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  1. Do what you do best, Obsidian, to me, has always been known for its amazing branching stories and characters. Game engines out there seem to come and go and there are some amazing ones out there, why reinvent the horse 'n buggy? (Unless its economicly cheaper) The true measure of a game engine is it has to be something that can handle future expansions so Obsidian can make more games for it! And it has to look awesome and have jawdropping magic/special effects...


    My pipedream? Obsidian meets with Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files. I know nothing about ip licensing or how much it costs, but the Dresden Files and Harry Dresden are pretty fun characters. Could Obsidian/Jim Butcher tell us a tale of Harry Dresden w/o screwing up Jims future books? I dunno.


    Pipedream pt II - Folks speak of Arcanum and steam punk (it was a decent game) or Fallout (just not my cup of tea, the world is a burnt out cinder...) as rare and untapped, but how many modern/high fantasy stories have been told by pc rpgs? Many 3rd person action games Devil May Cry, Darksiders (fun game!) have had a modern fantasy cast to them, but a full Obsidian rpg... You could even get the Planescape feel with having the need to "cross dimensions" and walk into the world of the fae, or asguard, olympus, Heaven and Hell to do/finish some quest, accrue honor/debts/faction, etc. I know folks at Obsidian have to be rpg'ers so I say something like Obsidian + White Wolfs Mage, Dresden Files, White Wolfs Scion, Shadowrun. Joe average discovers the power of magic and becomes in a powerstruggle thru the planes of reality. Or maybe he is a god, secretly in hiding, thrown down from his throne and his mind struck clean, come to take back his panthion! romance, betrayal, guns, Magic! DRAGONS!


    Do what Obsidian does best, tell a great story! Oh, and if you are going to put moral choices in the game, MAKE THEM COUNT FOR SOMETHING! This trend of games that hype different styles of play (FABLE! KOTOR, Mass Effect (its so mediocre, how did it get such hype?) etc) are crap, you can be the biggest douch in the world, but you make the one major choice for good at the end, and you are suddenly the ubar !@$ hero of the universe! No. I know its more work, almost 2 games in one allowing for "good and evil" play but I think thats one of Obsidians strenghts. If you play "good" then when you goto the "Higher" planes, they welcome you and give you quests to go stop evil. If you play evil, when you goto the "Lower" planes, they throw a party and try to get you to go do more evil!


    Take us on a grand, turn based, none of this real time combat stuff, thats not a true rpg, tale. Use the concepts of White Wolfs world of darkness as a skeleton for the story. Neo and the Matrix meets Odin and Ragnorok (sp). Start us at level one with a magic missle and a phoney katanna from a close out sale from S-Mart!

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