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  1. Their original timeframe was based on a $1.1 million game. They've since tripled that and added at least double the content. No way April '14 holds up, and it's only a matter of time until they let us know that.


    But I'd rather they delay than rush.


    Aren't they using the funding to increase their team and the amount of people working on the game? If that is the case, it shouldn't affect the release date significantly

  2. I don't think development time would be a major issue. Obsidian is pretty experienced when it comes to developing games like Project Eternity. Unity assists in speeding up development, and since it is isometric, they don't need to spend as much time on animations and modeling. However, if time does become an issue, I'd rather they delay it than release it unfinished.

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  3. Update from Twitter:



    Obsidian @Obsidian


    Quick #ProjectEternity PayPal update: $100,247 - Approx ~2050 backers


    so at this point we only need 100,000 dollar more to reach the last goal ... and with the 2050 backers we are also very close to the 11th endless path level. great news! :dancing:


    We also get another level at 65k backers. That makes 12 levels at least


    isn't that included already?


    3 level from the beginning

    + 1 from 20k likes

    + 1 from 52,500 backers

    + 1 from 55,000 backers

    + 1 from 57,500 backers

    + 1 from 60,000 backers

    + 1 from 62,500 backers

    + 1 from 65,000 backers (nearly done)

    + 1 from 67,500 backers ( nearly done with 2050 Paypal included)


    = 11


    Yeah I realized that a second after I posted. My bad

  4. Update from Twitter:



    Obsidian @Obsidian


    Quick #ProjectEternity PayPal update: $100,247 - Approx ~2050 backers


    so at this point we only need 100,000 dollar more to reach the last goal ... and with the 2050 backers we are also very close to the 11th endless path level. great news! :dancing:


    We are also close to getting 65k backers.

  5. The game is designed to reflect elements from prior Infinity Engine games, such as Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, and Planescape Torment. It won't be an exact replica and there will be some differences, but it seems that most of the core elements are still reflected from these games. If you enjoyed them, then chances are you are going to like Project Eternity.

  6. I don't really think so. There are probably others inclined to disagree, but Obsidian has a very tight budget for developing a game, virtually none of which is going to be placed in marketing. They are doing whatever they can to get as much publicity as possible before the Kickstarter ends. In the end, that can only help provide more resources for the game, which isn't bad at all in my eyes.

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  7. Yeah, this is an expansion, not DLC. They aren't going to be working on it while working on the base game- it will be probably be started after they're done, like DLC should be. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.


    Now granted, if they deliberately took finished content from the game and made that into the expansion, then that would be unacceptable. But it doesn't seem like that's the case.

  8. Totally agree man, take Dragon Age Origins for example, in the game The elves and Humans hate each other for pretty much no reason at all than to just have a convenient plot.Now in Dragon Age 2 is about the hate people have for the mages, but really none of this hate is explained, it's just there for convenience, to help to get the game going.

    I wish they would at least in Project Eternity, since they said it would deal with more mature themes, get into more detail into that kind of stuff, like, for example, maybe the elves could hate the dwarfs because the dwarfs are disgusting and have no hygiene.

    I dunno, seems to me that hating people based on their skin color is for pretty much no reason at all too. The, "Because they're disgusting and have no hygiene," stuff is just BS that people make up to justify their hatred.


    That's not necessarily true, however. Historically, racism existed in order to justify conquering other individuals and making them their subordinates. This is what justified slavery; Europeans did not even consider Native Americans and Africans to be human beings, therefore, they do not need to be treated as human beings.


    As mentioned before, I don't mind LGBT characters, or what have you. What I don't want is LGBT characters that define themselves primarily by their sexuality. It would be like the two-dimensional token black character from old sitcoms, who exists solely so they have a black character. He'd constantly remind you that he is, indeed, black primarily so the show can be viewed as politically correct and ethnically diverse. The same thing with gay/bi characters; he or she would constantly feel the need to remind you of his or her sexuality for the same reason. However, this is bad writing, because most individuals who are indeed homosexual or bisexual don't naturally behave like this. They are human beings; their sexuality is merely one facet of their identity and they have other characteristics that define them more as individuals. Arcade Gannon, for example, was homosexual, however much of the focus on him were his views of the wasteland and experience with the Enclave, not necessarily his homosexuality.

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  9. From what I've seen, pretty much nobody is "Biowarian" and everyone is "Conservative." One of the main reasons why this Kickstarter was so popular was because many people are dissatisfied with roleplaying games nowadays and would like to experience the crpgs from the 90's again. Bioware, if anything, is a symbol of this dissatisfaction.

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  10. I think what OP is wondering is if there is going to be some form of political agenda by the devs put into the game. Most people don't really mind gay or lesbian characters, but get annoyed when a character is basically a political soapbox for LGBT rights and feminism, or when these two are forced upon the player and practically beaten over their heads in a ham fisted way. For example, Bioware made all of the party characters bisexual in Dragon Age 2, and it was virtually impossible to be friendly to male characters as a male PC without getting hit on. New Vegas handled it well; Veronica and Arcade Gannon were homosexual, but they didn't feel the need to constantly remind you of the fact and it was revealed in subtle ways. What people are worried about is basically if Obsidian is going to try way too hard to appear politically correct, to the point of pandering where it ends up negatively impacting the narrative and the characters.


    I have zero problem with what the OP says, if the developers do indeed have such a hidden agenda. It would be a perfectly valid critique to make; being a minority doesn't automatically shield you from anything.


    My problem is that there's been nothing to indicate they think anything along those lines, unless you have an exceptionally paranoid, or imaginative, reading.


    I just want the developers to come clean about what is going on in their heads when they are making the game play and story decisions.


    There's nothing to come clean about, as far as I can see.


    Well the thing is there was a post on SomethingAwful that vaguely implied that Sawyer may be vouching for something akin to this. Also, Sawyer backed Tropes vs Women, which was an extremely controversial Kickstarter campaign that was created by a very radical feminist group. It's more or less a paranoia sort of thing- people have seen stuff like this happen in the past, and they are worried if it would impact Project Eternity. Apparently, however, there are some individuals from communities that refused or dropped pledges because they feared that this would happen.

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