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  1. It’s highly unlikely that Obsidian would publish new patches to Pillars of Eternity, and this project hasn’t seen a lot of activity lately… So I’m planning to take down the patches in a not-so-far future.


    Feel free to download them and host them anywhere if you would like to see them kept alive.


    I don’t know yet what I will do about the patches for the DVD version, these ones I might keep maintaining longer.

  2. update


    New scripts are online for the recently published 3.03. version of the game.

    Supported installers are:

    • gog_pillars_of_eternity_2.13.0.17.sh
    • gog_pillars_of_eternity_kickstarter_item_dlc_2.0.0.2.sh
    • gog_pillars_of_eternity_kickstarter_pet_dlc_2.0.0.2.sh
    • gog_pillars_of_eternity_preorder_item_and_pet_dlc_2.0.0.2.sh
    • gog_pillars_of_eternity_white_march_part_1_dlc_2.7.0.9.sh
    • gog_pillars_of_eternity_white_march_part_2_dlc_2.3.0.4.sh
  3. Hello, I have a similar problem : last time I played PoE (a year ago), primusrun worked just fine. I just installed the last version (3.02.1008), and now it crashes right away, with the following output


    I precise that I have the GOG version under Linux Mint Cinnamon, and my graphic card is a GeForce GT 730M, with the latest driver (nvidia-352).

    You might want to give a try to an installation method tailored with love for Debian and derivatives like Mint ;)

    Install PoE & extensions on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/etc.


    Urban Fantasy set in the real world, with dwarves, elves etc. living openly among us. Just like in a medieval fantasy world, but in our time. If you add some political intrigues , organized crime etc. now, I would buy it right away.



    Yes, all three of them!

    These games are really good if you’re into cyberpunk settings… with fantasy races and magic ;)

  5. Hello fellow penguin lovers!


    You probably noticed that the patches for the DRM-free backer DVD have a tendency to lag a bit behind the patches for the Steam & GOG versions… Well, not anymore ;)


    I now build custom patches allowing to update your game installed from the DVD to the latest stable version, so you don’t have to wait for the official builds anymore.

    You just need to go to the following page for download links and instructions:

    unofficial patches for Pillars of Eternity


    Your feedback is welcome here, as well as your thanks, calls for help, reminders I’m late for a patch, etc.

    I hope your bandwidth will like the work I put into these patches ;)

  6. Well, it will sound like an obvious suggestion, but have you tried lowering the difficulty for your first playthrough?

    If you keep playing at a difficulty level that is frustratingly hard for you, you won’t be able to enjoy this great game… And you will still be able to up the difficulty later on, when you feel more comfortable with the combat and want a tougher challenge.

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  7. The day Steam is the only remaining distribution channel for the games I want to buy is the day I stop playing computer games for good.

    I don’t think so :p


    The day Steam is the only way to buy videogames for PC, you will most likely stop buying games but you will still be able to play all the DRM-free games you bought prior to the apocalypse…

    Hey, that’s one of the main advantages of DRM-free games: you can install/play them for as long as you want, without worrying for the financial health of the store you bought them from.

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  8. Do you get any feedback if you run 'primusrun ./PillarsOfEternity' in a console, from Pillars of Eternity installation directory?

    If so, could you post it here so we can have a look at it?


    I honestly would be *very* surprised if PoE can’t run on Optimus-based hardware.


    A couple extra informations that might help resolve your issue:

    • What’s the version of your game? (3.02? an older one?)
    • Is it a GOG or Steam version? Or the DRM-free backer DVD?
    • What is the exact model of your nVIDIA card?
  9. There's just that many games I would have to skip because it's on UPlay, Origin or Steam only..

    Yeah, it’s a sure thing that my preference for relatively old games (or old-school games) helped a lot when I decided to boycott any form of mandatory client to download/install/run my games (my problem is not specific to Steam). No Steam-only game so far has been hard for me to pass on.


    I believe it was Half-Life 2 that introduced us to Steam. Internet connection was still rare when Half-Life came out.

    You’re most probably right here ;)




    I love Steam. (…)

    And nobody will try to deny it to you :p

    This thread is not about "Is Steam a good or bad thing?", there is already too much of these out there. What we really are asking for here is to have the *choice* of not using Steam if we don’t want to.


    Asking me to use Steam for a specific game is like asking me to install Windows to play it. I won’t, no matter how good a game it is.

    So publishing Tyranny outside of Steam/UPlay/Origin/etc. is the only way to allow people like me to play it. And I would *love* to have this opportunity ;)

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  10. Probably not for a few weeks at the minimum. The programmers are tied up with some stuff right now, but once they are freed up we will have someone go through and generate the updates.

    I’m still volunteering to build and publish *unofficial* patches for the DVD version (Linux only, as I don’t own the other OS this DVD is compatible with):



    But I’ll wait for Obsidian agreement before going on with this project, it would be quite a waste of time to build them if you don’t want me to share them afterwards ;)

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