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  1. I like this process of being able to ask questions and having the top 5 answered. Kudos devs on that.


    Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the answers. Especially with regards to the racial backgrounds and traits. Great stuff.


    Two things that I would like to offer:


    1) Please push forward with a system that allows for multiclassing. It opens up so much more variety. Every system has had this in some form or another.


    2) The one thing that Tim discussed about wanting to control the entire party's actions and such seems to support the concept of creating a mode where you can make more than one party member in your party ala Icewind Dale. Another request is to please allow this, even if you could only make up to 4/6 party members yourself. It would give you that control you want to feel while still allowing for story. Heck even if you could only make 3/6 characters yourself that would be awesome.


    Thanks again for the updates!

  2. I voted yes and no because while I like the animal companion idea, I hope that it isn't limited to dogs. I would like to see some exotic creatures here. Perhaps dinos or just something off the wall the at the devs make. Tie in some skills that may or may not be class centric to using them. Introduce breeding and combat elements. Perhaps use magic to mutate them into bigger/better things. It could be interesting.

  3. Its one person's story sure...but whose to say you cant control some of who his friends/companions are? See my previous post about only allowing the player to create 4 of the 6 characters. This way the story can continue, but we can have the flexibility, if we so choose, to make more than one character at a time. The devs already said that multiplayer/co-op will take a lot of money. This is multi-character and there is nothing un-rpg or outlandish about it. Icewind Dale series was a ton of fun with this. I re-played that many a time. Custom Party option is a must and shouldn't be hard to implement.

  4. I think giving gold actual weight would add a level of micro managing of inventory that just bogs down the story progression. I would much rather spend my brain cells trying to figure out a quest, solve a riddle, develop tactics, craft weapons or a new spell than spend time worrying about how much gold weighed. Perhaps instead of gold, this place uses vibranium alloy that is super light but equally valuable..? I am kidding, but please no !

  5. To make a good multi-player RPG, design concessions must be made on the single player side of the game. This is especially true for titles with a lot of interactive dialogue and/or narrative delivered via text. George Ziets and I have had this conversation many times over the last few years, and it always boils down to one simple truth. Reading is not a team sport.


    If you don't make those concessions, you end up with sub-par multiplayer. As much as I love the Baldur's Gate series, the multi-player aspect took a lot of patience (putting it mildly), as the design focus of those titles was the single player experience.


    I do believe you can create an awesome multi-player experience with dialogue and choice and consequence, in my mind it would require a very large budget. I'll let you guys decide what that may or may not mean.


    If that is the case, at least give us the opportunity to create more than one party member ala Icewind Dale. Personally I would rather there be a Co-Op element.

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  6. Topic says it all. What types of weapons would you like to see in game. We have already been given a number of categories to include firearms that we know are going to be in game, but give some specifics. What unique, obscure, or favorite weapons do you think will really add some flavor and fun to this project?


    I'll start:


    Spiked Chain





    War Scythe

    Guan Dao




  7. I actually prefer the 3.5 D&D XP tables.


    However, I could get behind a slower levelling system IF (and I feel this is important) all classes level at the same rate. No 2k XP for a fighter, 1.25k for a thief, 2.5k for a mage... etc.


    I am with you there. Everyone should have to attain the same xp amount to level up. How they do that is up to them. But one class shouldn't have an xp advantage over another.

  8. I think friendly fire should be an option.


    Some of my most frustrating points in RPGs is when you toss yon fireball and your idiot AI runs into the blast zone before you can click to get him or her away from it(many times this AI was chasing an enemy down or whatnot).


    If AI can have something coded where they avoid areas that are going to get BOOMED, I would be all for it. How beautiful would that be from both an RP and tactical level?




    Xaragos begins to cast fireball as the PC has placed the fireball sphere where he wants it tossed. The other party members nearby know what Xaragos is going to do since they have been travelling together and know to move back to not get singed. Fireball is cast and the enemies who remain are now toastified for your party members to go back and bash.


    That I can support. Not the ...ohhh hey this guy is running away...let me chase him into impending doom.

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