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  1. They are preparing five classes right?


    What about something like the kit system in BG2 along with Shadowrun skill-based system. Say everyone can see the weapon or tools or non combat skills but the classes would have less points needed to learn those skills?


    Classes could be like this with the kits



















    Temple Scholar*






    Bounty Hunter



    Animal Tamer


    Tech Specialist



    Gun Inventor

    Renaissance Specialist



    Those are all the ones I could come up with off the top of my head. I added the gun classes since it looks like there well be guns in the setting. Tried to have one gun kit for each class.


    Edit: Added last ranger kits. Moved the Scout down to Ranger class. Added Spy for Rogue.


    I like this idea...kind of goes a bit with what I was saying I enjoyed about the tabletop Star Wars SAGA RPG. There were flaws I know, but I liked the freedom to multiclass, where your class didn't really define you. It was the combination of classes, feats, and talents that you could use to make unique characters.

  2. "If one out of every 20 characters you encounter, or two out of a dozen companions are gay or lesbian, that shouldn't offend you. Unless you are a bigot."


    By definition a bigot is: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.


    Careful with tossing the bigot word around. I think people use that word too often....just because someone has a different opinion doesn't mean they are bigoted, especially if their posts are done in a respecful manner. Someone could argue being intolerant of another opinion that doesn't agree with the OP is bigoted...because they are obstinately devoted to his or her own opinion. Not arguing either way here, just saying words have meaning and people have different viewpoints and opinions. Thats what makes life great.

  3. Witcher 2 had sexual conquest trophies, could you point out where please Ashram, I failed to find any.


    We can split hairs all day....how about I clarify when I say Witcher/Witcher 2...how about Witcher 1 had cards that you collected from your sexual conquests. Witcher 2 rewarded those conquests with somewhat graphic video sequences. Either way...I don't want that in this game. Feel free to disagree which is perfectly ok, but with the issue at hand which is sex/romance and their role in this game from the OPs initial post.

  4. What do you think about weapons that improve based on the time/effort you put into that particular specific weapon? Something along the lines of weapon familiars, kensai class, legendary weapons, where a sword may be good but may become incredible and unlock special abilities the more time you spend with it...mastering it....maybe even associated with quests or requirements to meet certain achievements. IE some skills transfer from one weapon of the same class to the next, but there is benefit to mastering a specific weapon. Aka your Demon Sword you found at level 3 is viable and amazing at level 20.

  5. Not photorealistic, but if it's stylized something in the vein of this








    I'd feel happy happy joy joy =D


    Seriously, haven't we suffered enough from the so called "stylized" cartoon graphics already? I'd gladly take as photorealistic as possible as well, just as long as it doesn't look like yet-another-cartoon-game :/ I actually like e.g. Baldur's Gate's art style a lot, since it seems to fall to the stylized realism category the above represents as well.


    This is what I would call incredible stylized graphics. Yes please! Very good example. I also liked the graphics of Age of Conan in line with the theme of the photo.

  6. Depends on the definition of hardcore. I would like to see AI that isn't stupid, that used tactics and actually react when you toss a fireball and take out half of their forces just outside of their "visual range." Skyrim is not perfect, but I do like to see reactions from NPCs that make some sense with baddies trying to hunt you down or actually try to run away if you are trashing them.

  7. I would like to see the bases covered but think it could be handled in a way that both encourages creativity and multiclassing. One game I enjoyed was playing tabletop Star Wars SAGA. While not perfect, I enjoyed the way multiclassing was handled and how roles were defined rather than class. For example you could choose to take levels in soldier, however that soldier could be an armor specialist, ace pilot, hand to hand ace, officer, thug...you name it. You want to have the ability to really motivate others and get some book smarts, why not pick noble? While I do want the basics covered, I don't think it has to be so resrictive.


    This guy here...is a Ranger level 10....yay. Why not this guy here is a ranger Soldier5/Scavenger3/Scoundrel2 or a ranger could be Soldier10 with certain trained abilities. Point being I don't necessarily like typecasting a class and that being the end all be all. As a role...sure. This kind of system does not preclude having prestige classes to strive for either. Big fan of shooting for something special.


