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  1. Haha! Too many! Suffice it to say I think I got the worst end ever! All the women in my life were dead or evil, the men all hated me. Albatross was dead I think. Man, this is one of the few games which makes my head hurt whenever I try to think about the writing process. Truely brilliant.
  2. I bought this game last week for £4. I also bought Max Payne 3 - guess which one I've been playing non-stop? Alpha Protocol is an amazing game! I wanted to share a bit about my ending though because I couldn't help but feel it was a little cold. So obviously...SPOILER WARNING. First off, it was a ****ing desaster! I went in guns blazing with CIE as my contact, who I had almost no prior relationship with. I'd already lost Maddison, who I'd vowed to protect to Marburg, and now I was told Mina (who I had a relationship with) was captured. Next thing I know, she's been executed and her bloodied corpse is paraded infront of me on the TV! Then I find out that Scarlett (who I also had a relationship with...I know, I'm a bad man...) had betrayed me! It was all going pretty badly for Mr Torton. I stormed the place, put a bullit in Westrige's head and confronted Leland. Scarlett shot me, before grusomly murdering Leland, and vanishing from my life. Mike set off on his little boat, alone. One woman in his life was dead, the other a traitor. All the people from Halbech and Alpha Protocol are dead meaning it'll be difficult, if not impossible for Mike to expose the whole thing. And I presume the only logical next step for him is to either go into hiding with that crazy German woman or that **** Heck, neither of which are attractive prospects. Wow! What an ending. And yet...Why does it feel so cold? Mike doesn't seem too upset by the whole event, and in fact if anything he's quite upbeat. This game has been so cleaver in the way that people constantly reference past events and choises made, so I was a bit dissapointed that there was almost none of this at the very end. I got a very good, very downbeat ending. I just wish the game had awknoledged this. I would have liked to see Mike upset about the loss of Mina and angry about the betrayel of Scarlett. See him regret that everyone was dead and he'd severed all ties to the country he so loved. This ending, so dire as it was, could have been devistating. He'd done what he set out to, but for what? Mina was dead for Christ sake! And it was Mike's fault! The second woman to die because of him. He'd (I'd) trusted Scarlett completely and the bitch put a bullet through my back (which I also wasn't too phased by aparently)! I loved playing this game so much this week. I'll definatly play it through again with different outcomes, and I desperatly hope that one day SEGA will see sense and greenlight a sequal. But I can't help but feel slightly dissapointed with the emotionless end. What do you think?
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