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  1. Description:

    After being dismissed, Durance will reappear at Magran's fork.  He will be transparent and there is no dialogue option to allow him to rejoin the party.  He does not appear on the party roster at the stronghold.

    Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

    This seems to have occurred early in the game.  Shortly after meeting and recruiting Durance and exhausting his dialogue options I decided I did not need him along with me at that point and dismissed him.  I then recruited a custom cleric in his place.  

    Durance never, to my knowledge, appeared on the party roster in the tavern afterward.  I went on to construct the Stronghold, and at some point he reappeared at Magran's Fork.  At no point has he appeared on the party roster at the Stronghold, or reappeared by the Chapel  as I've read he is supposed to do.  I went and rebuilt the Chapel just in case, and that does not appear to have done anything either.


    Important Files:

    Here is a link to a .zip file holding the following files:

    • My last save with Durance in the party.
    • The save immediately following.
    • Current game state, with party located next to Durance's location.
    • Picture of ghost Durance.
    • DxDiag.
    • Output log.
  2. I feel like it would be more mass hysteria if I pounded out a message in bold caps decrying decisions they may or may not have made. As it is, I was kind of curious how people in general felt about scaling, and tried to make the poll representative of what choices people might take. Sorry if it looked a bit panicky; that was not my intention :)

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