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  1. In defence of achievements, they are often implemented so that the developers and publishers can very quickly and easily track what content is being experienced by what percentage of the overall player-base. So, having an achievement for romances is not necessarily an indication that some special narrative importance is attached to them, but is simply a way for the publishers to say "x% of the players completed these, that shows how un/popular they are, we need more/less of these."

    I know this is the case with game completing rates - examination of achievements show less than a third of players complete the average game.


    Maybe I'm being a little too generous, though.

  2. Keep (br)omances away from my RPG. You want a dating simulator go to Bioware. You want a LARP sim, go to Bethesda. You want Leisure Suit Larry in RPG form, go to CDPR. You want a RPG stay here and can the talk about romances. PS:T style bitter sweet character interactions or at a stretch the 'no sex' style of BG flirty banter are all that should be in PE.

    Just a tip; your arguments and opinions will probably be better received if you at least attempt to explain and justify them rather than just stating them and telling people to accept them.

  3. Having to trudge more through more than 10 cleared levels to get back to the city to rest and restock doesn't sound like challenge to me, it sounds like tedium and busywork.

    I think the point is that you shouldn't be able to simply leave halfway through to rest and restock, because that trivialises what should be one of the ultimate challenging adventures of the entire game.

    I'm all for making this an option for the hardcore mode, because I (and probably a few other people here) have fond memories of Gygaxian hell-dungeons that are designed to be utterly merciless without being completely impossible. I recognise that not everybody enjoys having their balls squeezed in a vice, but I hope those people aren't so selfish that they'd deny such an option to the rest of us out of spite.

  4. I prefer a balance between the two - some xp for killing enemies, and bulk xp for completing objectives. If you remove all xp from combat you create almost a mirror imagine of existing problems. In current xp-for-fighting models the pacifist or stealthy player is penalised for not murdering things left and right. In an xp-for-objectives-only model you penalise the players that engage in combat by forcing them to expend resources like potions and scrolls.

    I suppose it could be balanced with a certain amount of loot, but I'd still be happier if combat granted some small but non-trivial amount of xp.

  5. It's not impossible at all. Enemies that carry bows and slings can drop ammo just like in BG1, and since it's not simply a dungeon, but the ruins of an ancient castle there should be stores of supplies, alchemical and crafting facilities and various other amenities scattered throughout. It should be possible to find lots of strange and rare ingredients for crafting in a place where no adventurers dare to tread.

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