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  1. Playing perpetual catch-up

  2. Sixty Euro for a game? There isn't a middle finger BIG enough...

  3. Don't rise to flamebait

  4. Writing about writing.

  5. People who think they know about writing good characters but don't irk me to no end. I'm looking at you true neutral.

  6. I'd like to do a small PSA: Not every fallacy is a straw-man, I don't think everyone here quite knows what a straw-man argument is.

  7. I guess there is no arguing with anvils, go play paladin and trouble me no more.

  8. Panic less, figure it out yourself first. Sometimes you should just try it. Idiot. (that's me, not you)

  9. I'm just your average every day super-attractive, scarf wearing, spanish speaking, airplane piloting, sharp-shooting, skull-bashing, armour crafting, arm chopping, prisoner interrogating, surgery doing, slow motion vision having, antidote making, eagle-like, stay-at-home dad. Also my pancakes are killer

  10. Inspire me damnit! I want threads discussing all kinds of cool ideas

  11. She's vain, sneaky, kind and ruthless. She doesn't accept your crap, and she'll kick your ass.

  12. Is it possible to search which posts are the most popular

  13. My thoughts a jumble my passions a mess, as durable as durability turned out to be. See my thoughts and offer your feedback.

  14. Ok I'm up to date again. Phew, that was a lot of catching up!

  15. There better be modding tools

  16. The strange desire from passionate fire to feel the blazing gaze of the developer's ire.

  17. That's an Arc

  18. I'm missing dev feedback on the discussion threads. I realise it must be hard and full of risks being misinterpreted, but the dialogue is precious to me.

  19. upvote inflation.

  20. The wiser I become, the more foolish I feel.

  21. There's a poem in that too.

  22. While it's hard to change from a pessimist into an optimist, the results are worth it.

  23. it's 'through' just like it's 'you' and just like it's 'see'.

  24. Creativity EXPLOSIONZ!!111oneone

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