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  1. Fair enough. Using those points I came to the conclusion that I should wait for SSD's to drop in price a bit more, and use my old SSD for all the heavier games and a smaller cheaper HDD for smaller games and media. Then later when I want more storage go for a larger SSD.


    That in mind, my build currently looks like this: http://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/7ZRm8K


    The 32 GB RAM seemed a tad excessive as I don't know any game currently that reachers 8 GB. As a pure gaming computer, I feel like 16 GB should be enough.


    I sticked a Seagate 2 TB drive there, but you say they've been having issues? Just checked my old HDD that's having issues, it's actually a Seagate too, but it's over 5 years old now, so not too surprised. Any idea for replacement?


    TOTAL: 1403.60€


    Additional details:


    My PC knowledge is 5 years outdated so any assistance I could get is greatly appreciated.

    Mainly worried about motherboard compatibility, power supply (whether it's enough). Also wondering whether I need extra cooling. In general I expect this to be horribly optimized, so feel free to tweak the build. This is currently way under my max budget and a little under my comfortable budget, so feel free to also add stuff.

    I already have an SSD in my old computer that I will use and a DVD station, so those I do not need to buy. The rest of the parts are quite abused so I do not expect them to be of any use in my new build.


    Any ideas?


    The shop you're linking to seems down at the moment so these are just more general recommendations:


    1) I reckon we're finally at the point where the extra threads in an i7 are worthwhile in a gaming machine. For about another 100EUR I reckon go ahead and get the i7-6700.


    2) Intel K-series CPUs no longer come with a cooler, so you'll need to buy one. The CoolerMaster 212 series is commonly considered the cheapest "good" option, though my personal pick would be a Scythe Kotetsu (or the larger Ninja 4, which might be inconveniently large).


    3) A 650W PSU is fine. The only reason you'd need larger is if you plan to SLI *and* do heavy overclocking.


    4) Some games love fast RAM these days and the price difference isn't much so you may as well go for DDR4-3000/3200.




    Heard a lot of Finns just buy their PCs from Germany so here's a sample PCPartpicker build. Note I had to swap out the PSU but only because the EVGA G2 isn't available in Germany. As a general principle, I'd say throw any extra cash you want to spend at buying more SSD space, because you won't really get much out of it by spending any more on the other parts. You have an m.2 slot on the motherboard so you can get an m.2 SSD if you want.


    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant


    CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor  (€339.58 @ Mindfactory)

    CPU Cooler: Scythe Kotetsu 79.0 CFM CPU Cooler  (€34.27 @ Amazon Deutschland)

    Motherboard: Asus Z170 PRO GAMING ATX LGA1151 Motherboard  (€147.79 @ Mindfactory)

    Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200 Memory  (€165.85 @ Mindfactory)

    Storage: Western Digital Red 3TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive  (€106.79 @ Mindfactory)

    Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8GB G1 Gaming Video Card  (€482.49 @ Mindfactory)

    Case: Fractal Design Define R5 Blackout Edition ATX Mid Tower Case  (€105.05 @ Mindfactory)

    Power Supply: SeaSonic 650W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply  (€98.89 @ Amazon Deutschland)

    Total: €1480.71

    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available

    Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-07-03 05:00 CEST+0200



    Hey! Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Will take it into consideration. A bit on the run right now, so will check back later.


    However, quickly for now, I noticed that the 3 TB HDD is only 5400 rpm, wouldn't 7200 rpm be better considering only some select games would be installed on my SSD and the rest on the HDD.



  3. Hey, guys!

    I'm planning on buying a new computer and would like assistance in optimizing it. With no further ado:

    Intended use:

    My main intention is to run any current game on ultra at 1080p and minimum 60 fps, with future proofing. My old PC lasted 5 years and has served me well, and I would hope this new one to do the same. 120 fps's aren't required, but would love to run everything on ultra with no huge issues for at least a year onwards.


    To be fair it's up to 2000 euros, but that's a bit silly so currently around 1500 euros would be fine.


    Finland. Although not opposed to ordering from other countries if significantly cheaper.

