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  1. Oh, I'm definitely looking forward to playing it....after they fix the game to actually work. Personally I'm torn between Azata or Trickster. Probably one of the biggest mistakes is not having Legend be a starting path. Being able to reject becoming a mythic creature at the beginning would be nice.
  2. Damming with faint praise I see. 55 DC is insane. For laughs I looked up CR 30 creatures from PnP (who typically have mythic stuff already) and a lot of them couldn't even make those saves. You'd have to munchkin to a crazy degree or outright cheat to be able to reliably survive that.
  3. Man I'm glad I'm waiting at least six months before giving this a go.
  4. you naughty but ma- [insert barrage of sanity destroying nonsense] I'm going to give it at least five episodes. It is very weird so far.
  5. Steins;Gate 1 They microwaved bananas. This show is gonna be something else.
  6. I've already seen the other two and I'd say the same about them. Berserk isn't as good as the manga, but it is a very good adaptation of the Golden Age and next to Madoka probably has one of the most misleading intros. And JoJo is just JoJo, I'm pretty sure if I tried describing it to someone honestly they'd think I was lying. Anyways @InsaneCommander seems to like Steins;Gate so I'll give that a go. I'm working on it but
  7. Yeah, I don't outright hate it but I'm just not gripped by it. Which means that I'll be putting my sunglasses on and hoping nothing will be wrong by watching Steins;Gate then JOOOOOOOOOJO or the 90s Berserk.
  8. Clannad 5 the starfish return I'm not really feeling it and going to try something else for a while.
  9. Sad how long this list is https://www.sorryantivaxxer.com/ And for a milestone: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/15/health/us-coronavirus-wednesday/index.html I guess as year two of covid comes on, we're in for even more fun.
  10. Brisket, ribs, wings, cole slaw, potato salad, and baked beans. Pretty good, gonna wash it down with some bourbon.
  11. WotR writing is awesome, in the same way that Neil Breen's movies are. The evil dialogue choices being something like "[ATTACK] I don't like you. DIE! (EVIL)" is absolutely hilarious.
  12. Clannad 3+4: Attack of the Student Council. It's starting to drag for me and even the best friend getting his ass kicked every episode is getting boring. No aliens or monsters...yet.
  13. The whole family has antennas, does this mean they are aliens?
  14. It must be very different from the manga then. Because that was pretty much brutal violence and rape every single chapter.
  15. I tried watching Clannad, but I fell asleep two minutes in. I had a dream I was back in high school and being hunted by a bizarre creature made up of writhing tentacles. Maybe going to sleep with anime in the background is not a good idea. Anyways given the new thread title...
  16. Even in elections they've won, they've been pushing the voter fraud angle hard to pass voter suppression measures. Elder was doing it before the election even happened. This is going to be the new normal, either because they lost and want the courts to hand them victory or because they want to keep winning by making voting exceedingly difficult, particularly for groups who do not typically vote gop. If there is a both sides to this, it's that Democrats are so useless they can't or won't make any effort to stop it.
  17. Clannad 2 Moar girls, the best friend gets his ass kicked again, and we find out why the protagonist hates his dad. I'm not gripped, but I'm not despising it. The dad is pretty ****ty, but he's far from the worst anime dad as Gendo sweeps the competition, Ging is the worst who isn't actively malicious, and as dark horse
  18. I'm probably going to watch a few more episodes to get a better feel on it. Right now it's ok, but not particularly interesting.
  19. That's a lot of show. Not sure if I'm feeling it that much.
  20. As California goes, so goes the nation. I guess this means every single election from now on will be accused of fraud and spend several months in court after it was supposed to end. Lmao.
  21. It is very much uncanny valley, but it's a nice break from historical mean girls.
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