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  1. If anyone would be willing to make me a decent forum avatar and/or signature image relating to the OO (and containing my current signature's contents) it would be deeply appreciated... I'm afraid my Photoshop skills went flying out the window about 7 years ago when I last saw my PS discs. :banghead:


    Huge WELCOME and WELL MET to the new members, by the way. And it's great news that Feargus has confirmed the Order will be featuring in the game in some manner, and "not as the Obsidian Order of Street Sweepers". :biggrin:

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  2. I've got the game on Xbox 360 and recently got it in a Steam sale (because I like to have multi-platform games on PC) but haven't finished it yet. Even so, I'd love another game either set in the AP universe, a "remake", or a spiritual successor - Obsidian are obscenely talented when it comes to writing engaging storylines for games which explains why I own every single one released so far, and why I'm backing Project Eternity.

  3. Thank you for the welcome, and for the title. Having said that, would it be possible to alter my title to read The Obsidian Order's Lurking Writer instead, please? Flows off the tongue more easily, methinks.


    Despite it potentially breaking my bank account, I've chosen to donate $313 in total ($250 tier, + $30 international shipping, + $25 for the Obsidian T-Shirt, and + $8 for the OOoE).

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