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  1. I guess the idea is that Dominate itself will be adequate CC, as the enemy will be too busy killing itself to turn on me. When there's one or two enemies left, I'd say spells even with Might dumped should be fine for clean-up. Wood Elf should be fine too, but for solo play it's normally better to squeeze for every ounce of tankiness you can get. In addition, I don't think there'd be too many issues with accuracy, and with the natural -1 to Might that Orlan have you can dump it even harder than usual - allowing you to have it distributed into something more usual.


    For the Rogue, I'll probably use Cladhalíath as a back up, as it also can have Stun and has the spear accuracy bonus. There's not too many Prone immune enemies though I don't think so it should be alright. The reason the one handed build hits an okay Deflection is because the huge +12 accuracy from going one handed means you can dump Per entirely and instead invest in Resolve for more Deflection, and you can also Prone and Stun lock with much lower Dex and Int than when using a weapon and bash shield.

  2. Yeah I'm pretty pleased with the new dominator Wizard build, it's one of the playthroughs I've got on the go alongside the unarmed Barb. Considering Ryngrim's Enervating Terror is a -28 Will debuff, adding that onto the Citzal's Martial Power boosted Gyrd Háewanes Sténes Dominate accuracy of 131 means it has an effective accuracy of 159. As far as I'm aware, Will isn't even a strong defence for enemies on the whole, so those 27 second Dominate crits should be relatively common - which is an thoroughly ridiculous time to have an enemy on your side for.


    Adding onto that the spell-binding Dominates and Whispers of Treason (which as mentioned work under Citzal's Martial Power), you can use a couple of them to get the ball rolling (though the accuracy is 5 to 15 lower than Gyrd Háewanes Sténes Dominate) and then try for the high interrupt Gyrd Háewanes Sténes Dominate blasts for more procs (with even Confuse procs periodically from Company Captain's Hat on any hit you receive - even spells).


    My only concern is that the build might not be tanky enough for some of the bosses - but I'd imagine taking control of the enemy (even a lot of the dragons) should mean you won't be targeted too often. I also wouldn't be surprised if they nerf the new Vailia outfits seeing as the defence boosts are very high (as they're going to have to hotfix a lot of the texture issues people are having, the might want to rebalance at the same time too), which would knock the defences a little further, however I still think it will be solo PotD viable.

  3. In general, I am not impressed by single target interrupt focused builds; or stun-locking a single target with weapons. The problem is that locking down one enemy is not that significant. With a interrupt or stun lock focus, you have to keep auto-attacking them and cannot be interrupted or knocked down yourself, or stunned by another enemy.


    It is a nice perk to interrupt an enemy better, but it is not really good enough to focus a whole build or make other compromises unless you are a barbarian and can crowd control multiple enemies at once.

    I wasn't too sure if you were referring to the Rogue build in the thread, so I thought I'd mention the specific plus points. I think the advantage of the build is mainly that is works so well in solo play and so low maintenance, getting sneak attacks all the time and having worthy defences (which makes them difficult to interrupt and/or knock down themselves) - and that you also disable more enemies due to Riposte. While in party play Deathblows and CC are a doddle, for a solo Rogue they take a little more effort.


    I did a class build for the build itself under the Sprightly Scorpion somewhere floating around. I'm currently thinking of making another alteration to the build to go single-handed We Toki, which can get 70% hit-to-crit conversion (Durgan, One Handed Style, Merciless Gaze, Dirty Fighting, Vicious Fighting) with a x 3.8 crit damage multiplier [1 + (0.5 for a crit) + (0.3 Durgan refined) + (0.3 The Merciless Hand) + (0.1 Rabbit Fur Gloves) + (0.1 Dungeon Delver) + (0.5 Annihilation)]. While doing so you can also hit Def/Ref/Fort of 100/109/108 (no one cares about Will) - which is perfectly okay seeing as you can buff your Def a lot higher with a shield and standard buffing, and Adept Evasion is a massive buff to even mediocre Reflex in the first place. Accuracy would be 105 with Superb We Toki (108 with Legendary), with the level 3 survival buff available for 125 against a specific monster type - which is quite horrific given the 70% hit-to-crit conversion.


