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  1. Actually, ME3 is superlame.

    Deus Ex Machina weapon that should do "no one knows what, but the last cycle was building it, so we might just as well finish it" and then what? It just triggers the AI governing the Reapers to make us decide if we want to commit tech-genocide, enslave an entire species or just tamper with what every being in the galaxy is and merge it with something else.


    No great battle, no nothing. All that was done in the previous games was reduced to numbers, and if you had enough numbers you could choose between all of the previous options, otherwise you'd have a more limited choice.


    Yes it has its moments, like when (if you played your cards well in the previous games) you can broker peace with Geths and Quarians. Or the Mordin part (if he's still alive in ME3).


    But the rest is just meh.


    Oh, and forcing you to play multiplayer to increase the amount of resources is even worse than the cluster**** ending.




    Oh I forgot the lamest of them all. Javik. Day one DLC with 0 use in the game, other than be another companion. Nothing major plotwise, nothing significant on the gameplay side.

    I bet if it had been in the game from the start, MAYBE, they could have done something serious with him.

    But hey. Day one DLC.

    Go team!

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  2. DAII should not even be compared to PoE. First time I tried playing DAII went like this. Create my mundane human rogue. Get into a fight and scream at the screen about my rogue being a freakin ninja doing acrobats all over. Only reason I beat that garbage was cause I hate spending that kind of money and not beating the game. Game was made for people who don't like tactics, easy combat, ratings for gear so you didn't have to figure out witch gear was better, and boring scenery.

    Now that you mention it. Gear with a star ranking system.


    That's so retarded I don't even know where to start.

    But the worst is that if in chapter 2 you get an item with the same stats of another item you found in chapter 1, the new one would have like 4 stars, the old one 1 star.



    Why does a +7 defense ring from chapter 2 has more stars than a +7 defense ring from chapter 1?!

  3. So you're treating Bioware devs with no PR experience exactly like a Politician? Grab onto his every word?


    Speaking of which one of Biowares biggest failures IMO is actually their marketing department, and how they over-promised on so many things with their releases. When they under-delivered (but still delivered a decent package) that was when the inevitable fan backlash and turdstorm erupted, but it's about as justified as a bunch of partisans grabbing onto a political gaffe.


    P.S. Also this really really gets me because bringing up a video like this is exactly what I would expect of someone who belonged to one of the "pitchfork crowd"  when DA2 and ME3 came out: disparage/threaten the staff directly. This was what made me realised opinions from the crowd can sometimes be worse than garbage.

    No, I'm treating them like morons that hardly know what they are doing anymore.





    Anyway, we can add some other serious flaws to DAII, non combat related.


    1-Quests were you find an item and you magically know who's the owner. Give them the item and the quests ends there.

    2-You can't talk to your party members while they are in party.

    3-You can't fully customize your companion's equipment.

    4-The plot is insipid and stale. And it only works as a weak setup for DA:I

    5-Whatever you choose during the game becomes meaningless at the end because the end plays out the exact same way for everyone. At least DA:O had and ending that could play out in a few different ways (you sacrifice yourself, you command Alister/Loghain to sacrifice himself, you choose Morrigan's ritual)

    6-The loot is something I will never understand. You can equip armors only on your character, but you find equipment for all classes. Obviously pointless, this is not Diablo, I can't ****ing trade with no one. Just make the game drop more money.

    7-Trash loot. Same as above. Just make the game drop more ****ing money.

    8-The dialogue system in DA:O was OK, but no, we had to go to voiced dialogue that imposes limitations because of costs. And on top of it they made it completely pointless because you have in 90% of the cases the same answer, just spoken in a different way "good/bad/retarded".

    10-Getting to know your companions means that all of them try to get in your pants and if you refuse they get mad.

    11-The story has frequent time skips and characters that you've never seen that start talking to you with "If it isn't Hawke! Long time no see!". I've never ****ing seen you. SHUT UP!

    12-Quick mention on the fact that every location is recycled at least 6-7 times. Flipped, mirrored, with different door closed out.

    13-Every ****ing mage in the game is a blood mage or an abomination.

    14-Rune system has been dulled out and oversimplified.

    15-Darkspawn have been redesigned to look more like pale-fetish-zombies that moves like idiots extras from tv shows like Xena and Hercules.

    16-Elves became the stuff of nightmares. The eluvian broke because DAII elves are too ****ing ugly and the mirror got scared.


    Just on top of my head.

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    I was halfway through a serious reponse to your first post, but... I just can't. I can't wrap my head around the fact that someone actually liked airborne darkspawn.


    It was basically either that or throw them all at the player at once


    This isn't even remotely true. There's a bajillion alternatives to the craptastic wave warfare design AND the mindless "dump everything at the player at once" design. But they all require competent designers to actually 1) Give a Sh*t and 2) Be creative with the enemy types and their placement; and 3) Program the enemy AI to be a little more....adult-like. This is all Out of the Question for Bioware, however, as they'd see encounter creativity as a waste of time, And a waste of money, And a waste of effort, considering the fanbase.


    This is Bioware creativity for DAII



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  5. DA 2 is the dumbed down version of DA:O that tries to appeal to ADHD kids with lot of sparkly and flashy combat moves, lots of monsters that appear out of nowhere (sometimes they literally appear out of nowhere in mid-air) and no actual strategy.

    No plot, no conclusion, and no matter what you choose, you still have to face the same fights in the end game because every plot related NPC has **** for brain.

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