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Status Updates posted by Keyrock

  1. Io Shirai Moonsault Fetish

  2. Io Shirai Moonsault Fetush

  3. Io Shirai moonsault fetish

  4. Joshi Puroresu is love, Joshi Puroresu is life

  5. Proud Member of the Patriarchy Since 1976

  6. Certified Moonsault Maniac

  7. I, for one, welcome our new rat overlords

  8. Sleepy Rat Is Sleepy

  9. Festive sleepy rat is festive, also sleepy

  10. Genuine synthetic 100% naturally flavored artificial sweetener

  11. Got my mind on my egg nog and my egg nog on my mind

  12. Got My Mind On My Rodents And My Rodents On My Mind

  13. Sleepy Rat Is Sleepy

  14. Sleepy Rat Is Sleepy

  15. Rat is sleepy.

  16. I can has rodents?

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