    Given that this build would dish out massive Reckless Assault Sneak Attack Deathblows crits more or less constantly and completely disable one enemy, while also wounding with Deep Wounds, and while also Deep Wounding all enemies around you with Retaliation, and while also getting in a fair few Riposte hits on those enemies (and so likely disabling them with Prone for few seconds, giving you more longevity), while also avoiding spells with reasonable Reflex I really don't think it's have any trouble at all with groups. I also think it's nice to do some serious damage with something that's quite tanky for a change, busting through DR that other tanks would have issue with, and while also maintaining a wounding capability with Deep Wounds.


    Onto other matters, here's another provisional build. I think it needs a bit of road testing because of the low Might, but I fully anticipate it to be quite a lot of fun. I present the...


    Working Title: This Charming Vailian (from This Charming Man by the Smiths)


    Class: Wizard


    Concept: An interrupting and dominating/charming/confusing Wizard who uses Citzal’s Martial Power to boost the accuracy of those effects to sky high levels (131 accuracy on Gyrd Háewanes Sténes' Dominate), with enough Intellect for massive durations on a crit (27 seconds).


    Details in spoiler tags…




    With the Deadfire DLC, I wanted to make a build that utilised the Company Captain’s Cap for its Confuse effect along with other mesmerising items. One option would be to simply slap the hat on the Boeroer’s Counselor Ploi build that I did a little work on, and while that is a good idea what I really wanted someone who really could mesmerise enemies all day long. The only option therefore was to go for a Wizard with Gyrd Háewanes Sténes (10% Dominate chance on hit or crit) with Blast for a nice chance at Dominating someone in a group.


    The Witted Wizard Class Build already uses Gyrd Háewanes Sténes with Blast, so I was looking for an interesting way to differentiate this build – and I found one. It turns out with Citzal’s Martial Power you can still Dominate and Charm enemies (they don’t count as spells) at +20 accuracy, which also makes the accuracy of the Gyrd Háewanes Sténes Dominate procs go through the roof (at level 16, you get a +16 accuracy from your level modifier, the effect itself has an innate +15 accuracy, and then you add the +20 accuracy of Citzal’s Martial… yeah…). Part of the role-play of the Witted Wizard is the low Might and Con, so Citzal's Martial Power isn't an easy fit for it, and it also doesn't utilise other Dominate or Charm effects.


    By maxing your Intellect (26 for an Orlan without food/prostitute buffs) you get 18 seconds of dominate/charm on these effects per hit, and 27 seconds per crit. Given that Wizards have a range of Will debuffs (Ryngrim’s Enervating Terror being the main one at -28 Will with Sickened and Terrified, which will last well into your Citzal’s Martial Power casting with the Intellect) crits should be easy to come by, essentially letting you control your enemy for large portions of an encounter – particularly with the adage of Confusion from the Company Captain’s Cap. What's more, you can easily get both of these effects activate as early as Act II.


    From there I decided to add interrupt, using interrupt to stall time for the Dominate effect to proc, necessitating high Dex and Per. I didn’t want the build to be a slouch defensively, so I gave it some Con. I decided to completely dump Might; while this isn’t great for a Wizard, it puts much more of an onus on the key feature being the Dominate effect, and besides once the enemy has done tearing itself apart I’m sure even with Might dumped clean up wouldn’t be too tricky.


    In terms of talents, I focussed almost entirely on defensive ones, with the exception of Interrupting Blows. Through a little testing, I found out that Blast AoE is pretty weaksauce even if I had moderate Might (which I don’t) – and is no longer effected by goodies like Runner’s Wounding Shot or Envenomed Strikes. From this perspective, there really isn’t any point in Penetrating Shot or Penetrating Blast as you’re just not doing enough damage in the first place. Blast is a means of spreading Dominate, nothing more.




