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  1. I think PE is more a tactical combat game than a stealth simulator, though there will always be alternative solutions, but stealth is already a major part of tactical combat, to have entire missions dedicated to stealth would be outside the scope of the game. A stealth character already offers plenty enough usefulness to any party, such as scouting ahead and removing traps before the party gets there or getting in position for a back stab, which has worked incredibly well for me in my times with IE games, especially when you start to get up to 5x back stabs. It really makes tough battles a breeze when you can chunk a wizard just as the battle starts, before they even have a chance to cast any of their defensive spells.


    I dunno, I've just never felt that stealth in the IE games wasn't offering enough bang for the buck. I've always used it, and been satisfied with the utility it offered.

  2. If there is a way to avoid making half of the strategy of most battles involve you casting every buff known to man, then I would like to see that taken care of. (But that's more a design thing, than a mold thing, isn't it?)


    However, I think that there's a reason these IE games were so well loved, and it's important to not deviate from that too much just because we feel like we should. A lot of innovation sounds great on paper, but then you end up with Diablo 3. Which is a smooth game and plays well and is all kinds of neat, but at the end of the day, just doesn't feel quite right.


    But that being said, we can definitely get rid of resting as a mechanic important to player success. It's silly and breaks immersion and just feels plain cheap. I always felt terrible resting in the BG2 games, so I never did it. I'd just marathon through dungeons.

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  3. I think most of the PE team would agree whole-heartedly with everything being said here. This is the reason they're making this game after all -- games like this don't really get made anymore. All of the great stuff we're talking about here used to be essentials as far as great cRPG design went. We didn't have to ask for it. Then... I don't know what happened. EA, I guess? :-/ I mean, FO:NV wasn't bad though (it was great actually). I guess a lot of RPGs have been absorbed into the MMO genre, and outside of the big three -- Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age -- where are we going to find a rich and massive RPG experience?


    I find myself pining for a finely polished railroad (with plenty of interesting sidetracks) over all this plot coupon- collecting that seems to be so popular with newer RPGs.


    Am I just being a curmudgeon who can't remember the horrible things about railroaded main quests or do I actually have a point here? Halp.


    No, I feel the same way. This is sort of the intangible that makes an RPG great. It's about melding pacing, design, a believable world, and a great story, and that's kind of hard to I guess. I feel that BG2 nailed it as far as that issue is concerned. The flow was organic and open, and you didn't feel like you were methodically doing chores. I honestly can't think of many of the older cRPGs that followed the ME/DA formula, so maybe it's just a symptom of those newer games. A misguided attempt at making the game feel like a sand-box. It doesn't matter how open-ended your questing is when there's only a small handful of them and the order you do them in is inconsequential.

  4. Definitely agree on point 2. DA hammered home how important this is. "LOOK, DARKSPAWN!!!!" SNORE.


    Um... You kind of touched on the important elements that make a game like this tick, more or less. Essentially, it would be prudent of them to make this game NOT SUCK.


    I can't quite come up with three, but for myself, the game world needs to offer a lot of exploration and a lot of good quests. They can't skimp on this stuff, because developers have been skimping on that stuff for the last 10 years or so. The entire KS is wasted if the world isn't overflowing with hidden goodies and fascinating characters/monsters keeping you from them. Things like the Cult of the Sightless Eye in BG2 are the entire reason that game is so re-playable for me. I just really look forward to taking on that quest. Not to mention the dozen other similar, involved quests.


    Well, another point would be that a dragon is required, and the dragon needs to be guarding a fat hoard of loot, and he needs to be brutally hard. But that's more a personal thing.

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  5. Eagerly awaiting the screenshot while polishing my +5 Holy Avenger. Will be fun to see this forum on fire.


    Whoa, man, too much information. :p


    Count me in as way too excited about a screen shot. I'll be rolling a new party in IWD2 to pass the time.


    Guh, I just went through this nonsense with Diablo 3. I just hope Obsidian doesn't burn me like that game did, well it was a fine game but... yeah. Well, at least it will be 1 year instead of 6.


    Also, where do you retrieve your official PE backer badge? I think you get one for pledging, but... I can't find figure out where that is.

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  6. I like buying arrows and I like running out of arrows. I like making sure I have brought enough arrows. These are all things that make the game more interesting. Not firing off 5000 arrows and never running out. Even if you could buy 2000 arrows and encumber your Ranger just to be sure you'll never run out, it's still a choice being made by the player.

  7. I always preferred manual stat allocation with the option to lower stats to very low levels in favor of boosting others. i.e. 6 WIS/18STR. Of course, this usually just leads to munchkin type characters. I don't know, I typically find a way to mangle the system to give me the most optimal stats no matter what system it uses. Then again, I'm going of my experiences in BG2/IWD2 where you could gimp certain stats and still do fine. It's Obsidian's job to avoid these issues and make all stats have a certain amount of importance.

  8. The party v. party battles are where it's at. I think the sweet spot is about 7 well armed NPCs with a nice mix of rogues/mages/warriors.


    The best battle was the one for 'Cera Sumat' Holy Avenger sword in IWD 2, where you bring the previous sword owner's amulet to the grave yard and fight his old companions brought back from the dead. Excellent battle, excellent loot. And the sword had a great story behind it to boot!


    I'd think Obsidian agrees considering their backer goal at 5k, which let's you name and design an adventuring company to do battle with.



    And here's a nifty video of that epic battle if you have a lot of free time. :p

  9. It's been said in one of the interviews, possibly the Tim Cain AMA Reddit, that they're avoiding the immunity thing, though certain weapon types will have bonus damage effects, which sounds better to me.


    So, um... I vote no.


    Having enemies be immune to weapon types isn't tactically interesting since it's just a matter of lugging around all those weapons and then figuring out which one does damage. I suppose if carrying capacity was a real issue, it might add something, but who wants that?


    Then again, few of the IE games bothered much with weapon immunities anyway. :/

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