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  1. Surprised there are so many fervently against romances. I'll simply say that I much prefer the BGII style romance to saaaayyy The Witcher style romance.


    it's understandable after what we've seen from "romances" in recent RPGs.


    Thats not a point.


    Only because no one done it right until now, its isnt a reason to deny it generally...


    kind regards,



    what does mean right?


    Some people like it corny and cheesy like in JRPGs, some people like it like they do it in Bioware games and some like it how they did it in Baldur's Gate 2.

    There is no really right or wrong just a matter of taste.

  2. Please not again a Torment Dialogue system....


    Again? How many games with such a system do you know? Please tell me i want to play them all


    kind regards,




    Again in the sense I dont want to play it again for the second time. It was just too much sometime you had like 15 choices and some of them did not really differ that much. It was really a chore.

  3. I really like dialogue choices in my game but I never liked the amount you had in Torment. It was just too much for some dialogues. The one I really liked was the one in Baldurs Gate but also Neverwinter Nights 2. This was in my opinion the perfect amount. Maybe here and there some extra choices but that was basically it.


    Please not again a Torment Dialogue system....

  4. Thanks very much for the update. Is it going to be posted on the Kickstarter?

    Yes. It is uploading presently with a rambling video from yours truly!(!!!)


    Also big big thank you for letting us now so early how you want this game to be. If I look at some other game that was announced today and how the info politic is there. I am really glad you guys are not bound to publishers and can truly interact with your fans <3

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  5. Have you played Bioware's recent titles? Their writing has become a joke.


    No one from Bioware, please.

    Eh Gaider and Patrick would be finew s they are the only writers worth anything at that shell, Gaider though since he has strong ties with BG. It's not like people want Casey Hudson to help, because that would be bad.


    Wasn't Gaider the guy who defended Dragon Age 2 and even insulted fans on their forums for not liking the writing in DA2? And no! No one at Bioware is really worth anything like that. Mabye as Janitor or coffee kid for the real staff.

  6. BG2 and PS:T had great romances.


    In BG2 your LI was killed, turned into a vampire, you were forced you to kill them as part of the main story line no matter which companion you romanced. A purely optional side quest allowed you to resurrect them but only if you had done a side quest earlier in the game. as a male character 1 of your LI's could become pregnant, one you could sleep with repeatedly except for one time, when doing so would end the romance forever because the LI sees the relationship as purely sexual and decides that's the end of it. The third LI is recently widowed and a little older than you.


    In PS:T you could romance both LI's, Annah and FFG separately at the same time (and if you were careful they would not break it off). There was no sex but you promised to see them again (as one was an immortal succubus the other a tiefling) after serving hundreds (or thousands) of years in the blood war.


    These romances are great, far better than a group of young, single, twenty something (equivalent) "playersexual" characters.


    A romance done well adds a depth that cannot!!!!!!! be ignored and can make a game more impactfull and the characters three dimensional.


    even (AND ONLY) DA:O's romances were ok. Eg. exploiting the glitch that allows you to romance morrigan, then lelliana, then zevran.


    As long as the romance is complex, unique and not a minigame with ""perfect score you get to sleep with LI.....game finished"", romances should be included.


    Just perfect. I like this post^^

  7. You guys need to be specific when you are talking about Bioware. The former Bioware or the current Biorware?


    The actual Bioware have been bought over by EA and for all practical purposes, no longer exist. The original Bioware company was broken up although EA retained the name. Now, more than 50% of EA games are made by "Bioware". They now makes games like Command and Conquer F2P!


    I have a suspicion that you guys are not talking about that Bioware that makes F2P games. :)


    The original Bioware no longer exist.

    Exactly. All the talent Bioware had is gone long ago. So there is no real need to involve them anyway.
  8. The only thing I don't like is having to choose between a powerful fighter who's an idiot, or a genius who can't fight worth squat.


    But that is the point. A pure fighter should not act as he is the most intelligent and handsome guy on this world. But to actually address this issue. You could make it that you could ask your other party members to handle this situation.

  9. In most pen and paper rpgs, your brave band of adventurers generally have a party "face", the group spokesperson, generally the one with the highest charisma or personality or whatever it is called attribute. Attribute selection then plays with skill and class selection, diplomacy and so on. In dnd the classes with the most reason to have a high charisma are bards, paladins and clerics.


    You know this, so im coming with the point.


