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  1.   Such a delightful update !


      And I totally praise Edér's new look, it was like the only thing slightly bothering me, his original image  made him look like typical battle weary warrior, tired of life and constant fighting (well something among the lines anyway). Now he dowsnt look all "down" and "been there seen it all " and probably will be more fun too.

      What to add? Just keep feeding us these lovely chunks from time to time and keep up the outstanding job.

  2.   I am in lack of words (and breath) just from reading through all this sweetness. All I can do now is quote classic:

                                                                                                                                                               ,,Dude I think I just filled the cup."


  3.  Combat masochists monks are totally neat, fresh and amazing idea indeed! Finally monk class sounds like a real deal of fun, oh and of course FREE h-i-t p-o-i-n-t-s! So far so good. As for a concept, it's really brilliant, there is great diversity among each of them (especially like the Ixamitl), I think it has perfectly struck just that delicate balance in not being flat out medieval while not looking far too modern, to put it clear just around the times of the first musketeers. Outstanding update. 

  4. Oh come now, are you not asking a bit too much? These are games requiring your imagination, they're not supposed to simulate reality, Who needs farms and working industry, whn there is quest to save the world or something. 

      Why bother with SUCH degree of unnecessary detail? While everything you need in more prominent RPG city are some major buildings and majot NPCs, then some minor ones for flavour and quests, some shops and tavern and something defining the area. No need for bakery and such unless it's plot or good quest related, or part of game machanic (like for crafting), it's unnecessary.

      At least this is the way I always perceived RPG towns and cities (altough my description is quite scrapped) and that is all I need. Why simulate crowds of useless NPCs just to look real or fill the streets, less is more in this case. While I agree sometimes it can look too empty in some areas, there should be always present something more important to focus your attention on.


      And again, everything above is merely my opinion on the matter, I don't say it's the one and only right way, nor do I consider yours the wrong way, everyone has his own tastes. Also as a side note I found Arcanum cities quite lively and enjoyable then most cities in other games, I mean there were those details like passing by inhabitants, camelots shouting, clothing shops and of course... trash bins :no: ,

  5.   Now that's some great news for all steampunk fans, Edge of Twilight which was really really promising and astonishingly looking title, that got canceled few years back, got revived. The game gonna be finally finished and most likely be out this year, hoooray! On top of that there is another steampunk ttle in preparations, Ravensdale is the name.

      It's bitter to know Edge won't be released for PC, as not even MK 9 was, oh well, thanks goodness for YT.


    old trailer for eye-candy


  6.   It's not like it happened today Gorgon, but you are not alone. I did the same thing few years back on a holidays day off, on top of that I called my foreman asking why it's so empty today?  :facepalm:

      And that's not even the top of glacier there were worse episodes.


      I wish  you to have a good rest. 

  7.   I have always loved to the ones depicted in Thorgal: Archers (first Thorgal issue I have read), even though it's not gonna be implemented I will write them down as I remember them, there was no magic but the sheer variety is longing for some nice in-game effects.

    Aside classical arrows for hunting or war there were arrows:

      laurel leaf shaped arrowheads - for disarming enemies 

      nonlethal rounded arrowheads - stun

      with hissing head - to scare away enemies  

      with crescent shaped head - for cutting off limbs (in the same issue Criss cut man's palm off with one of those)

      and the last ones were with jagged heads - extra damage, so DoT for example

      and with snake curved tip - which was said to cause incurable injuries, which can cause nasty penalty on critical until treated properly with Doctor skill


      Just my ideas, wanted to share them.

  8.   Orogun, rest assured, no I'm not suggesting something like that at all, it was just a hypotetical (rhetorical maybe?) question dripped from my sorry clueless brains. Yet if any president wants separated PC for this tweeting stuff he's free to do so, as he likes.

      Walsingham, I can't agree more, indeed.

      Anyway, Zoraptor, AGX, thank you guys for civilized explanations, now I roughly see a bigger picture. Still it's highly disturbing to merely think, that even on separated network, it's all in risk and even absent of any connection whatsoever, relaying on flash drivers and the likes is much more hazardous, is there any safety at all then? I'm highly afraid of what future may deliver.


    Today I finished last book of Bill the Galactic Hero series, for which I fell since first of his adventures got in my hands, I'm gonna chuckle for several YEARS just from the ending, when Bill finally got his foot :biggrin: , anybody else like Bill aswell? 



    Yup. Plus I've actually met Harry Harrison. :)

       Oooh amazing! Lucky you, sir. :thumbsup:

  10. Today I finished last book of Bill the Galactic Hero series, for which I fell since first of his adventures got in my hands, I'm gonna chuckle for several YEARS just from the ending, when Bill finally got his foot :biggrin: , anybody else like Bill aswell? 

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  11.   My that's a relief, now all there is left is just wait for a finished game to behold, final form. Still tho, as I stated somewhere before, stat checks can be tricky, and difficult for perfectionist players like myself, who's ultimate satisfaction lies in completing every dialogue in the best possible way with required stats. So for instance PS:T shrunk for me to calculating TNO's progress level to level so I won't miss a single extra bit of dialogue and match up with stat checks (thank goodness for tattoos million times, also two certain spells) while in the same time managing current class to be of at least same quality as that of companion's. Or maybe I was just way too crazier about this stuff back then :wowey: 

      Anyway, thank you guys for answers. 

  12. Pretty sure they've already said that there won't be any manner of "persuasion" skills in the game, which is just fine by me.


      There really won't be any!? Where was this stated? It seems so unlikely, unnatural almost, for Obsidian devs, to throw away this gameplay feature completely, considering that( at least in my eyes ) this was their most prominent and stronest discipline, which made me fall in for their titular classics. I can't believe it.

  13. Vampire Bloodlines or Arcanum style, in the latter you could advance in reasonable pace and it also gave youpermanent passive bonuses(convince differently aligned NPC to joining you), also for instance persuation in Arcanum even with appropriate skill could  be tricky and not work out if one was no carefull in his conversation, additional lines was quite subtle and not all to obvious. While I love PS:T it's strict stat based rules for persuative dialogue was thanks to that restrictive for character builds. Anyway Im looking forward how it will be handled in P:E.

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