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  1. Two small things. Second one's probably been reported already.


    The first was a weird case of friendly fire. I was in the crypts beneath the temple of Berath in Neketaka. Met a dargul marksman and tried to kite him back a ways. He only followed for a little bit, then got distracted by... a risen armsman? They exchanged a couple arrows, and the dargul killed the risen. You can see the combat log in the lower right of the first screenshot. Undead rivalry or bug?


    The second one is simpler: Xoti's "Eder doesn't like me very much" dialogue references Maia even if you haven't met her yet.



  2. I was hoping that we wouldn't have to choose to multiclass right away if we weren't sure if we wanted to.  I was hoping it would be a little more like D&D where you can pick up another class at any point.  This isn't a big deal, I'm just awful at committing to major character change choices and since I very often pick stats and things with a narrative mindset, being forced to decide whether I want to multiclass right away is a bit jarring.


    I mean, it is kinda "a little more like D&D". D&D has never been consistent on what multiclassing actually means.


    I prefer multiclass on character creation instead of at level 2 because it allows me to start with a more realized character. If I envision my character as a fighter/mage, it feels kind of silly to me to spend a level as only one of those two things.

  3. Heya.


    Either the fury's storm blight form has some weird static electricity/magnetism stuff going on, or turning it on in the paper doll screen and pulling out a weapon causes the weapon to just kinda... hover there. Swapping weapon sets also takes you out of storm blight form, even though the button to turn it on remains toggled.


    Given what it looks like in combat, the weapon should probably just get removed from the paper doll, right?

  4. I think Obsidian has generally done a pretty good job of responding to concerns raised and incorporating feedback from here, SA, Twitch streams, and other places, on a wide variety of topics. But one area that's seen a fair few complaints but no real acknowledgment (that I'm aware of, at least) is the character creator itself. Complaints about the character creator typically fall into two categories: it's a pain in the ass to navigate, and it doesn't give you as much information as it should when it asks choices of you.


    The navigation problems mostly relate to character cosmetics and customization. A character's cosmetics are bookended: gender and race up front, and all the other stuff at the very end. It takes 16 clicks minimum to get from gender selection to head selection, and another 12 to go back to gender. That's a whole lot of clicking when I just want to check out the difference between male and female island aumaua heads. The customization options being split up like this didn't matter so much in the first game when 1: there were far fewer things to go through in character creation, and 2: you could click on any section of the character creator to jump to it. The Deadfire character creator has all these little symbols at the bottom of the screen that you should be able to click on to jump to a different section of it, and they even make a sound when you mouse over them to indicate that they're interactive, but... nothing.


    Then there's the issue of information. Most of the complaints I've seen (and occasionally made) have been in relation to the weapon proficiency page. Telling players what the modals do before they choose them is all well and good, but when you're asking a player to choose between weapons, you should probably also tell them what the weapons themselves do. What's the difference between a sword and a sabre? Or a flail and a mace? Hell if I, or any new player, knows. But we get to choose between them now, apparently.


    But there are vagueries elsewhere. The character creator tells me that pale elves are resistant to Burn and Freeze damage. By how much? The Darcozzi Paladini cast Flame Shield whenever they use Lay On Hands. What is Flame Shield?


    Then there are more minor complaints. Culture gives an attribute point, but choosing a culture doesn't actually change the attribute display in the character creator. Kind of confusing. Class and background both give skills, but they're separated by multiple other important choices, and there's no way of seeing what skills your class gave you from the background page. Stuff like that.


    I've grumbled about these things for a while but figured they were probably internally-known and low-priority issues that would be dealt with later on. I know other people have complained about them sporadically. Several backer updates later, I'm still hoping the creator sees some improvements before the rapidly-approaching launch.

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  5. They're a bit... rigid and narrow, aren't they?


    A hunter, one would presume, would know a fair bit about traps and such. That's mechanics right there. And survival of course, that's in. Good chance they know a fair bit about poison, so you've got your alchemy. And stealth is very important, but oops, we've hit the cap of 3 bonuses per background. Oh, and what about athletics?


    Same goes for dissident. History, intimidate, stealth, sure, all fine choices. But what kind of bomb-throwing anarchist wouldn't have, say, explosives and philosophy?


    It'd be a bit much to expect every background to give out a +1 to every skill that could vaguely be related to a background, but I think it would be Cool and Good if each background had, say, a half-dozen or so skills associated with it, and we got to pick 3 of them. It's a pretty minor thing - it's just a couple +1s, after all - but I think it could go a long way towards making character creation feel good for a lot of people. It's also more-or-less the model that every remotely modern D&D game has followed, for what it's worth.

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  6. Yeah, games generally have the problem of any sort of in-universe warning of danger being meaningless. Like, yeah, no **** that cave is super dangerous - that's why I, a player character, am going there in the first place!


    Oh wait, you meant the kind of dangerous that's actually really dangerous to me, oh...

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    Agreed on the topic of detailed and accurate descriptions. When I first read the various racial bonuses I didn't know what half of them really did, and I made the wrong assumption about the bonuses of Coastal Aumaua, Mountain Dwarfs and Wood Elves (assuming they simply got a +20 Defence against those Afflications). This made me view those three races' racial bonuses are fairly poor until I later learnt what they actually did and just how powerful they are (Wood Elves are immune to Paralysis and Coastal Aumaua are immune to Stun!).

