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  1. If it's turn based and I can hit those squidheads with barrels of poison I'm down for this. Hopefully we'll do more in the city of Baldur's Gate than stop by before the endgame. He's a booty man.
  2. Who would have thought Trump would be involved in the Blood War?
  3. They Come Knocking. Boring tbh, wouldn't reccomend unless you don't have anything better to do for an hour and a half or enjoy modern b horror flicks.
  4. Of all people to become forumcop the numbersman is the last I would have expected. Hope the stress doesn't cause him to go crazier than you already have to be to post on a niche videogame forum. KTCHONG for mod.
  5. There's a few episodes of TNG and 2 movies that prove this wrong.
  6. So that's like 3 other (confirmed) happy couples and a lot of bad endings. I think we can say Starfleet isn't good for lasting relationships.
  7. If we were all atomized individuals or even families that would be fine, but society isn't simply the sum of individuals it contains, it's also their interactions with each other and the environment. I have to be concerned with what others are up to else I could end up with dirty water, no electricity, a dead planet, a slew of romcoms, and other tragedies that negatively impact what I'm doing.
  8. In my experience growing up Catholic around mostly protestants, no where near to the same degree. If you take the teachings of the Catholic church to heart you're going to spend most of your life feeling guilty to the point of neurosis. Protestants seem to play much more loosely in practice.
  9. In total 40(-somerhing)% of eligible voters didn't show up. No idea of demographics, swing states, or any impact of the VRA loss. It's funny because when you think about it in terms of actual votes, Trump was in 3rd place.
  10. It's been a while since I watched ds9 or voyager, but iirc most relationships ended with break ups or someone dying. All things considered, O'Brien didn't do too bad.
  11. Come to think of it, isn't O'Brien the only main(ish) character who stays happily married throughout the series? Arguably that's a better love life than getting dumped or widowed.
  12. I was under the impression his relationship with Henshaw never took off and that the future was a what if that doesn't happen. I don't think the show would have necessarily been better if he got a gf, but it is just something I thought about after finishing it up. Wesley doesn't count because he's wesley.
  13. Over the past month or so I binged TNG for Picard coming back and perhaps it's the day drinking interfering but it seems LaForge was the only main cast member to not get laid. ****blocking the reading rainbow guy is really ****ed.
  14. Ma (2019). It was closer to a comedy than horror. Overall kind of ****.
  15. 30% of Americans believe this is a salad. Who are we to say that they're wrong?
  16. Virtually everything Laszlo says or does makes me laugh my ass off.
  17. Baron's night out was great tv.
  18. Probably not, but I doubt the other time machine what ifs would either because history isn't made by a few great men and their ideals. It would make a better excursion than changing an election or lecturing historical figures on policy though.
  19. If I had a time machine I'd kill Hitler tbh. His supporters are either boomers or failsons that need a self-help guru to clean their rooms.
  20. So I guess this world was the dystopian alternate reality all along.
  21. Eh, seeing people meltdown because Dany did some roasting has been entertaining enough.
  22. Hilldawg got more votes than lil donny by about 3 million. And when you figure that about 40% of the voting eligible population chose to vote for no one, the trump was third place in the race.
  23. That may be hilarious but it was a year ago.
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