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  1. Not to be mean, but it falls far closer to the "runs on a toaster" side of the equation than the "needs the latest everything" side. I mean, it's basically a slightly souped up Infinity Engine game (I love it, btw, so that's not a criticism), which wasn't exactly pushing the envelope 15 years ago. 


    If you look at the stated system requirements, and punch either the cpu or video card into a benchmark chart, it'll just really reinforce that point. 

    I totally agree, the required specs are really on the lower side... but it is incredible to see how my 5 years old machine is really outdated performance wise

  2. I believe i will be in the people who have a rig not powerful enough:

    intel core 2 duo

    gpu with  256 mb

    4 gb ram


    Which is really enough for everyday usage. It is funny when I see people telling that their slow cpu/gpu combo is enough to run the game. I wonder if those are slow, how I should describe my rig.


    PS: i also have a tower with a pentium 4 that is still running :)

  3. I do not see how making a console version would bring improvement to Project Eternity. I do not want them to spend effort and money on console version. Sure there is a market for a console rpg, but I think Obsidian has already found their market which is more of a niche with people ready to spend money on a quality pc rpg inspired by old-school one.

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  4. I'd much prefer if polls were the sole domain of Moderators and Developers. If Devs are too busy they could maybe shoot a Mod a message to stick up a poll.


    At the current rate we are seeing very similar polls every day or two, they just don't stay on the page long enough for the next person to see it, so they make their own one.


    Also if you want to ask a question you don't need to make a Poll, this thread for example doesn't need to be a poll. The Poll several threads below about what game brought you to PE doesn't need to be a poll either.



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