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  1. DSA 3, where a battle eventually winds up taking like 8 hours to be fought just rolling and rerolling attack, parry, dodge, damage,... Which had the effect that we became really good at avoiding fights."Soldier? No, no I'm a carpenter."


    Also a hobo "class" (classes only decided what skills you start with, only mages and priests had skills the other classes couldn't learn from a teacher).

    Magic was more balanced as well, my favorite quote about the game goes a little like "a decent wizard can tell the universe to shut up and sit down, but a decent fighter can do the same to the wizard."

  2. We already have a way of having characters and enemies dealing more or less damage: the damage roll, which differs from the to-hit roll. I mean, how would you deal with stuff like fire shields and the like? "Oh, he struck you, but it was only a light blow, so suffers little damage." "But the spell description says that anyone who strikes me in melee is engulfed in flames..."

  3. Can they? Of course, they're the DM. Get 'em angry, and suddenly a horde of dragons comes galloping over the horizon. Do they do it often? That depends on your DM. I'd wager your average DM isn't going to punish players often, but if, say... The bard keeps trying to pickpocket a lady's underwear when the DM is trying to be serious, well... Accidents happen.


    Infighting between players is probably a more common cause of unwaranted deaths, if you ask me. Though, of course, that depends on your players.

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