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    Not being level headed and being violent are two different things. It isn't Trump who has a known history of throwing things at people in the White House. that was Hillary Clinton. L0L

    No, he has a history of bulldozing over people's houses and threatening companies to shut them down in Peronist fashion if they don't do as he pleases. Pretty violent and hot-headed reactions all around, I'd say.


    You're dangerously extending the definition of violence there. But then, this is how so many on the left came to believe he's a nazi.

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  2. 80% of the loot I hoarded only for money. That's literally all it's useful for. I guess I do the same in most RPGs but W3 is particularly bad when you do special quests and hunts which are supposed to give you unique items, and there's a good chance they'll be below your level. If you play the expansions, which imo are substantially better than the base game, then it's worth saving all the crowns you can. There's an awesome rune in HoS which magically extends the length of your blade and wading through groups of mooks is fun as hell. 

  3. So, following in the footsteps of Stalin, Pinochet, and Kim Jong Il Barack Obama had himself awarded a medal yesterday. The Department of Defense Public Service. So Congrats to him for doing.... well nothing I guess, to earn such a prestigious honor. But hey, GWB & Bill Clinton did the same thing for no good reasons so why not. After all a politician needs no help patting themselves on the back. Especially one as narcissistic as Obama.




    Most overrated shill of our time. 






    So you want to tell me that US is a crystal clean democracy, where symphaties of voters actually matter? That there is more freedom and it's not more closer to an actual police state with many shady institutions governing and policing you over which you have no real influence?



    More freedom than in Russia? That's not exactly a high bar to clear.



    Have you been to Russia? I've been there and in the US, so I can compare.


    Dark you not seriously suggesting Russia is a free society?



    are they not? they have more personal freedoms than people in EU or US. They are not getting shot by the police on the streets, there is less overall surveillance. Sure, on average they have less money, the media are mostly steered by pro-gov powers and it's difficult to get to high positions of wealth and power and there is limited influence of you average citizens or the ones living outside of main hubs for the politics, but is it really that much different from what you are experiencing in EU and US? Isn't this just a matter of perception rather than actual power of the individual. Can you really tell that you actually can have your input on the politics and who represents you and your point of view?


    The only country that does so fairly well (or at least it seemed like it when i was there) is Switzerland. I'd trade a lot to be a Swiss citizen.




    are they systematically oppressed? is there a law to jail someone for being homosexual? perhaps it's not oppression, but simply lack of extra privileges?



    Yes, we have greater freedoms here in the U.S. than in Russia, especially freedom of expression. Try criticising Putin here, and then in Moscow. See how things pan out in each country. 

  5. I do have a question, what do we the USA have against Russia? Russia has always been viewed as the bad guy here growing up, but that was due to **** that happened yearssssss ago.

    So besides the democrates putting the blame on Russia instead of owning up to their **** ups, why are the republicans and a good bit against Russia? Why is it so bad for us to be on friendly terms, dare say allies?


    Putin is the issue. The way he rose to power, his methods, his lack of ethics and manipulation. But I happen to think cuddling up to Islam and soft marxism like the far left does is more dangerous. I don't know where the democrats find moral high ground here while they take money from Saudi despots and actively defend a destructive religious ideology.  



    Finally finished Witcher 3 today. It's a good game, but still somewhat fails to get my attention for long. It's probably also because I find it so hard to watch on my tv. I can't really explain it.. just that it feels really exhausting to me. Sometimes I can hardly see stuff on the screen, which doesn't happen to me with other games like MGS5 for example. Really can't explain it. Oh, and the tiny font doesn't help it much either.

    The graphics are extremely busy, everything moves constantly and everything sort of feels... Mingled together, often to the point where I find it difficult to focus on details. I found that playing the game sitting with my face in my screen actually helped mitigate that somewhat, but not entirely.

    Yeah, that seems to be it. I just wonder why it seems nobody else is reporting that. I would expect this at least from console peaseants who are forced to sit in front of the tv.



    An unusual complaint. I love the amount of detail in the environment. I can't think of an open world that does it better. 

  7. #unpresidented


    Such a comical SP error. Maybe he was dictating rather than typing the tweet. Or maybe he sucks at spelling, lol. I hope his team convinces him to lay off Twitter once he's pres.  

  8. Obama's press conference was interesting. He was mostly reasonable, trying to stabilize a borderline hysterical political situation. Then he dropped a big ol' truth bomb about fake news that I don't think the lefty media liked. He also stated clearly that Russia did not hack the actual voting process, but simply hacked into the DNC. A distinction that had to be made. Once in a while the guy impresses me. 

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  9. So Arpaio comes out with a 5 year investigation concluding Obama's birth certificate was indeed forged. Crazy, since that was THE tinfoil hat theory a while back. I don't know wtf to believe. 

  10. Obama has always been subversive. You still need the average IQ of a snail to fall for his shtick, but it works pretty well when all you hear is 

    eight years of real words mixed in with " uhh...uhm, well...if, yeah...uhm, now hold on!...uhm...Uhhh"  Most journos are probably begging for quaaludes to get through each press briefing. 

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