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  1. What up,


    Will there be a physical retail release of PoE with the DLCs on disc, like there was for FO:NV? Or does does Obsidian even have any plans to continue printing physical versions of the game anymore?


    I backed PoE on Kickstarter in the physical tier so I do have the base game on a physical DRM-free disc, but I'm also looking to have on-disc, DRM-free offline access to the DLCs aswell.

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  2. Howdy folks,


    I'm a long-time fan of Obsidian and Mr. Avellone and was disheartened to hear about his departure after PoE was finished. I was already getting myself hyped about seeing his work in The White March expansions and PoE2 but, alas, it didn't quite become so. I have tried to google some interviews in the hopes that he might shed some light on the subject, and even buggered him personally about it on Twitter, but to no avail. So my question is to you: What were the specific reasons he decided to leave? I'm obviously not wanting to poke on any personal issues here that either party wants to keep private, but what is the "official" and public-safe reason, so to speak? Did he just want to go freelance-style or was there somethihng that he disliked about working at Obsidian that would be moderately humane to disclose to the public (me)?


    P.S. If it wasn't due to bad blood, would it be realistic to entertain thoughts about future projects between MCA and Obsidian? You know, like from a freelance point of view, collaboration-style. Maybe having him as a stretch-goal if he is willing to particiapate or something alike?

  3. Hiyas,


    Is the installation key supplied with the physical boxed version of the game also a Steam / GoG key, or can you use it to install and play offline straight from the discs, like in ye good olden days? I just remember InXile just giving another Steam key for Wasteland 2 on the phsyical game manual if you were a physical tier backer, so basically you just got two Steam keys instead of one Steam and one offline key. Cheers!

  4. Hiya!


    I would like to ask the employees of Obsidian about how they feel about the prospects of continuing work within the Fallout franchise. As we've already seen with New Vegas, it is possible. Or atleast was, at that time. The first thing that comes to my (and probably everyone else's) mind is ofc another fallout game in the style of New Vegas, but what I would like to enquire more about is the possibilities of seeing a remake of the original Fallout game on let's say New Vegas engine (havok was it?). I felt that New Vegas had a lot more "authentic" fallout feeling to it (probably because I played 1&2 before 3 =) so that's why I think that Obsidian would be a better choice for this instead of Bethesda. And ofc if the stars and planets magically align just right, then maybe inXile could collaborate on it aswell. But that's just me fantasizing about how things would go in the perfect universe that I have constructed up in my mind. So without further ado, please let the bombs fly and drop me down back to earth with the harsh realities of the current situation on this subject. Cheers.

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