 classes?


    - Ask yourselves; what is more enjoyable for the vast majority of people: creating highly polished reactive classes which visually emphasize how you lead and develop them in the gameworld, or shoving as much stuff as possible so you can say that the game has a lot of stuff ?

    You actually are trying to put so much stuff in it that if you remove half of it, people would still think it's an epic RPG(of course, if it actually had production values)


    - You completely failed at game development, this is not an interactive novel! 

    It's a video game, put some production values in it like you did with Dungeon Siege 3. It's frankly embarrassing how you let your standards fall to the ground by entertaining this ludicrous notion you got from people when they tell you that they don't care about animations and graphics.

    Don't trust them when they tell you this! 

    They're confused because they're conflating categories and misinterpreting the nature of the product.

    But when they actually start playing the game and everything feels like total crap because of those two foundational components(which most people can't pinpoint anyway) severely lacking, they will cluelessly let everyone know how much they have encouraged you to make it exactly like that!


    Over 4 million dollars was more than adequate to make an enjoyable, epic, isometric, pseudo 3D RPG with high production values. Just stop listening to the incoherent nostalgia people; focus, polish, and streamline!


    I agree that blindly listening to a single set of demographic can be a deterent, but the initial pitch for the project was to appeal to those gamers you call "incoherent nostalgia people", as we have so often said in your many posts. This has been stated many times, I imagine.


    I also agree that by trying to adhere to the standards set by the old Infinity Engine games while concurrently trying to establish a core ruleset they could call their own resulted in a product full of hiccups. But that's why the community is here, no? Even you with your endless, shameless logical fallacies and ****flinging, is just one side of the criticism the game needs. Rather than aggressively latching onto other people's comments, you should probably keep your trolling focused on the game.

  3. TBH I'm not really digging the shared health pool. I don't really have a pet idea on how to fix it. Get rid of the shared pool and give Mr. Bear only stamina so his pool tops up between fights, but have Ranger get an Injury if Mr. Bear goes down in a fight?


    It makes them much more fragile than they ought to be. At least give us the option to armor up the animal companion for some more protection. Your ideas on making the abilities into auras would certainly help.


    Your ideas are fine and would make it more interesting and active, but I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy playing it anyway. But then again, that's why there are so many classes to pick from.


    Companion barding would be pretty cool, but that seems like it would take quite some time to implement.


    When I defeat a slew of tough enemies (and most enemies are tough), I often get...absolutely nothing.

    Victory should be its own reward. ;) And it is when the battle is challenging. On the other hand, XP awards don't make easy and boring fights any more interesting.


    Yeah, no. Unless you get something after the battle be it useful items or XP, victory is never its own reward. At least, in a game.

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  5. In reply to the previous replies about getting EXP from a variety of activities, I thought I might add my two cents.


    It's probably been mentioned a million times already, but, really, I don't really understand how people can justify the current system of no combat EXP.


    I'm just picking at semantics here, but realistically speaking, aren't you supposed to gain experience via combat anyway? There's a difference between swinging a sword a couple hundred times and actual combat, after all.


    It's already there in some form by revealing to us more and more about the enemy, but I feel that isn't enough to reflect the actual experience gained from fighting against deadly monstrocities.


    That's why I preferred the old system of giving experience for both questing and combat as it reflected the knowledge gained from both fighting and the headwork required to make your way in the world.


    Just my opinion.

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  6. Oh look it is even the E3 build . Was that so hard dear Obsidian to show this to actual people who backed the game or waiting to get it released? I am pretty sure this will get now a lot of buzz and you have chosen the right people with Giant Bomb as well^^


    As for the footage: It looks great, The dialogues system, the choices the writing was nice from the bits I have seen at least. The environments and over world look great as well.  The character customization looks really in depth and with the background stuff I really hope the dialogue chances a lot as well.  I am pretty excited about almost everything.


    Except one thing. After playing Divinity I am so sad that this is not turn based combat. The overall feel of the combat looks really fast and even kind of speed up in the Demo but I really have to play it for myself to be sure of it.  That is really the only bummer I have with the shown presentation

    Stop bitching.

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    I'm torn. Barbarians sound fun, but I like my melee people to carry shields because I like shields (because they can have colours and heraldry and can just really complete an ensemble) and barbarians don't really seem like a class that would rely heavily on shields.


    Then again, berserkers used shields, so why shouldn't barbarians?


    There's nothing mechanically wrong with equipping a barbarian with a shield.  You're just trading overall damage output for Deflection bonus.



    We do not currently have "style" specializations, but it's something we'd like to do if there's time.  If so, it would be implemented as a Talent that a variety of characters could take.  Shields don't inherently have special abilities beyond boosting the wielder's Deflection and slowing their overall weapon attack rate.

    Is that a change from minus Accuracy? or do shields also slow down your recovery time as well as heavier ones reducing accuracy?


    All shields increase Deflection and slow down Recovery Time.  Small shields have no Accuracy penalty.  Medium and heavy shields have proportionally higher Deflection bonuses and Accuracy penalties.



    If you could dual-wield shields, would you get both Deflection bonuses? If so, would the penalty to Recovery Time and Accuracy be nullified due to having no way to attack?

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