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  1. They are exactly



    Same confusion here. In my orders it lists:
    1 Digital Download of Pillars of Eternity 
    1 Digital Download Plus 
    But under products it simply lists: 
    Pillars of Eternity - Kickstarter Hero Edition
    Pillars of Eternity - Kickstarter Hero Edition
    I have no idea which product is tied to which order and it's a source of great confusion for me, seeing as how I plan to gift on key to a friend. I want to make sure I gift them with the base game and keep the Digital Download Plus version for myself.
    - Dork Sith  


    They are exactly the same, any additional benefits you pledged for above the Hero edition will be available on the site. See http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71253-tiers-to-skus/

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  2. I think I had this same error, but I stumbled into a (potential) solution. I was just leaving the Dracogen Inn and this happened, but although waiting indefinitely didn't help, pressing pause (or clicking on the time icon blind) immediately brought the game out of the frozen state. A save is attached, all you need to do is walk out the door and the glitch will occur.


    The problem (and solution) is replicate-able.



    Something about this section feels lawful evil, or at least chaotic neutral.



    Pretty much all production outsourcing nowadays is either Lawful Evil or Lawful Expensive.


    Or Chaotic Evil, but falsely represented as Lawful Neutral. You don't actually have to have a safe factory, sane hours, or a wage that lets the employee afford to eat, you just have to intimidate them into tricking the inspectors into believing that you do these things. 

  4. The time is now officially up!

    There were plenty of brilliant lyrics on display here, so I had to give this choice quite some thought. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to pick a clever and solemn poem that really captures our sense of community here, especially among the PE backers. Although we all are different and diverse, we share this faith in the promise and potential of Pillars of Eternity. I’m referring to Monte Carlo’s Who Would Dream. In addition, his poem manages to rest on the pillars themselves, as it were, summarising what the setting and the game itself is all about. Monte’s lyrics will have to be shortened a bit, just like mine had to be, but I really do hope this last part makes it after the cut:

    “souls all raucous

    Better than dust”

    It’s very beautiful and it suits the theme of souls in PE quite well.

    Also, if Pandamaniac stands by his wish, this means that Monte Carlo may be the one who gets to pick the contributor of the third Memorial Stone, but it remains speculation until we have that confirmed. Thank you, all contributors! It’s been a lovely read-through. J

    Confirmed :p

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    This was really difficult because there were so many great ideas.   After reading them all again, I have to say I really like Indira's idea and writing style.  So, I'll hand it off to you now Indira.  Good luck!


    Thanks so much everyone.  This community never fails to impress.  :)


    I've already written you a PM, saying the same thing, but I'll reiterate a bit of it here:

    Thank you ever so much! I just wanted to write something that was in keeping with the PE setting, and since I adore Orlans, it's no surprise that I focussed my little poem on one of them. I researched what little there was, and I found the fate of wild Orlans engaging. They excelled in the use of poisons and traps, and there you have it! :)


    It's always nice to be able to expand Pillars of Eternity, however minutely!


    Could you also pick another memorial, either one of your own or written by someone else that I could submit?

    Edit: The only restriction being no Flanders bashing, even though we both know how much it sucks.

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  6. The Beta that we are given access to is not the same beta that irons out bugs in the main game (and spoils the story). This beta is a small, stand-alone experience that is meant to test game mechanics and combat balance, while giving players a taste of the style that the main game will be in. Or to Quote J.E. Sawyer, "We are going to be having a [beta] section of the game that the players can play through to get a feel for all the mechanics and style of character interactions and all that kind of stuff" source

    This backer beta is designed to not ruin the game experience, unlike the normal beta process which kills most hope of enjoying the final product.

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  7. IIRC, they have mentioned that certain classes (classes that didn't have many actives in the IE games) will have the choice between active and passive talents, depending on the level of micromanagement that the player wants to devote to that character. So assuming the game is properly balanced, if you chose active abilities you would be forced to actually use them during difficult encounters or else the lack of passive abilities (the opportunity cost of the actives you chose) will mean that your party can't win, or will take too much HP damage in the process to be viable.


    In short, unless they fail at their stated intention of having real choices (no strictly better options), than the abilities you do choose will be needed in order to succeed.

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