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  1. Much too early to say and my pledge was fairly high, but having played this for two hours yesterday and looked at the PDFs, heard the mp3s etc I really think that the satisfaction of having pledged for this game will repay the patience and investment. The game makes, for me, the best start of any Obsidian game: my fear was actually that it would seem dry or leaden-paced but I can definitely foresee sinking the hours in.



    Also he does not hate modern games, but does not love them instantly because of good graphics or similar bull**** that console kiddies buy them for today.

    Ironic that you would call people who buy games for the graphics 'console kiddies' at the same time as praising the most spec-sheet-obsessed of PC Master-Race Youtubers. Totalbiscuit has never seen a wall he didn't want to lick.
    I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Care to explain it?

    Wall-licking is looking at textures unusually close up to find out whether they bear up. When not worrying about FoV sliders, Frames per Second etc. etc. that is one of the things that Totalbiscuit worries about. My point was that PC gamers tend to be more obsessed with graphics than console owners. In fact, if you look at the spread of consoles, someone playing a 3DS is clearly less likely to be buying a game for the graphics than someone with even a low-spec PC. So why describe someone who buys a game for its graphics a 'console kiddie'?

  3. I don't see why people think  youtube personalities are automatically immune to the perceived corruption and influence that permeates normal gaming journalism ? 


    Thats why I prefer user reviews  :geek:

    I would never base a buying decision on user reviews for a videogame. User reviews tend to be 'five stars, best game ever' or 'one star, worst game ever', and they don't often make clear why.


    Of YouTubers, other than Angry Joe (who, as I've already said, I think is very fair) I'd recommend ProJared's 1-minute reviews, though he mainly sticks to console releases, often Nintendo or JRPGs. Totalbiscuit is someone I follow closely but he was very vocal about not liking Skyrim and Dragon Age: Inquisition so his taste is just too far from mine to be useful to me.


    Of course YouTubers can be corrupt, but it tends to be glaringly obvious when they are.

  4. Also he does not hate modern games, but does not love them instantly because of good graphics or similar bull**** that console kiddies buy them for today.

    Ironic that you would call people who buy games for the graphics 'console kiddies' at the same time as praising the most spec-sheet-obsessed of PC Master-Race Youtubers. Totalbiscuit has never seen a wall he didn't want to lick.

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  5. With any YouTuber you have to get a sense of what their personal biases are. A lot will overrate games that stream well, or games that are short and that they can get out of the way easily. AJ's bias is towards multiplayer because that's what he enjoys, but in other respects he's probably the fairest critic on YouTube and certainly the one that I trust most. Had he trashed PoE I would actually have been very worried because it seems like the sort of game he would really get behind.

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  6. Unless you break the game, the undead in the Elder Scrolls games scale up to high levels. I agree that it's a shame that you get "trash" skeletons at low levels (remember when you couldn't even fight the undead until you got a silver or enchanted weapon?) but I think that the presence of high undead in a game means that you always give them due respect.


    Really terrifying undead able to cast status effects would be great/horrible, but I suppose most fantasy games don't tend to have undead as master level enemies because they go down the line of having high level human casters or dragons or something like that.


    Good question though o/p.


    I'm still around - I'm pretty sure there are more Orderites lurking too.




    This is a call to the mods, there are members of the order waiting for their titles :)

    I think the order is dead tbh, it was a good idea at the time, even the website has been abandoned


    Not dead, just dormant for a while. Besides it'll most likely pick up and become more lively again closer to release date.


    Yes, this sounds right. I haven't even been lurking personally ... I've just been keeping note of the Kickstarter updates as they come in. But I'd expect to be more active as we get further along.


    I only found out about the separate OO forums today ... I'm guessing that there's no point joining them right now(?)

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  8. My personal favorite is in Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood quest in which you're in a house with six other people trying to survive the night and you can pick them off one by one and the other people start panicking. One of the most satisfying quest in my mind.


    I was idly scrolling through the top of this thread trying to decide what my favourite was and I settled on this one immediately before reading your post! Some say coincidence ... others recognise the dark hand of Sithis at work in our minds.

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  9. I loved the Morrowind theme so much that I actually have 'issues' with the uptempo versions that became themes for Oblivion and Skyrim. While I think that the full Skyrim soundtrack is masterly (the long 'Atmospheres' track is such a great example of ambient scoring), there is just something about the Morrowind theme that seemed to breathe epic grandeur.


    I couldn't be happier if that's the sort of direction that the P:E music will be taking.

  10. At first sight, I can see that it makes the stronghold itself sound a bit more exciting if you turn it into a city, but at the same time it makes the big city sound less exciting, because you can't build a city in-game with the same architectural variety and lore that you can get from an existing city that might have stood on that site for thousands of years.


    Also, if your stronghold is a city then there's going to be a temptation to turn that element into a city management game, which I would absolutely hate.



  11. April 2014 Approx...... time to start a new 'count down to Eternity thread' we have..... 1 year 18 months 14 days 16 hours 46 minutes......


    Could be sooner for those with Beta access, at which point these forums will run with blood.


    More likely, though, the game will be delayed a bit: it's a much larger undertaking now than it was when the original project was framed.

  12. Farudan, this is just a warm thank you for doing something I am not sure anyone else would take the time and effort to do. Your Diligence and dedication to the cause has been fantastic and I am glad to be part of this prestigious order.


    Seconded. A lot of work has gone into the Obsidian Order, and those titles are a really cute memento of the campaign going forward. Thanks Farudan.


    Looking at the numbers, I wonder whether it would be a good idea to 'reserve' additional places in the OO up to number 888? In principle membership would now be closed, but it might be nice to be able to grant honorary memberships or prizes or whatever in the future. I think if we simply close our doors to further members then we will be in danger of looking irrelevant (or, worse, like some sort of self-appointed elite) in the coming months, when gamers who would never pledge to Kickstarter join the forums to follow development.

  13. I think the mega-dungeon should be something that any player can experience, but only a highly skilled gamer can complete, so I agree that it shouldn't be too easy to enter.


    Perhaps an answer would be to have a token-vendor who sells an expensive single-use key for entering the mega-dungeon. When you use the key your game state is saved and the key lost, so you can't just reload. Now, every four levels or so you can fight a boss and activate a portal. If you activate the portal, you can either leave the mega-dungeon (or stay) and - if you leave - the next key you buy will take you to the entrance instead of the portal.


    Hardcore players might be able to complete the mega-dungeon for the price of one key (say 1000 gold or whatever), average players might spend five or six keys and complete losers (like me) would just struggle in the early levels burning key after key without ever reaching the first portal.

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