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  1. I'm still sore to this day that I can't see the rest of Anomen's quest because I never played as a female character in BG2. You lucky duck. :D Rob Paulsen did a great performance for Anomen, but I can't stand the character. XD
  2. I don't care if romances are in the game. If they are, I just don't want them to have considerably more detail than non-romance relationships, like in BG2. I think relationships of all types -- platonic, romantic, friendly, rivalry, etc. -- would help the game.
  3. I ignored crafting until the forge in the white march area. I think I was waiting until I came across a smithing vendor. Didn't realise you could craft a weapon in the middle of nowhere. I guess that goes with the magic stash. I do think a vendor is the way to go for crafting, for high quality weapons and armour at least. Then give players skills in herbs, potions, and smithing? And maybe the player pays a smith to use their forge? But I know a lot of players wouldn't want that inconvenience. Anyways, I'm indifferent towards crafting. So long as I don't have to use it for a Hard playth
  4. aww :c Well, thanks for looking into that! :3 On the upside... no more typo reporting means more time to play. :D
  5. Needs serial comma AND Needs capital letter? Eastern Barbican "The Eastern Barbican gates passage to the Woodend Plains, the crossroads between Caed Nua, Dyrford and Defiance Bay." "The Eastern Barbican gates passage to the Woodend Plains, the crossroads between Caed Nua, Dyrford, and Defiance Bay." Western Barbican "the Isce Ien river" "the Isce Ien River" I'm not sure on the formal name of the river, but should "river" have a cap here?
  6. Unnecessary comma "I have some questions, first." "I have some questions first." I'm not sure if this is simply a style I'm unfamiliar with, but I will keep reporting this comma usage as incorrect until told otherwise. :3
  7. As far as gameplay goes, more abilities and talents and such is mostly what I want. Also, a 6 member party is great. I'd feel a bit sad if it went to 4. And don't even joke about going down to 3. Nooooes! :c As far as story goes, I don't mind if we start with a new character or continue on with our current. But what I'd like are more quests that don't have grey choices where whatever decision you make has bad consequences. There seem to be relatively few quests in PoE where options are clearly good or bad: ~5-10%? I mean, I don't mind making unsatisfying quest choices sometimes... but more
  8. As a copy editor, take these suggestions as suggestions! Some things pointed out may not fit in with the game's text style guide. Typo-ish. The gender marker is incorrect for this conversation. I have a female PC, so it should be "milady" or such instead of "milord"? Unless "milord" is the standard regardless of gender. Chancellor Warrin: "I'm sorry, milord, I do not. The erl's decree is sealed." Comma needed Maerwald- "They will take you too." Maerwald- "They will take you, too." From other text I've seen since returning, a comma has been in front of "too" even if the sentence
  9. Has anyone had maps load incorrectly in the optional dungeon? I've fumbled through the Defiance Bay areas, but I couldn't do all the quests in them because of it. I'm hoping the optional dungeon levels all load okay.
  10. Nope! I'm being way too lazy with Eternity. n.n Dropbox Typo Link Warrior - protect the works of the builders - protect the works of the Builders -> should capitalise "Builder" for consistency Hiravias - ruins where you dont belong - ruins where you don't belong -> apostrophe - I was gifted with power - great power- and - I was gifted with power - great power - and -> space after second hyphen Sidha and Rihenwn - use 'his' when referring to female protagonist -> incorrect pronoun Arkemyr's Capricious Hex spell - Dazed, Sickened or Paralyzed
  11. Hm. *-) Ah, I see now! You're not right and neither was I. :3 Helig of Thein -- NPC It's served me well these years, Its served me well these years, She's served me well these years, It's not a contraction problem. It's an inconsistency problem. "You asked for Rowyna, and here she is. Small enough to carry with you. / She was a formidable warrior, and now her soul is a formidable talisman. It's served me well these years." Inconsistency -- from 'she' to 'it': At the start of the paragraph, Helig refers to the object as Rowyna and 'she'. At the end, Helig has switched to
  12. Dropbox Typo Link You have been fixing them! Thank you so much! :D Helig of Thein -- NPC It's served me well these years, Its served me well these years, Shatter their Shackles, Cast off their Chains! -- chanter invocation against Hobbled, Stuck, Paralyzed and Petrified effects against Hobbled, Stuck, Paralyzed, and Petrified effects - no serial comma
  13. Gotcha. Well, for me, it always appears in Copperlane. So there must be a threshold size for my computer.
  14. Cumulative. You should only need to install the latest patch on GoG. If there's no patch there (this may vary for Windows, Mac, and Linux), you just download the newest install file then re-install the game.
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