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  1. They don't have a NDA so that are free to talk about their game as they wish.


    This had never ocurred to me, but that's true.


    I'm reminded of the pending release of the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Overhaul, the studio behind the remake, realized that they weren't going to make their published release date and needed a delay. But because of agreements they had signed they needed both Atari and Wizards of the Coast (I believe) to sign off on it. By the time all of the approvals were in place to announce the delay it was less than a week before the game's originally scheduled release. The BGEE forums erupted and have been relatively empty ever since. :(

  2. I'm curious why when discussions of romance come up it is an unwritten assumption that only companion characters qualify. Why? Is there some compelling reason why, out of all the people in the world, the only ones you can be attracted to/are attracted to you are the ones you adventure with?


    Why not have have possible romances/friendships with non-companions, even non-adventurers? Maybe depending on the character background you've chosen your character is already married and/or already has children. Imagine what a difference something like that could make to characterization!


    Also, having the 'romance pool' include more than the 8 companions has the following benefits that may otherwise be difficult to implement:

    -They can have more realistic preferences. (only likes dwarves/mages/natives of a certain region etc)

    -Doesn't require as in-depth writing. If you aren't in a romance with them they probably wouldn't have much to do with your character anyway.

    -Can have plot consequences without breaking a major plot or gimping the party. (poor Heather Poe...)


    Note that I am NOT asking for a skyrim 'Oh, you're wearing a plot coupon? Let's get married!' That was embarassing...

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  3. I think for a project of this size release date slippage will be inevitable.


    Yes, thanks to the increased budget more staff can be hired to create additional content. But the core group of lead designers remain the same, and unless they are willing to delegate a lot of their authority and risk losing control of the game's direction, there will be too few of them to go around to keep to the original schedule.

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  4. You know, I agree with you, and I've seen a really good take on this in the comic, the Order of the Stick. There's the main antagonist, a lich who's trying to gain power and couldn't care less about the main party. Then there's also "the Linear Guild" which is another party of adventurers that are really out to get the party for personal reasons. It makes for an interesting dynamic.


    There are 3 donors who came up with $5,000 to design an enemy adventuring company. Assuming that anyone willing to put up that kind of cash also had an idea in mind when they did it, hopefully there will be (at least) 3 rival parties as creative as the Linear Guild to menace everything you do.

  5. I have always supported romances, but given the nature of this game they should probably be limited in number and kept relatively simple.


    Given the size/enthusiasm of the fanbase I have no doubt that modders will eventually add in enough romantic content to suit anyone's tastes, and that task will be made easier if there is exisiting code to model off of. (I think that's right... don't know much about programming personally)

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