    Wild Orlan (or choice)/Old Vailia (duh…)


    Attributes (start/final):


    Might 2 / 4 (Gift from the Machine, +1 armor enchantment) -> 12 (Citzal's Martial Power)

    Con 13 / 16 (Company Captain’s Cap, Rymyrgand’s Boon) -> 24 (Citzal's Martial Power)

    Dex 18 / 20 (Company Captain’s Cap) -> 28 Citzal's Martial Power

    Per 20 / 25 (Song of the Heavens, Mantle of the Excavator)

    Int 19 / 26 (Gywn’s Band of Union, Forum resting bonus)

    Res 6 / 12 (Company Captain’s Cap, Gyrd Háewanes Sténes)


    Spells (in the order you should acquire them more or less):


    Level 1


    Spirit Shield (mastery)

    Wizard’s Double (mastery)


    Fan of Flames


    Level 2


    Bewildering Spectacle

    Infuse with Vital Essence

    Bulwark Against the Elements

    Necrotic Lance


    Level 3


    Deleterious Alacrity of Motion (mastery)

    Llengrath’s Displaced Image

    Expose Vulnerabilities

    Ryngrim’s Repulsive Visage


    Level 4


    Confusion (mastery)

    Essential Phantom

    Pull of Eora

    Ninagauth’s Shadowflame


    Level 5


    Ryngrim’s Enervating Horror

    Llengrath’s Safeguard

    Artermyr’s Wondrous Torment

    Malignant Cloud


    Level 6


    Citzal’s Martial Power

    Gaze of the Adragan

    Death Ring


    Level 7


    Substantial Phantom

    Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt

    Wall of Draining

    Concelhaut’s Crushing Doom


    Level 8


    Llengrath’s Superior Elemental Bulwark

    Wilting Wind

    Wall of Many Colors




    2 – Blast

    4 – Bear’s Fortitude

    6 – Veteran’s Recovery

    8 – Arcane Veil

    10 – Interrupting Blows

    12 – Cautious Attack

    14 – Superior Deflection

    16 – Hardened Veil


    Notable extras: Second Skin, Rymyrgand’s Boon, Gift from the Machine, Song of the Heavens, Flick of the Wrist




    Weapon set 1: Gyrd Háewanes Sténes

    Weapon Set 2: Drawn in Spring (Legendary, Durgan-Reinforced, etc.), Little Saviour (Durgan-Reinforced, Legendary)

    Armor: Helmsman’s Uniform (+1 Might, Durgan-Reinforced)

    Neck: Mantle of the Excavator

    Belt: Looped Rope

    Rings: Gwyn’s Band of Union and Ring of Changing Heart

    Hands: Spirit Spiral

    Head: Company Captain’s Cap (Resolve repressed by Ring of Changing Heart, but oh well)

    Feet: Shod-in-Faith


    Level 16 Gyrd Háewanes Sténes accuracy:




    Level 16 defences:






    Gameplay and notes:


    Gameplay should be simple enough; use any number of buffing yourself (defensively, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion), summoning (Phantoms), debuffing the enemy (Ryngrim’s Enervating Horror, Expose Vulnerabilities), and Confuse the enemy if desired. Then activate Citzal’s Martial Power, go for a Dominate and some Whisper’s of Treason, then start blasting away to secure more Dominates while interrupting the hell out of your enemy with your 60 interrupt rating. Rinse and repeat. From testing, the Dominate and Confuse effects proc at a fairly reasonable rate in a long encounter.


    While the Deflection and Fortitude defences may look low, it’s worthwhile remembering that these will get huge boosts from the Arcane Veil and Citzal’s Martial Power. Spell selection was reasonably straight forward, focussing on some buffs, some damage, and some debuffs.


