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    The companion needs to ego-stroke the player in a variety of ways.

    Oh how glad I am to read this.


    A lot of people ask for companions who despise the main character (or something along these lines). What they miss, I think, is that if a companion really couldn't care less about the main character, he wouldn't really be fun to travel with. There'd be no arguements, no criticism (when I think someone's stupid, would I bother to tell them?), no witty banter.




    Well, I don't want to be surrounded by yes-men and bootlickers.


    My ideal band of travellers would consist of a fool, a joker, a nutcase, a freak and a prisoner (with stockholm syndrome). Of course they would all respect you in some way, but it would be in no way an all harmonious party. Too bad there are only seven companions to choose from, so these - in my opinion way more interesting characters - will most likely not be considered by the devs.

  2. - The companion needs to ego-stroke the player in a variety of ways. Sometimes this can be romance, sometimes this can be simply reactivity (either brief barks or conversations about the player’s actions), or any of a variety of methods. Ultimately, however, any companion that simply sits around bitching, complaining, and haranguing the player isn’t someone you want to drag into the nearest dungeon to help clear it out… you may simply want to throw them in the dungeon and lock the door.


    Does that mean I can't have a pretentious professor, philosopher with a handgun and a monocle as a companion?

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