    In a computer game, especially ones like planescape or baldurs gate, the world interacts with YOU, and the party spokesperson is always YOU, regardless of what class/style you play. The best example of this is planescape. Planescape has an amazing story, but in order to get the most out of it you have to devote most of your mechanical growth as you level to your mental stats, leaving you unfit for anything but wizard unless you are prepared to suck. I like to play martial characters, however, and in most computer rpgs playing as what is mainly a fighter leaves you unfit for talking duty, something i find abhorrent. History is, after all, filled to the brim with people good at both talking and fighting, and I'd like for the protagonist of project eternity to be good at dialogue regardless of class choice, like in alpha protocol. Also, locking out content in the form of quests because you dont have a high enough int score is a design choice i cant sympathize with.


    Rambling over. I've made this a poll because i understand the other argument, that having classes good at talking opens up more replay value, and that people like playing with "dumb" dialogue for laughs. I've also tried to incorporate as many different options as i could think of, but I've might have missed some.


    Yes. Higher Charisma or special skills should give you extra dialogue options.

  10. This is a personal nuisance that I just can't stand anymore: the camera never being in the right place. I have to constantly fiddle around with it to get a good view of the battlefield. Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, Dragon Age 2 and Dungeon Seige 3 all have had this problem. Even Dragon Age: Origins' strategy view only partially solves this problem. This is not a deal breaker but it annoys me to no end and I want it to stop.


    This whole behind the character / driving / eploration / MMORPG camera view works fine when you are controlling only one character but when you need to manage a party it becomes a hassle.


    Infinity engine games didn't have this problem because the camera was a bird's eye view at a fixed angle, just an RTS. This worked perfectly because games like Baldur's Gate were as much strategy as they were RPG.


    This is my plea to Obsidian. Please get rid of this camera problem once and for all. Give us an RTS camera and only an RTS camera so that I'll never have to fiddle with the damn thing just to see what's going on.


    I do not think that you will get a dragon age camera or MMO camera. So do not worry about that.

  11. There should not really be good and evil: but it should be like the world is. Grey. Of course there are evil people but they also have their reason and many think that is for their own or other good. I really do not want a meter like in newer Bioware titles but I also want to chose my actions and consequences.


    For example going a more evil route could unlock some special advance class Like from Thief class to a Assassins class and so on.

  12. With the right amount of new information (videos, screenshots, concept art, articles, etc.) released in due time, I think Obsidian won't have much of a problem getting to 1.6-1.8M. After that it won't be so easy.


    Perhaps a stretch goal which entails adding more of the legendary designers of old-school RPGs (ex-Obsidian, ex-BIS, ex-Bioware) to the Eternity development team (ala the Wasteland 2 team including Chris Avellone) may actually induce people to up their pledges to 2.5M and beyond. :)


    They have not really started with the game. That is why you will get it in 2014 and not tomorrow^^


    Also they almost reached 1.4 million. By the end of next week they should easily have reached their stretch goals.

  13. Is anyone really expecting 100+ hours?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the game is 20 hours and has diverse enough options to support 5 playthroughs. Does that count?


    If it's 20 hours, please confirm prior to the 16th so I can lower my donation. I want a game, not an expansion pack.


    Seriously what do you expect a Baldurs Gate 3? This game has a small budget and if the Main story is like 20 hours its a decent length if they also include lot of side stuff which is interesting.

  14. I really like shared party exp. I generally take companions on quests based on story considerations, which leads to me switching out NPCs frequently instead of sticking to a few optimal members. In the end, the latter actually adds up to LESS tactical choices and diversity, not more; as you'll be combining the same talents over and over throughout a given playthrough.

    Yeah this game really should have shared exp. Nothing is worse than to actually have to "powerlevel" the characters you do not use. If we will even get additional characters that are not with us all the time^^


    Omg and please do not start with this realism again. It is still a game. You do not need evidence that they trained at your house or whatever just accept it to make the game better^^

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  15. For the story length I do not really care if its 10.20 40 or even 100 hours as long it has no stuff that just look like filler. If they can keep the story interesting and good for 100 hours sure. Give it all to me. If they only can do that for 20-30 hours I am totally fine with it as well.


    As for side stuff. Again I rather have a less amount of sidequests which are really good instead of kill 4 wolves or bears or bring me 10 herbs etc fetch quests. Of course fetch quests also should be in such a game but not too many please. I rather would cut the length of the game than having these quests over and over again.

  16. Yeah random loot is great but do not give me a level 40 weapon with level 1 to bring up a bad example. Make it still reasonable to your level or maybe stats. That does not mean that it should have your level or the stats but something you don't have to wait 50 hours to actually use it^^


    Also yes for resting randomness^^

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