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  1. Maybe this is a bad idea, but what do people think of the game having a narrator during the descriptive bits of dialogue? In the first game I find it pretty jarring when there is dialogue read aloud that skips the non-dialogue portions. Having a narrator would bypass that.


    I'm listening to a several fantasy audiobooks ATM and quite enjoy the added flair that a narrator adds to the experience.  Anyways, just a thought. Like most here I'd rather the budget be focused on things other than voice acting in general. 

  2. I put the game aside after release day as I just did not have time to sit down and play through it thoroughly but I am starting to have that time :). Couple quick questions?


    a) Was Reckless Assault fixed? 

    b) I can no longer craft a low level flame spell in the starting wood area. What's changed? (as a rogue, with level 2 lore)

    c) Is it my imagination or have animations been added/improved since release?

  3. I'm very early in the game still myself (have not had much time to play), I am on hard at the moment. Would restarting on PoTD fix this XP issue? I really don't like the idea of avoiding quests. I usually don't replay games so I want to experience all the content.


    If not I may wait to continue until there is a fix.


    So far the game's challenge has been just right, but then again it's supposed to be solid in Act 1 from what I've read.

  4. I play with them on. I'd rather play with them off since it feels less gamey- and more immersive, but there are many instances where I can't tell what the tone of the reply is, so I can't really tell how it's coming across to the NPC. (i.e. sarcasm etc.)


    That said I only pick choices based on what I feel/roleplaying. In past RPGs I would pick all one sided for the trait I was going for but found myself enjoying the dialogue a lot when I went based on gut/instict instead.


    EDIT: My bad, I thought this was the option that characterized each response (stoic, passionate etc.). I have the one that shows blocked out dialogue options off. Too gamey.

  5. This has been kind of annoying me lately - I can't seem to find the reason that's causing it. Sometimes after I pause, and then select an active for each party member and left  click on a target, it won't trigger. For example, when I want to cast blind with my rogue, usually I have to go it 2 attempts, because it almost never actually does it the first time.


    The end result is that I end up fighting for a second or two against a non-defuffed enemy. Can be fatal in some circumstances.


    What's going on here? Obviously I'm missing something games-mechanics wise.

  6. Yeah I just don't like the idea of a super high might elf. It just -- seems off. Maybe I should just get over it :p.

    Someone with some rationalization capabilities help me out here --- the description page says might represents "physical or spiritual strength". A small elf character having a ton of brute force doesn't fit, but maybe I could consider it something else?


    It might seem a bit silly getting hung up on this, but I don't know, it helps me get into the experience more ya know?  :yes:

  7. Is it possible to build a viable dual wielding rogue that doesn't have a ton of might?


    I'm playing an elven female rogue and for RP purposes I just don't want to get a ton of might. Can I make do with say 13? I was thinking along these lines:


    Might: 13

    Con: 6

    Dex: 18

    Per: 16

    Int: 12

    Res: 13


    I was thinking that relatively high deflection from Per and Res would balance out low Con. And obviously I'll be putting my tank(s) front and center. I'm barely ~1 hour into the game so I can restart if needed.  (already have a few times...) 


    I want a BIT of Int for conversation options also frankly again for RP purposes. I could min-max it but don't want to play a character that's dumb as a rock :p.

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