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  1. I hope we get to be in the city of Baldur's Gate for more than the last quarter of the game.
  2. It can't, but that's irrelevant. The implementation is to imitate the pen and paper ruleset, not a jrpg (which are not largely turn-based anymore) or PoE (whose turn-based is pretty much a copy of what Pathfinder plays like in pen and paper).
  3. Yeah, rather than being post-truth it seems we're in a multiple-truth world where any random data set can be used to argue whatever the **** you want. I guess truth, along with everything else, really did end up being a spook. If we're going by how states have historically functioned, the state's job is to pursue it's own interests and those of a select group, call them the elite or ruling class or whatever suits your fancy. Anything beyond that is incidental to this function, and will change to meet such requirements.
  4. I was drinking last night and ended up having a conversation with a guy about how technically true facts ended up making how nothing had really changed. It was either profound or my drunk memory is rose tinted.
  5. This quoting software is pretty bad. The thing about basic economics is that they start falling apart when in the real world, it was funny how in econ 102 (not the actual name of the class) we learned how most of the assumptions we previously learned had to be "relaxed" in order to have a chance of a relevant conclusion. Anyways as hurlshot has somewhat said earlier, more jobs doesn't mean anything if you're already employed and struggling or if said jobs don't pay much. Given that labor is effectively a surplus in the US, in reality more jobs doesn't mean more competition between employers and real wages aren't going to necessarily slide up if there is an increase in employment opportunities because of things like sticky wages. We have that here in the US, enshrined in the 13th amendment that allows involuntary servitude as a punishment for a crime. Given that we have both (one of) the highest rates of incarceration (.7% of total population) and and highest population numbers, it really makes you think something is ****ed.
  6. If it's barring you from doing things that would allow one to not do a certain thing, then it effectively is forcing you to do something making it a semantic difference. For example I'm not forced to pay my landlord money, but sleeping in public, settling a random plot of land, or squatting in an unused building are all prevented by law (aka that person with a gun who will happily kill or jail you for non-compliance) so I'm required to pay for shelter in one form or another because I have not been able to develop the ability to function without sleep. Analyzing what laws do in the vacuum of what they say is meaningless because they are enforced in the real life conditions we find ourselves in.
  7. Weird, given that they've said "Once again, we want to stress out that our new CRPG is designed and balanced for RTWP, but with that, we're aiming to develop a turn-based mode to bring the game closer to a tabletop experience and give more control over combat for those of you, who prefer to play turn-by-turn. " Anyways they're $2k away from the reactivity stretch goal and the next one looks like it's adding more archetypes for each class.
  8. Maybe imitation of Pathfinder 1e pnp, which had been turn-based for about a decade before a videogame based on an adventure path was released.
  9. Well yeah, I think a copycat would be lame and that giving incentive to wait the duration is good. I think both are careful killers, but I the Assassin is setup to fish for a crit while the Ranger using Shadowed Hunters would work with a plain damage bonus and/or something like the effect of Takedown Combo but maybe with reduced defenses instead of bonus damage like the Ranger or companions is opening up the target for the other to hit.
  10. I thought it was just paying off someone Trump had an affair with sometime after the fact, iirc there wasn't any exchange for the sex itself. Anyways **** Avenatti and **** Nike.
  11. It's weird that the only defenders of Trump on this site don't even live in America.
  12. I think something like Assassinate would be fine as it fits the ambush theme of shadowed hunters and works well within the Rangers wheelhouse.
  13. We've got mounts with armor now, new stretch goal is the Skald class, and there's a mutated monk archer companion.
  14. Steam stans are some of the dumbest people on the internet. WRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY
  15. fdcks are a trip. I think he got dropped after the first debate after getting brutally one-upped by Hillary. Weird that he's running as a libertarian but he already changed parties several times so maybe he's just schizophrenic.
  16. I'm hoping they go out of left field and have a robot (yes they are pathfinder canon) or aberration mythic path next, the ones right now and upcoming look cool but are standard fantasy riffs (aside from maybe the swarm).
  17. There's a path called Legend where you don't become a fantastical creature, it probably will have some unique benefits based on the description.
  18. I think Swarm-That-Walks is a variation on Worms that Walk, which sort of competes with Lich for evil undead spell caster. Or it could be some druid ****, who knows?
  19. Not ringing any bells, but it's likely a single word and your guess of dismemberment could be it. We might see tomorrow because pledges picked up a bit after mounted combat got revealed. I'm also thinking it's going to be $615K based on the banner, so that may support a smaller feature than a new class or companion. We've got Mounted Combat confirmed. Here's hoping we get weird mount like dragons or flying sharks.
  20. We've got the thiefling, and looks like Mounted Combat (with the Cavalier class) is next at $575 k. After that is something that starts with "Di" and ends with an "nt".
  21. I hope that means it comes bundled with the Cavalier class, if only so we can get a more unique class in a hypothetical stretch goal after what looks to be mounted combat.
  22. Looks like the next stretch goal is a Tiefling companion and the one after that could be mounted combat.
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