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  1. Survivalist

    I'd like class that is based on avoiding trouble. Someone who travels a lot and knows when to fight, but most importantly when to run.


    Engineer / Chemist

    A class that is based on crafting stuff and using it as weapons, tools or buffs.


    Red Mage

    A class that by default mixes everything and it's power lies in spreading it's abilities equally and creating combos that nobody else can.



    Also I'd like the magic classes to be VERY specialized. And no monks... I hate monks.

  2. Well 1-handed fighting is great idea, although pretty much all my characters dual-wield :p Two Worlds 2 had this mechanic in which you had different moves available based on what you had in the off hand (nothing, a shield or a torch).


    However spears, polearms, halberds, tower shields etc. are nice addition but gameplay-wise they are nonsense. The PC and his/her team is not an army, and for small units these big weapons are pretty much useless.

  3. Well the player house is a nice feature, but in many games a very pointless one. In many games you got the house and then you came there from time to time to store loot. That's it.

    However there were games where the player house (flat) was carried out well. Like Vampire: The Masquarade: Bloodlines.


    As long as the plot is in the vicinity of your house, or in case of a open world game, your travels often lead through the city/town/village where the house is located that's great. You can rest there often or even the plot can be related to the place you live.


    So it really comes down to the construction of the plot and game mechanics. I wouldn't mind the house being a big deal where you can decorate it, modify it in many ways and even have some sort of guests/relationships. However as long as the house is not 100km away from the nearest quest :)

  4. I've seen this argument a number of times in Kickstarter campaigns: Why use resources to support Linux? Well when you add the numbers up it's no-brainer:


    1. There approximately 7 billion computer users in the world. Out of which from 10% to 1% (depending on the source) use Linux. If we take the average 5% that means 35 million Linux users in the world. Why not spend resources for these 35 million potential users?


    2. Kickstarter relies on the community, word of mouth etc. There is no bigger, more tight, active and vocal community (in the tech related world at least) than the Linux community. And they (we!) are hungry for games.


    3. Linux users have proven time and time again that they want games and put there money where their mouth is. Good example is the Indie Humble Bundle where Linux buyers are as numerous as the Mac buyers and all the time on average pay twice as much as the Windows and Mac users.


    I think that these three points easily justify the creation of a Linux version of the game. For independent developer the Linux users might be even 25% users. Data shows that more developers see it this way and partly that's why Linux has been receiving more gaming love recently.


    I assure you that thanks to these supporters you will get even more content. So yes, it's win-win-win deal.

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  5. Big decisions like the rachni queen and such ended up being fairly pointless, but all the small details carrying over all 3 games were quite impressive. Being approached and thanked by an NPC character in a bar and having to thoroughly scratch my head before realizing it was someone I saved in the first game years ago was pretty cool.


    I agree that the many details that were the most fun part. The NPC you saved in the previous game and have a short conversation in the sequel or some changes in the way the conversation is carried out.

    Fact is that many big decisions were pretty much meaningless (but definitely not all). However I think it's hard to blame BioWare for that. The big decisions always had some impact, but to make it more significant would mean to make a second game. So maybe the execution of continuity was not perfect in some cases, but to be frank it was on a scale never seen before, and was not bad. I think with time this feature will be more visible in games and definitely more polished.

  6. "Pledging money" being the most important part.




    Are we part of a Sect ?!

    I wouldn't worry about that until we start using crazy made up words and we have a prison-camp.


    Well I would really would start to worry about the prison camp. I think that all "The tank has to ding one more time to have enough aggro" and such, covers the crazy made up words department.

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  7. There is only one scout... And 2 Hussars. it was a mistake, we can leave it as is, if you guys don't mind. Otherwise you can change it if you like. :)


    I think that if we had awesomness change his mind, it's only honest that there's only on Hussar. And although it would seem I was a bit quicker than Karranthain I won't mind stepping down. And being known as:


    Leshy Red Mage of the Obsidian Order :dancing:


    Of course if that won't introduce any issues at this point :)

  8. Hey obsid, you should make NPCs out of order members, I'll expect my character to be:


    -Named, complete w/ title

    -Either sprawled on the ground or against a tree, full of arrows





    I think that might be a bit immersion breaking but a mention of the order in the game would be awesome!


    Yeah, there could be some random encounter with the Order. It could be as crazy as the encounter with King Arthur's Knights in Fallout 2 :D That'd be both awesome and hilarious.


    And yeah, Obsidian didn't have to recognize the Order at all and it's very, very nice of them they did. So there's definitely no pressure to gain even more recognition. We all simply wish this game to happen.


    But hey... we're a bunch of fanboys/fangirls fantasizing about a fantastic game that we are all waiting for. I think there's nothing bad in making wild wishes aloud, now is it? :)

  9. I'm so totally confused with what the order actually represents :w00t:

    I mean, are we a guild, an internet phenomenon or...

    Whatever, I'm totally in love with Obsidians support of the Order...


    We're a bunch of glorified fanboys/fangirls who have been wishing for the return of deep RPGs for many years now and have been disappointed on so many occasions. We now have real hope thanks to Kickstarter and Obsidian (and inXile but that's a different story :dancing: ) to have our wishes fulfilled.

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