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  1. Agree with the OP 100%

    I experienced the same with PotD + story NPC (1st playthrought).

    Especially these two : need of a limited usage of figurine (1 or xx limited charges per item) + give immunities to encounters (Boss in the first place)

    As already mentionned in so many posts in the forum, the XP of bounties/trap/bestiaryshould be decreased or removed (at least in PoTD).


    One missing thing that didn't appear in your list : fix the pathfinding and aggro of ennemies nearby standing still for no reason.

  2. Hi , another voice, same feeling;


    It is not challenging and start to really break the immersion for me.....


    To make it short I'm playing my very first playthrought in PoTD with 5 ingame NPC (+rogue DW) and since Act 2 difficulty level has dropped a lot 

    Best encounters are so far shades/phantoms which can teleport to your weakest party members. Casters with charm spells are  quite difficult but overall the AI is not aggresive enough, ennemies should attack you at sight. Another issue is that NPC / AI pathfinding is horrible, ennemies are sometimes sitting idle for no reason ....


    Also, I am already swimming in gold. We can pick too many items without weight penalities and sell them to millionaire shopkeepers.

    (reading the forum, I think I will avoid bounties and Caed Nua until the very end to slow down a bit the leveling).


    Don't get me wrong I really enjoy the game but by fixing Hard/PoTD difficulties it could be so much better.

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