    My 2 cents.

  8. Dwarves, Humans, Elves.....thats three of them with godlike and odd? Hrm Angelic race and perhaps something fun...kender? haha jk (would love to see a rock monster goliath type race or warforged flavor).


    Thanks for the update. I would like to see the ability to create more than one character for your team and bring them along. Would be a nice touch since it is possible to adventure solo as described above.

  9. OK so I don't really hate traditional races, but I do long to play something new. I like unique races. Something different. I mean Warforged, Goliath's, Thri-Kreen, Arakora, Dragonborn, Draconians, Irda, MInotaurs....etc. Don't get me started with the umpteen races that Star Wars brings to the table(just noting this due to their KOTOR background)....I love different. Sure it is ok to have something that is familiar (human), but it would be great to play something unique. Same thing for races that are large or races that are small. I would like to see at least one or two large races, one or two small races, and the rest inbetween.

  10. I would prefer the Icewind Dale style over just one PC. Storm of Zehyr did a nice job by allowing you to interact with different team members throughout the dialogue, using different skills, personalities, etc to further the storyline. I enjoy making different character types and then adding in NPCs as we go along. Maybe make it so that we can make up to 4 PCs and then have room for 2 NPCs. If you want to play with more NPCs, just don't make more characters.


    It really shouldn't be that hard to implement and it provides players with options.

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  11. I think the reason why hardcore mode worked in New Vegas was because it was understandable why food and water would be rare. In most RPGs it is assumed that water is readily available and rations are lightweight and inexpensive enough to not need to be tracked manually. If something does come up regarding food and water I would prefer it to be as part of a specific situation (lost at sea, crossing a desert) rather than a meter that needs to be monitored constantly in-game.

    This. I just can't say it better.


    I like this as well.

  12. I agree that Icewind Dale CG was great. Really enjoyed that.


    Also good points about co-op. If they can do that in the remake of Baldur's Gate, why not here and on multiplatforms? Better marketability for sure :)


    Story is of course the bottom line. Its kind of what I was trying to get at with the being able to play a good/neutra/evil party. It would be so refreshing to really be evil or to really be completely neutral and have those choices alter the story in a visceral way.


    I thought of this one too...achievements ala Fallout. Some of those achievements made me laugh....and on that note it is ok to add in some comedy amidst the seriousness of the storyline.

  13. Hey all, I am new to the forums but I figured I would share some things I would like to see in the game. Feel free to add your own or chime in.


    1) Reach Weapons - Glaives, Halberds, Spears, Guisarme, Ranseur, Spiked Chain, etc. I love sword and board and the fun of all the two handed goodness that is normally associated with weaponry, but it would be nice to be able to employ these to good effect. Perhaps your character as a reaction sets for charge when someone leaps towards you, it could be a great tool for tripping and disarming, etc.


    2) Wizards who can create golems and other magic/mechanical slaves. Not just the summon flavor, something that takes time effort and has meaning and purpose.


    3) Ability to craft/create/enchant weapons.


    4) Understand this is a unique setting, but I do like the idea of prestige classes to diversify


    5) A class that can channel magic energy through its weapon, somewhat like the Duskblade in dnd.


    6) Fighter useful maneuvers and moves. Things akin to Tome of Battle...variants like Dungeoncrasher (not complete copies but the same spirit) to make warrior types powerful in their own right and unique.

    a. As a subset of that, if you could pull off grappling, mma types of moves for a martial arts type of character to pin and break bones, etc that would be stupendous.


    7) The ability to really play varying alignments. So many times the evil party ends up doing the good thing for an evil reason, coming to the same ending. Why not have an ending where this kind of group supports and maybe overthrows the evil baddies.


    8) Easter eggs in tribute to all of the wonderful games made by this team. Seriously!


    9) The ability to affect the political landscape of the land. Perhaps become a leader of one of the kingdoms depending on how you play. Game of Thrones does some excellent storytelling in that regard.


    10) Character customization! From racial choices, to character design. The more the merrier.


    Good luck! I look forward to seeing how this develops.

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