    You can unlock the 20 Resolve requirement of the Company Captain’s Cap as soon as you hit Stalwart and get the Ring of Changing Heart. 6 (base) + 3 (Dragon Meat) + 3 (Chapel resting bonus) + 3 (Ring of Changing Heart) + 3 (Gyrd Háewanes Sténes) + 2 (Big Durmsey’s boon) = 20.




    So, there it is. Any suggestions? This would be my first Wizard build, so any notable spells you’d really have on there that gel well with the build. Otherwise, I think it will be pretty good.

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  4. There's already another thread in the subforum about this. Essentially the new pinkness is related to the patch v3.07, and will be rectified shortly by the devs. It's not really related to the problem posted here (they're both a result of missing textures, but as mentioned this time there's something wrong with the installers creating an issue). Hopefully the devs will have it sorted before too long.

  5. All seems too overpowered.

    It's funny. First, devs nerfed sabres and Unlabored Blade, "becose it's too OP", second - brings the whole pack of cheat-items. Can't see any logic behind this...


    I'ts time to call Josh ;)

    Yeah the armor itself is rather crazy, particularly as there's three of those bad boys so in party play three of your party can have +20 Deflection (and +20 to another defence). The originally reported +12/12 seems at least a little more reasonable - though still powerful.


    It also more or less frees up the neck slot from Cape of the Master Mystic (which can either be used for something like Mantle of the Excavator much more readily, or you can use it for a Cloak of Protection and free up a ring slot if you were going to use a Ring of Protection).

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  6. It was for me, and it's reported to be in this thread (it's in a locked box in the study on the same level as Raedric himself). You can also get a Belt of Bountiful Healing and Boots of Stealth on the same day at different spots in the keep. As a lot people keep saying though for some reason they get different items.


    To get there the 4th of the month at the start of the game, I normally get the Fine items from Magran's Fork, the Black Meadow and Anslog's Compass, complete the Blacksmith's quest, and sell all of them so I can get the 5000 gold Bronze Horn (which takes you to about the 2nd day of the month). Then if you climb the wall at the keep itself you need to kill one guard and one archer, and after this you can use Berath's Robes from there to go incognito. If you rest a couple of times, you should hit day 4, and then you can kill Nedmar or help him for his key - which leads you to Raedric and allows you to make the keep non-hostile so you can explore everywhere.

  7. Hmmm, something that is worth mentioning is the fact you can get all these items in Act I. +20 Fortitude sounds like a pretty sweet deal in terms of avoiding Stuns from Phantoms.


    EDIT: If you buy the soulbound hat in Act I, you can fairly easily unlock its third level...


    To unlock level 2 (at least for a Barb) you just need to take 300 damage - which is extremely easy - and unlocks the 10% Charm chance on hit or crit. To unlock the third level, you need to Charm 15 enemies with this 10% chance. If you equip Rymrygand's Mantle (easily findable in early chests) then you essentially take minimal damage off Shadows, and heal back what you do take as damage. Therefore, if you whittle a group down to one of these guys in the Temple of Eothas, you can then stop attacking him so he'll get charmed over and over again.


    Turns out the third level of the hat (again with my Barb) is hitting 20 Resolve, which as I've dumped Resolve isn't going to happen. The reward for this level is Confused and Dazed immunity.

  8. I'm not too sure, I got what I wanted from Raedric's Keep (Gloves of Manipulation on day 4) and what I wanted from the Temple of Eothas on the upper west side (Ring of Minor Protection on day 6) - so as far as I'm concerned they're working as expected for me, though many people do seem to say they've changed. I know if you haven't rested since the start of the game that can make them weird, but otherwise I don't know.


    One important thing not to confuse is the "day" with the day of the month. Early game it'll say "day 6" but your day of the month will be different, and it's the day of the month that decides the items.