    Sorry, where can you read what those racial abilities really do?

    Its not shown in character creation at all and the in game descriptions are not really helpful.


    I found a thread with a list of racial abilities, but its just the in game description which does not help that much.




    Basically, it down-shifts afflictions by one tier. So for a wood elf, paralyzed gets turned into immobilized, immobilized gets turned into hobbled, and hobbled does nothing.

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    Fire Godlikes would melt helmet anyway. Deathgodlikes love to show off their beautiful faces.

    Indeed. This makes us assume that fire godlikes sleep on stone beds without pillows.

    Ha! Let the devs explain how they deal with ordinary daily stuff with all those flames constantly errupting from their head! :D



    I think the description of Godlikes during character creation specifies that the fire on their heads doesn't produce heat ordinarily.


  9. 1. Animal companions are completely frozen in place in what I assume is their equivalent of the t-pose in the inventory screen. Or at least, the wolf is. Haven't checked the others.


    2. If you open the inventory menu with the paper doll set to show your companion (again, only tested with wolf), you get this:




    3. If you open the inventory menu on a different character and then switch to your ranger with the paper doll set to show your animal companion, you sometimes get this:




    4. I just loaded a quicksave and found that my animal companion's name has been replaced with "Wolf Companion".

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    Orlan, Hearth: 10% of hits converted to crits.


    I'm sorry bro, I'm gonna have to disagree and correct this for the sake of accuracy, unless it was changed from POE1:

    10% hit to crit conversion only when attacking the same target as an ally.


    That is a very important distinction, notably for solo playthroughs.



    Would you kindly edit the original post ?



    Good point. I neglected to look at the full description of their ability.



    much more annoying to move items between characters





    I like the stash always visible but we can't move items between two characters. Actually : Character 1 > Stash, Stash > Character 2



    It's not quite this bad, I bet what you were doing (and what I was doing) was dragging items onto character portraits at the top right? Which doesn't work.


    What DOES work is clicking the item once so that it sticks to your cursor (rather than just dragging it) and THEN clicking on the other character's portrait.


    It works okay, but I am used to just dragging, not clicking to pick up, so it wasn't intuitive for me and I STILL think the old UI was better since I could much more quickly move items from character to character.


    You can also select the item and then hit 1-5 to swap characters.

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  12. Let's talk about 'em!


    They aren't listed during character creation, unfortunately. In the interest of actually being able to discuss these things, I'll list them now.


    Aumaua, Coastal: Resistance to might afflictions.

    Aumaua, Island: Immunity to "slog zone" attacks.


    Dwarf, Boreal: Can graze primordials and wilder.

    Dwarf, Mountain: Resistance to constitution afflictions.


    Elf, Pale: +4 burn armour, +4 freeze armour

    Elf, Wood: Resistance to dexterity afflictions.


    Godlike, Death: +20% damage.

    Godlike, Fire: +2 burn armour. When bloodied or near death, +1 armour and 2-4 burn damage against melee attackers.

    Godlike, Moon: +10 health to allies in AoE first time hurt, bloodied, or near death.

    Godlike, Nature: +2 power level when under the effect of a might, constitution, or dexterity inspiration.


    Human: +7 accuracy, +15% damage when bloodied or near death.


    Orlan, Hearth: 10% of hits converted to crits when attack same enemy as ally.

    Orlan, Wild: Resistance to resolve afflictions.




    I think people have reacted generally negatively towards the resistance to X traits. They are very unclear - there's no immediate indicator of what a "dexterity affliction" is, for example, and no indication of what "resistance" actually means. Is it a defence bonus? Is it decreased duration?


    The human trait returns from PoE 1, and... I've never really liked that one. It's... it's really dull. If a racial trait requires a specific condition to go off - especially one outside of your direct control - you should actually notice when it goes off.


    The fire godlike trait is, uh... awful. Pale elves make an absolute mockery of them. If anything, I'd expect that fire godlike would get armour to both burn and freeze while pale elves only get freeze.


    The death godlike trait is fitting on a pretty basic level, but, like the PoE variant (and the PoE wood elf), kind of goes against the "no bad build" idea: death godlike are a huge waste as buffers or debuffers. This is pretty disappointing to me, as I think a controller wizard death godlike is conceptually interesting.


    I don't have any specific thoughts about the island aumaua change, but I do have to ask: how do you unlock more weapon sets? They still exist in the inventory screen, but there are no neutral talents anymore, so...

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  13. I mentioned it in the initial impressions thread, but


    look, it's not like I have a thing about eyebrows or anything, but


    c'mon, look at the default meadow folk. That's not right, man! That's not right! A lot of characters - especially for the women - can't change their eyebrow colour, they just throw a little bit of blonde or red or whatever into the big mass of unchanging black. Male dwarves and elves are good there, at least.



    That business aside, I really like the dwarves, orlans, and pale elves. I like the coastal aumaua look better than the island, but I've never particularly cared for the look of island aumaua in general. Hair selection is all-around pretty impressive. Some of the "lighter" beards really don't work though, they clip into the cheeks and neck in really awkward and patchy ways, especially on dwarves. The female nature godlike has texture issues.

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