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  1. Level scaling and escort quests are at the top of my "STAY AWAY!" list. If I'm stupid enough to wander into a dangerous area way beyond my ability with a sign stating "WARNING: Big Dangerous Trolls Ahead" when I'm low level I expect to get ripped apart by hulking trolls rather than encounter level 2 trolls. Punish me for overstepping my bounds. As far as escort quests go, I don't think I need to explain this one. I'm pretty sure we all hate escort quests.
  2. I'm all for making food, water, and sleep necessary in Expert Mode a la Fallout: New Vegas.
  3. Also, please make the weapons realistic looking. Stay away from the Anime-style sword that's twice the size of the person wielding it or mace/hammer with a head so gigantic it would be flat out impossible to wield.
  4. I played all of them minus Trials of the Luremaster. Planescape: Torment was my favorite of the bunch.
  5. I will definitely be playing the game in no hand-holding (Expert) mode. I'm really glad this option will be in the game. I've often been a fan of games like the Gothic/Risen series where you just get dropped into the world and the game doesn't coddle you. I like to figure things out for myself rather than having a giant arrow constantly pointing me in the right direction, the game explicitly telling me which dialog options are good or bad or giving me a percentage value of a persuasion check succeeding, or a flashing button on the screen with the words "Click to auto-complete quest".
  6. Indeed. And yes, I am that same Keyrock. I wonder how many other familiar faces... err, avatars, I'll see here. Hopefully we will get some companions who will have conflicts (potentially physical if the player doesn't diffuse it) with each other. I had a good time listening to Neeshka and Elanee butting heads in NWN2... well at least until I kicked that pointy-eared dirty tree-hugger out of my group.
  7. Hey folks, new to the forum. I didn't see a "Introduce Yourself" thread anywhere so I guess this is where my first post will go. While I have yet to pledge to Project Eternity, I will as soon a Pay Pal donations go live (I can't do Amazon Payments at the moment). I'm a long time RPG fan and the old Infinity Engine games are some of my favorite games of all time. In fact I have Infinity Engine games rated as my #1 (Planescape: Torment) and #2 (Baldur's Gate 2) greatest RPGs ever made. Anyway, great update from Chris. Man, I thought my work area was messy. I've always been a fan of Obsidian Games and despite any criticisms people may have of Obsidian, i think we can all agree that Obsidian has always had interesting companions in their games. Neeshka is still probably my favorite companion ever, and more recently I've been very fond of Veronica, Cass, and Lily. Also, happy birthday, Chris! You didn't actually appear in this latest video, but going by your appearance in the pitch video, you don't look a day over 397!
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