  9. Some good tips, as always Boeroer. It is a bit of a shame a lot of status inflicting items are only available in party play, otherwise yes Binding Rope is a great fit on the build. Possibly 3 per Rest Sunbeam with the Colored Coat is a bit of a better way to go, but then it becomes a little tricky to chop and change the other items around and maintain Deflection with the high bonus the Cape of the Master Mystic provides. Again it's likely more relevant for play where you can get buffed.


    I'm having a look over my provisional unarmed Barbarian build again and seeing if I can make it good enough for solo play. Last time when I was giving it a shot it worked really well - until I got to WM Pt I and couldn't hit anything because of the 3 Per. I know my original idea was that Per was largely unnecessary as Grazes only scale down the base damage of fists (in that way Graze/Hit/Crit and Carnage attacks all do similar damage) - but it turns out that's a bit of problem if you're not actually hitting enough things!


    I'm looking into Resolve dumping instead now (Deflection is worthless on the build, and Will is the most pointless save in solo) - though I'm a bit wary of being interrupted all the time, particularly as this is compounded by low Deflection as crits have higher Interrupt. I figure end game I'll be using the Lost Periapt of the Winding Path anyway (+2 Res, and +20 Concentration) for more healing, and up until that point Resolve is fairly easy to buff when I need to from 3 to 8 with a +2 item and the +3 resting bonus from the Chapel. With Siegebreaker Gauntlets this can be made up to 10, and you can use Potions of Spirit Shield in times of need to get +30 Concentration anyway. With Siegebreaker Gauntlets and the Periapt in the absolutely toughest fights hopefully it'll work out.


    I also didn't realise how strong Envenomed Strikes are when you have 38 Might (for those curious, 21 from Living Lands Coastal Aumaua, then +3 Training Grounds, +4 Maegfolc Skull, +1 Galawain's Boon, +1 Gift from the Machine, +6 Greater Frenzy, +2 Lyrinia's Boon) - you can deal 134 raw damage in one hit, for over 400 raw damage across the three hits (they don't work with Carnage, but still). My testing seems to suggest kills from the DoT still trigger Blood Thirst, so with Dragon's Leap, HoF, Barbaric Blows and then three separate hits of 134 damage (all at no recovery if you're scoring kills along the way) the build should be a tactical nuke.


    I'll see how it works out. Hopefully against enemies that target Deflection (Thaos, Magran's Faithful) I'd be able to kill them before they kill me, but it's hard to say.

  10. Yeah it should be pretty strong. Deep Wounds Rogues with any Retaliation always boss Act II, and then you get Cladhalíath right away in Act III. It's probably worth switching out Elryn's Jacket in the long term for one of the new Deadfire jackets as the defences are too good to pass up (so long as they retain those +20 Def/+20 Ref/Fort/Will denfenses).


    This build should be solid as is, but I'll probably try and play-test a new (and hopefully better) variant I'm cooking up over this specific one. I'll need to iron out more details, but I'll update once I've given either this or it's similar variation a playtest.

  11. It's maybe worth saying, if you're going to make a patch for the "definitive version" release of the game - it might be worth checking that it's definitive and doesn't have game-breaking bugs in. Wouldn't want a totally embarrassing hotfix for something that has been actively described as "definitive" now would you?


    Godspeed for all your future PoE 2 patching endeavours, is all I can say.

  12. [EDIT] Can someone effected by the issue, send me an output log and a save file? 


    I don't have permissions to use to forum hosting, so I used filedropper. Here are the links:





    I haven't updated since v3.04, so for v3.07 I did a clean install. I guess as many other people seem to be experiencing this problem, it's probably not a cause for the bug, but FYI.

  13. Hey everyone,


    Sorry about all this mess. I am going to get to the bottom of this today, and I'll update you all later when a patch can be released. One quick question first.


