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  1. DA:O - that one was fun, but the gathering of allies seemed more like an effort just to prolong the game, not to add much meaningful material. I preferred some of the sidequests over the main gathering thing - especially since it apparently had almost no reflection on DA2...


    ME1 - it was more personal, even though you were saving the galaxy from a baddie, still unknown baddie

    ME2 - was more of the action than story... you were just trying to kill the Collectors - some of the DLCs got me more interested than the main plot...

    ME3 - tried to follow up on the DA:O mechanics but at the same time forgot about too many things that should be implemented... and clearly it was more for a shooter crowd than RPG crowd


    NWN - the main plot could have been better, but it still touched some of very interesting piece of FR lore - the creator races

    NWN: SotU - it was more personal and fun IMO

    NWN: HotU - since it was an epic level adventure, it involved powerful and somewhat cliched characters... still the main antagonist was not that obvious at the start of the game


    NWN2 - felt very good at the start... really, until the Jerro thing was taken more into the spotlight, I really thought that the main antagonist will be someone else than we fought in the end - the main game unfortunately showed to the audience "the rushed product" effect, with the last chapters and writing for NPCs not being as good as the initial chapter

    NWN2: MotB - very nice and personal game... gave a whole new look at the silver sword, the shardbearer and well play it if you want more info :)

    NWN2: SoZ - I did not expect a great story, because it was not advertised as such... it still was an interesting concept with building your own "empire" so to speak. I liked the return of mechanics such as "random encounter, map travel". I just wished there was a game that was build from scratch up with such mechanics in place.


    Never liked the Elder Scrolls series... mainly because of the combat mechanics and bland NPCs... I did not manage to finish any of them...


    To the second portion of the list, I would also add The Witcher 2... I can't wait what plot the dev team will pull out for TW3


    I support some more creative ending and plot. More BG2, PS:T, TW2, even Alpha Protocol style than DA, ME series

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  2. One of the great things in the older games is the fact, that they have a very high replayability... Even after all these years, when I touched on the Fallout series (F2 in this case) I was nicely surprised by some events that I did not find in all of my previous plays. It required a specific set of skills to be unlocked.


    I also liked that in Alpha Protocol - game options and dialogs were tied to your relationships and mission records


    I hope that these kind of features will be maintained... I want to see skills, stats, mission history, allegiance, etc. to play a ROLE in an RPG game.


    The worst disappointment was to me in the most recent years the ME3. Even though it had some of the past choices affecting some parts of the ME3 play, the highly important one from past plays (Councilor, council, Rachni, Collector base, and more) were made irrelevant, not to mention that classes and skill had no effect on the play whatsoever. I am bringing this example only because the devs there justified that, to allow a player experience all the content and not cut on anything important.


    A plea:


    Please do cut even vast portions of the game (quests, organizations, etc.) if my choices logically lead to such outcomes. I will always have something new to find out, when I will start the game for my second, 10th, or even 50th time.

  3. I have to ask myself where people like the OP live, or what they do for a living. As I write this, it is not quite 7am on a Monday morning in California where the devs live. The game was announced on a Friday, and no one could have anticipated the amazing response we have witnessed. The devs scrambled on Saturday to come up with some stretch plans, and you still expect more? C'mon people, they are human; they have families, they have things outside of work, do you expect then to work 24/7 and never have a "weekend"? Either you have never worked a day in your life, so weekends don't really mean much, or you are living on another planet...it's a game not a life saving procedure.


    California--Weekend--Game just announced---give me a frikken break....


    Okay, now get to work you guys. :ban:

    I live in Europe, Czech Republic, thank you. And...

    Do things properly, otherwise don't do them at all (or postpone them to better time when you are able to do them properly).


    That's all I can say regarding the stretch goal UPDATE. Point of it all is that many people got pissed or confused by such a brief message which is asking for more of their money (It feels like promoting DLC and that's what everybody hates). If Obsidian had a free weekend and were unable to come up with more personal message then they should wait until Monday. Now they face damage control which is never a nice situaton.


    I am quite sure that we would find people complaining about Obsidian not responding at all... I personally have no problem with the info update that took place... But I expect more dev involvement during the weekdays...


    Kickstarter IS about a good communication between dev and customer (removing the needlessly costly publisher in between)


    The project is also touching good memories and it is a test of faith for the company. It is not a blind faith, that is why we - customers should expect more forthcoming dev. team.


