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  1. Save game folder should be %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity.


    Any chance that the saves are one folder up in the hierarchy that you posted?




    Hi Oscuro,

    I can not find the saves in there, that folder contains 0 files for me (see screenshot) so must be stored somewhere else in my case. Only have one user on the pc and running windows 8.1



  2. I can't progress beyond this quest, got to the point where i was going to "question the animancers about suspicoius activity" downstairs (one was already killed during the necromances quest, moedred i think his name was), but I could only reach one , the door the sanitarium and to one of the animancers (door to Riplys room) are locked and require key. Went back to the statue and he spoke as if I had completed the quest discussing the resolution and the patients i had never met. After that I cant speak to him, and the doors downstairs are still locked. Any workarounds or fixes for this?



    was going to provide savegame but looking in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\Saves i only found old saves from beta, deleted those and saved again but its not showing up in this folder, using steam.

  3. I was a bit sceptical towards guns initially but the way josh described them i trust obsidian will implement them in a sensible way. As i understand it their wont be a big rivalry with tech vs magic as in arcanum, the gun goes well with the idea of tactical gameplay as a hard counter to mage shields. As long as its rare enough and not every soldier carries one i think it will add to the complexity of the combat system wich i think is good.


    Mages in armor? Sounds interesting as long as their is a distinct difference in the armors you get for your frontline bruisers and the frailer (i guess) spellcasters. I dont want full platearmor on all characters towards endgame as it limits the customization of your parties apperance and the different types of armor that is viable. Would be nice if the lighter armors had more stats that benefit spelldamage or likewise as it would force you to make a choice between survivability and damage output, utility or some other useful attributes.


    This game has so much potential, i hope other companies (the newly restarted Black Isle for example) follow in Obsidians footsteps to get this genre back on its feet!

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