    There is a patch for 3.07 that is separate from our PX4 DLC. You have to opt into the DLC, by manually grabbing it. Everyone who has the issue, do you have the Deadfire DLC downloaded? From all your posts, my initial guess is that players will experience this bug if they do these things;


    1. 3.07 patch

    2. Mac/Linux

    3. WM installed

    4. Loading a save old than the 3.07 patch

    5. No PX4 (Deadfire DLC) installed


    If someone has this issue that doesn't match up with these five things, let me know. It will really speed up the process


    Our bad :(

    - SKing

    I do have the Deadfire pack installed, but it seems to be working as intended. Otherwise parts 1-4 are as you say, mac and GoG install. I have all the install files to hand, so if you wanted me to try a fresh install without the DLC I can do?

  14. They're probably busy with the PoE 2 beta I guess. A bit of a shame their last patch will require a hotfix at the very least, you would have thought they could have thoroughly tested it is they wanted it as a last touch to the first game and a promo for the second in the series.


    Hopefully they'll be much better in terms of support for PoE 2.


    EDIT: I PMed Mikey Dowling about it, so it should be on the devs' radar. Hopefully it won't take too long for a hotfix.

  15. I am. This is definitely something the devs need to look into, it seems to be affecting quite a number of us.


    I'm going to try different install orders (I first tried main game, WM Pt I, WM Pt II, Backer item, Kickstarter item, Deadfire Pack), but it's unlikely to make a difference I guess.

  16. Same problem with me, mac player and a fresh GoG install, just to add another report of the bug. Bug appears on weapons, on fire, and on Concelhaut's Skull (but I'm sure more places too) - though seemingly not on anything from the base game, only in WM I and II content (I guess the textures have been put in the wrong place). The merchant is however present at Anislog's Compass, so at least that's not an issue.


    EDIT: Here's a pic of a fabulous pink Silver Flash. Seemingly it's not for every texture, hence the Maegfolc Skull being fine.





  17. I know the penetration system is already quite maligned, but I thought I'd malign it some more!


    Does anyone else feel like it's a bit Pokémon-ey? Like it feels like attacks where penetration is below AR are "not very effective" while attacks where penetration is double AR are "super effective".


    Even if they adjust the levels, it feels like a bit of a crude and over simplistic way to balance the game. If they had a good handle on the damage output characters were capable of and had successfully balanced all classes, it seems like they wouldn't need to resort to scalars to keep things in check - they could just pitch the old system of DR at the right level. It feels like they've resorted to this system in an attempt to make the damage anyone can do much more uniform, because that in itself dampens the capability for certain abilities to be overpowered (which they really struggled with balancing in PoE 1, hence the inordinate amount of balance fixes).


    Maybe they'll sort something with the results of the beta, but it does for now feel clumsy.

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  18. I think a Shattered Pillar Monk/Barb might be quite good. In PoE 1 the Carnage damage from fists with Novice Suffering only scaled the pitiful base fist damage down, leaving the huge boosts to it as you level (and the huge boosts you receive to it from Might) untouched and letting you deal pretty much consistent damage to a whole group (grazes also only scaled the pitiful base damage). If this is still the case in PoE 2, and if Shattered Pillar monks gain wounds in a way proportional to the damage they do, then this would be a great way to rack up wounds (which could possibly provide DR, or lashes, or all the other stuff they give you in PoE 1).


    Additionally, if multi-classing averages stats, you're looking at huge health still, better accuracy than a regular Barb and much better defences (again if they keep Monk and Barb more or less the same in PoE 2). Seems like it'd be very decent.


    EDIT: Bleak Walker/Devoted Fighter may also be good. Fighters seem to still have access to Constant Recovery, which would offset the Bleak Walkers healing problem a little bit. If Paladins still have access to things like Sworn Enemy (and presuming Flames of Devotion still gives an accuracy bonus) then you should be able to land some very heavy hits with your Devoted weapon (plus Devoted weapons have more penetration, which might be quite vital if things are changed in Beta feedback). Hopefully there'll still be weapon classes containing things like Bittercut (e.g. Slash/Corrode damage) that you could "devote" yourself to and therefore have two means of Penetration.

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