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  1. I absolutely loved atton :wub: I just wish there'd been an option to romance him as a male character. *Le-Sigh*...oh well...One can always hope.....



    Or mod :devil:


    Hahahaha. Someone NEEDS to do an Atton romance mod. I by need I mean its the end of the world if we don't get one. They already stopped KotOR 3 for an MMO so they should make mods like that to keep us fangirls and boys...entertained. :brows:

  2. Maybe it was Revan's sister. In Kotor3 Atton is killed by Revan! That would be funny :D

    I don't think she really was omportant. Just another jedi who died for peace!



    Atton...killed by Revan? O.o

    Sorry I have just been using the restored content mod so he's already dead...

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