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  1. Necromancy is not some tool, it is evil. There is no exception and no excuse. Just as slavery and genocide are inexcusable crimes. Degrading someone, living or death, from person to object to be used is not morally neutral, but evil.

    sorry, but no. even in the absolute moralist dungeons and dragons there are neutral, and even good necromancy spells. not all necromancy deals in killing people and then raising them as mindless servants.



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  2. i'm still for my idea of fullretard mode. it got things for everyone, and everyone is people who hate video games and love bestiality rape romance novels. which is a pretty big market. obsidian would be foolish not going after that.


    kobold gang rape, think about it, chris! think of the possiblities!


    It's no wonder you want a shallow experience devoid of emotions which scare or bother you in some fashion. News flash, you don't have to enjoy taking it up the butt to realize that it isn't your business to go around town trying to convert any and all gay people you meet.

    yeah, you tell them homophobic dicksucks what is up, my reading comprehension failing friend!

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  3. there are far more decisive elements to the victory of the english at agincourt than "lol, l0ngblow ar the l33tzor".

    because the longbow is actually quite ****. the only reason it was used on the isle as long as it was is because they have **** weather there that messes with any kind of composite bow. the french knights were not defeated by the longbow, but the archers. because they actually charged alongside the english men at arms and engaged them in melee combat. so you can't say the longbow is superior to the crossbow because the longbowmen actually stopped using it as soon as it became apperant that heavily armored knights are practically invulnerable to it, and many crossbowmen couldn't even use theirs. it all came down to weather conditions and a battlefield that strongly favoured the english.

  4. Realistic katanas. Absolutely useless against armors, swords and anything more dangerous than a peasant.

    i know this is just herping the derp, but still: no. altough the thing we know as katana was never really a weapon designed for warfare (and even those that were played second fiddle to the spear or halberd analogues), it still is basically a sword. and swords tend to be really awesome against lightly armored people, which back in the day was pretty much everyone.


    and i don't really care if they add shotels or whatever obsucre crap as long as they serve a function and are useful.


    and to echo the realistic arms and armor thread here: don't look like high fantasy plastic toys.

  5. i actually support a very easy mode. you could make it like the heart of fury one you tick at the beginning of the game, let's call it fullretard mode, were every enemy in the game is replaced by a crippled kobold that drops every artefact in the game and millions of experience points when you beat him. he will also be a recurring character and the closer you are to completing the game, the more crippled he will be. so at the start he may be just missing a finger, but by the end he will just have his head and torso left. and instead of a final, hard bossfight you talk to the crippled kobold who then tells you about the pains of being a crippled kobold and how he only wanted to be loved, and then you have like three choices, either your maincharacter romances the kobold(good), ask him for money(neutral), or your party gangrapes him(evil)


    that'd be pretty sweet.

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