    It is just pointless to complain within this short period of time, not even a one full business day has passed...

  4. Well I wouldn't mind a bit more modern approach to camera. The most recent TBS (X-COM: EU) shows that you can have also a great tactical layer with the movable camera.


    They could adjust the engine which they had for DS3 or if they have possibility, they could use the NWN engine (Aurora?)


    It does not have to be a purely isometric view to get a great RP with tactical combat. The problem starts, when we think of resource allocation and budget limitations.


    If the budget would allow, I would surely welcome a more modern approach on graphics...

  5. No thanks...


    1st - there are not many people at the current Bioware, which would be able to craft a more than decent RPG. Their writing just went to a dump level with DA2 and ME3.


    2nd - that's not Bioware, but EAs division, so I would assume that there would be a) some legal strings attached to any form of co-operation and b) possibly future profits sharing

  6. I find the idea of "Passage of time" fairly simple for the cRPG


    1) Day/Night cycle - fairly easy to implement and different sorts of quests can appear/be executed only on particular time of a day... it was done as early as BG/Fallout if not before...


    2) Time on quests - failure if time passes -> this would apply only to active quests and before such a quest would be triggered, there should be an option in dialog to cancel the start of the quest. - not meeting the goal or simply failing to get the quest done - has in game consequences (from minor, like some gossip, to world/main quest changing). Portions of the main plot can be timed as well, but I am not sure if the whole plot needs to be time dependent. I think that Fallout 1 had it ok - first part was time driven, but you could also extend that time.. the time was also plentiful for that part of the plot. The other wasn't that strictly time dependent.


    3) Fatigue - if you travel too long without any rest, it would be strongly advised to have some rest. Also, rest as in NWN style, which is a few moments and doable at any place and time, which resets all your spells and abilities for a day is to be avoided.. if there are resource or one per rest abilities, I'd like to have a timer on resting too (cannot rest for 2-4 IG hours after his last rest. There could be some consumables that could extend the non-rest period, but only for a limited amount of time. This system would work well with point 2)


    All of the above were already available as early as BG if not before... so I would welcome such things in this game.


    Passing seasons are pointless unless you plan to have a game stretching for years, so you could have chance to experience seasons more than once... I assume that with a rich world you will see different landscapes as it is... no need for seasons, which are not only hard, but also pointless from the SP experience perspective...

  7. I've noticed the really nice map on the kickstarter project.


    One of the first questions that came to my mind was, how will we travel around this world.


    Would you like it to be like in vanilla NWN2 (so from location to location) or more like through the map with random encounters (similarly to NWN2 SoZ or classic Fallouts)


    Would you maybe prefer the traveling to be purely story driven (so locations limited to chapters, but traveling on foot via mapped locations - like in NWN, IWD)


    Do you have other ideas for map exploration?

  8. I have faith in you Obsidian :)


    Faith = a lot of trust you know


    I've played games like:


    Baldur's Gate (I & II) - with expansions

    IWD (I & II) - with expansions



    Fallout (I & II)

    Fallout:NV (although I got put off because of the combat mechanics - that's Big Beth to be blamed though)

    ToEE (veeery fun game = challanging)

    Alpha Protocol (very good game, I wish there was a sequel...)

    NWN 2 (and NWN) - and all expansions

    KotOR 2 (and KotOR)

    Dungeon Siege III (preferred the combat style of 1 and 2 though - so I dropped it fairly quickly)

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


    That's quite a record of Black Isle, Troika, Obsidian games. I think I only missed out the South Park, but that's not my theme at all.


    By "commiting" those games, people who work at your studios have gained my trust in every title you make. Sure, there might be something like DS3, which wasn't very good for me, but that's what I would call an accident.


    I realize that teams were changing over time, but the quality of story, companions, and adventures was always top notch. Just keep it up!!!

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  9. I wouldn't mind the MP as an option for one of the higher stretch goals (or sequel, but that's a long way then...) if it would be done similarly to the NWN - i.e.:


    You can go co-op in campagin AND you can create own worlds for hosting Persistent Worlds. - I realize that this would probably require a huge amount of work (release of proper modding tools, etc.) but at the same I would expect this to be a top tier goal (prob. somewhere around 4-5mln mark), so to be done only if all other parts can work well in SP experience.


    Co-op would be certainly fun, but for me it would create more carving for a spiritual successor of NWN Multiplayer client

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