    Potential build:


    TOTAL: 1403.60€

    Additional details:

    My PC knowledge is 5 years outdated so any assistance I could get is greatly appreciated.
    Mainly worried about motherboard compatibility, power supply (whether it's enough). Also wondering whether I need extra cooling. In general I expect this to be horribly optimized, so feel free to tweak the build. This is currently way under my max budget and a little under my comfortable budget, so feel free to also add stuff.
    I already have an SSD in my old computer that I will use and a DVD station, so those I do not need to buy. The rest of the parts are quite abused so I do not expect them to be of any use in my new build.

    Any ideas? original.gif

  4. Paid mods, like DLCs, are not inherently evil, it's all about value.  Is the mod offering you enough substance to justify its asking price?  It's just like making any other purchase, does the content justify the price?


    The real question problem with skyrim is that the mods justify the asking price of the game.

  5. Heya!

    Melee: Battlegrounds has just launched their kickstarter campaign, and I'd be happy if you guys would pop over for a look. Melee: Battlegrounds is a multiplayer-focused medieval combat game similar to Mount&Blade, War of the Roses and Chivalry. The game will feature large-scale medieval battles with over 200 players per server.

    The game is being developed by a new studio that previously worked on a mod for Mount&Blade: Warband called cRPG. cRPG has consistently been one of the best and most popular multiplayer mods for M&B: Warband. Melee: Battlegrounds has been in development for two years and kicked in to high gear with a larger team last year. I'll post a brief summary of the games features below, although if you want more information and to see the kickstarter video you'll have to go to the Kickstarter page:

    The game features a similar, but further developed, combat system to that of Mount&Blade with a 360 degree combat system, weapon collision and other things like kick, nudge and shieldbash.




    The combat is 100% skill-based where the only reason you die is because someone outplayed you.


    What differentiates cRPG from the M&B: Warband is the persistant nature of your character. In cRPG as in Melee: Battlegrounds you will be able to buy better gear, gear that looks different and create your own unique character and style. Everything from horse archery to heavy landsknecht to lightly armored spearman is possible all with their own drawbacks and advantages. Armor makes you more resistant, but slower and fighting against a more skilled lightly armored guy will get you killed. There is no right way to play.


    The game will feature siege equipment as well for sieges, in the form of ladders, catapults and siege towers.

    Game modes:

    No respawns - one life only, while facing 100 or more enemies together with your team. It’s tense.

    Attack and hold tactical points of interest to win this game.

    Practice, Ranks or Bets - Measure your skills one vs one, or set up group vs group duels. This is the ideal gamemode to hone your skills in and get feedback from other players.

    Use the available siege equipment to assault a castle and conquer it by taking over sections of it. Maps will typically feature multiple stages as the battle progresses, and attackers will be able to assault multiple sections at a time, improving the replayability.

    In Stronghold we are bringing in elements from the RTS genre - build and design fortifications and castles to protect your team, while holding resource points to allow your team access to advanced weapons, armors and horses. Rounds are typically longer in this mode, and offer great variety due to team decisions and choice of strategy.


    The team come from a background of modders and they are therefore supporting modding as much as possible. Here's what is said on the kickstarter page:

    We come from a modder’s background. For us moddability is not just something nice to have, it’s something we fully embrace. That’s why we intend on working very closely with the modding community and making sure as little as possible is hardcoded in our engine. The SDK is based on the C# Language (implemented via Mono) and super easy to code with. All game mode related code will be released to the modding community which means you can either adapt, tweak, or change our code or do the whole thing from scratch. If you shold run into any limits with the engine, talk to us, we’ll listen and do whatever is possible within our means. We know how tedious it can be having to work around small simple problems by applying huge hacks, so we’ve designed the engine to be as easy to modify as possible without making you code the basics from scratch.

    Want to code the killer bunny from Monty Python? No problem! A dual-axe wielding laser shooting viking on jetpacks? Easy! A full blown strategy game, a dragon riding game, a medieval farming simulator, a physics based golf game, a mage duel competition, literally anything you can think of, you can mod it.

    We plan to release the SDK for everyone together with the alpha release.

    If this sounds like your thing, I'd be thrilled if you could go over to their kickstarter page and check it out. They've put a ton of work into this. They are asking for a relatively modest 130 000$.

    Progress on the game so far:


    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me, or you can even ask the developers themselves at their irc chat: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=melee
    There's usually someone around who can answer the question if the developers are busy.




    It's so bad it makes me want to scream. http://i.imgur.com/3YRiXol.jpg


    I am completely out of the loop when it comes to Wasteland, but what exactly is wrong here? Grid-based inventory?


