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  1. Glad this topic was made, saves me the trouble.


    I've seen enough elves/dwarves/orcs/etc to last a lifetime. If they must be used, interpret or present them in ways we haven't seen 50 dozen times before. Guild Wars 2 did a pretty good job of this (Elves = Sylvari, Gnomes = Asura, etc). When I explore the world I don't want to already be familiar with those who dwell there.


    Preferably, plunder your imaginations and come up with some ORIGINAL races. It's not that hard, is it?

  2. Making gold have weight crosses the line into tedium. Inventory management may be fun and novel for the first few hours but I expect to sink dozens of hours or more into this game and I do NOT want to get bogged down with this level of micro-management. Systems to alleviate this mechanic (banks/vaults/squires) are similarly silly and make the concept pointless to begin with.

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