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  1. Wow, there are so many different perspectives on this topic regarding Finishing Moves, I think after reading the majority of posts on here ,it seems that a few peoples want the cool looking death animations taken from DA:O and have them extrapolated and somehow placed into a 2D isometric game? Tough ask methinks, really depends on what you think you will be getting.


    Tbh, looks like most peoples are happy with standard death animations from BG series (ie burnt to death, electrocuted, disentegrated, frozen, shattered, exploded etc) and a couple of peoples like the idea of Fallout series (1 & 2) death animations of which I also fall into this category, even though they are from a turn based game, I still think the concept is viable. Looks like most people just want something fancier or at least on par with BG death animations which I think we would have been getting in this game anyways!


    But yes some cooler style death animations when overkill is applied sounds fantastic to me, it just makes combat that little bit more interesting and in the long run (when you have seen the same death animations over and over a la BG replays!


    And I don't think this would be too hard to accomplish, but we shall see...

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