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  1. Good post.

    Just two things: first, and it's not a really important issue, but how come you have 0 Italians showing in your surveys (even some African countries did better) when I know I did the survey and also some other friends of mine (all Italians) did?


    Second: about the DLC/expansion question I think you should've asked your fans how they feel about mid-game content and post-game content. I, for one, prefer Mask of the Betrayer-style expansions (not only because it was a masterpiece) rather than White March or New Vegas DLCs which force you to reload an old save or start a new game and play for several hours before you can enjoy the new content. I think it would've been useful to know this piece of information too.

  2. I would like a true old-school rpg, with the depth of Fallout 1 & 2, full of stat and skill checks and which allowed players to solve mission and proceed in the game in many different ways.

    Also, I would like something new and original rather than a direct sequel (a spiritual successor to something is still good, though), but I fully trust Obsidian, especially if they do a project like this and so their creativity is not limited by a publisher (just as LucasArts did with KotOR II forcing them to release the game earlier than it should, and that's just one of many examples).

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