    I'm assuming he's referring to the dialogue.  Personally I'm fine with the UI.  Hopefully you can change the vertical height of the dialogue window.  It would be cool if you could change font size also, but that's probably asking too much, especially since its styalized rather than transparent.


    That's not dialogue, that's just descriptions of locations, as far as I'm aware. Like in Icewind Dale when you clicked on certain objects it described them.


    If it wasn't Czech, I would've backed it. Have zero trust in Eastern European game devs.


    Flashpoint, Mount&Blade, Arma, Witcher? Really?


    Nevermind Stalker, Metro, King's Bounty, IL-2, Men of War, Shadow Warrior, Hard Reset, Machinarium. Pretty sure Heroes of Might and Magic V was also developed in Russia or something.


    Although eastern european is a pretty odd term since it's applied strangely usually referring to slavic countries. Poland is considered eastern Europe, even though it's around as far west as Sweden. And if we take Sweden in to this equation we have Paradox games, DICE and the odd Finnish game.

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  8. Am I the only who thinks that muscular men in video games that are all about being physical and stuff actually makes sense, while slim big-boobed women with no discernable muscles don't?


    I don't feel particurarly objectified if I'm playing the greatest warrior ever (Conan) and have muscles, because someone who is a badass mother****er with a sword, would probably have muscles. For some reason, I do feel women are objectified since their designs rarely make sense for the type of stuff they do.


    I mean, I'm not that strong, but I'm pretty sure I'm stronger than someone who looks like this:





    Is it really that hard to spot? And to people who say "Who cares?", a lot of people do. Since you don't I guess you don't mind video games making more sense, and those who do want big boobs might as well say that's what they want and not try to contrive arguments about men being objectified.


    On that note, I really don't care what the characters look like that much, it doesn't really affect my gameplay, but it also makes little sense. Ms. Cleavage and Mr. Muscles should not be equally strong physically. She might be more flexible and whatnot, but then make that a feature. If a woman is strong, then show that she has muscles too. Same goes for boob armor. It doesn't actually make that much sense, unless it's ceremonial, i.e. meant to be looked at and not used, i.e. sexy.


    Now, notice that I'm not really commenting on how big a womans boobs are, though those are a hindrance if they're too large, I'm just pointing out that female character models often make little sense. However, Hollywood is at least almost as bad at this, so why only blame video games.


    Also, here's an interesting point about objectification of men: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/jimquisition/7290-Objectification-And-Men

    Granted, some women want to play a sexy person even if they are not sexy in real life. Which is fine. As I said, it doesn't affect me at all.

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    "All truths are relative, including this one" is not self-contradictory, nor is at an absolute statement. It is a useful premise, however. I believe the hunt for absolute truths is a huge waste of effort, so it's simpler to assume that they don't even exist. For most practical terms, highly certain, highly unambiguous relative truths behave similarly as absolute truths (should they exist) anyway. We can base our lives around them just as easily, without getting mired with counting angels dancing on a pinhead.


    Also, even if you don't accept the premise, it's a looong stretch from "Some truths are absolute" to "proposition P is absolutely true," for most propositions, at least most propositions that you can teach at school.


    I.e., I do not believe that it is the business of school to teach absolute truths, because on closer examination they would almost certainly prove not to be absolute, and probably not to be true.


    The premise "all truths are relative" is contradictory because the statement is not relative. You can proclaim it is, but it's a logical fallacy.


    If truth were relative, is that statement really meaningful - since truth would be ultimately relative? if there is no true meaning, then what are you trying to say?


    If all truths are relative, so is logic, therefore there is no fallacy.


    Checkmate atheists.

  10. Save. Try something. Fail. Load. Try again. Win.


    How is P:E handling this? Is this even considered an issue?


    I never cared for Diablo II's (any many games since) waypoint save but I can't think of anything better. Is it punishment enough not remembering to save before every major event?

    One of my favourite aspects of the Infinity Engine games was encountering a boss, and then dying to it, readjust my strategy, maybe die, try something different, win! Really cool.


    If I didn't die the first time I was disappointed for it being too easy. I spent 4 hours dying to Sarevok, 'til I got it right, and I was so pleased. And yeah, I realize that probably means I'm horrible at the game, but I don't care. Really love that aspect.

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