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  1. I am a long time lurker, but I couldn't resist adding my two cents in.


    As awesome as another Planescape RPG would be, I think is it pretty logical that any IP that is a license or that is held by a publisher would not be possible for a Kickstarter project. But here is what I would like to see:


    1. I would like to see the resurrection of a project that you guys personally felt had a lot of promise but got canceled. It would be really awesome to see the Aliens RPG finished this way, but there is the license issue again. But, what about the "Seven Dwarves" (New Jersey?) project? From little tidbits gleamed from Obsidian staffer interviews, it sounded like people really loved it. If Obsidian has the rights to it instead of whoever the published was supposed to be, it would be really cool to help them self-fund it to completion.


    2. I want to see something crazy that Obsidian believes in that would never get greenlighted by a publisher due to the risk involved. As the guy behind Planescape: Torment, you know there is lots of crazy awesomeness in MCA's head. Nothing like Torment would be given the go ahead today. I want to see where Obsidian can go if we take off the handcuffs of a publisher.


    3. Give us a different genre besides high fantasy or space opera. I love those as much as the next guy, but it would be nice to see some of the diversity of tabletop gaming come back to CRPGs. That was one reason why I was disappointed behind the reception to Alpha Protocol (although I personally loved it). It was a modern-day espionage RPG! I can't think of another game in the same category. If there is, I will wager that it is an older title and/or pretty obscure. I love GURPS and Hero. Go look at the list of GURPS worldbooks or Hero genre books and then think about an Obsidian RPG in one of those settings. Arabian Nights? Pulp (Indiana Jones-type RPG?) Cthulu? Cyberpunk? Or...something I always thought would be kick ass (but really difficult to do), a time travel or alternate dimension RPG (think Timepiece/Stopwatch or the Infinity Ltd. setting in GURPS Time Travel). I drool over the possibilities.


    4. Another thing that would be interesting to explore if possible within the type of funds Kickstarter could raise: negotiate a license to a favorite book series and use that for an RPG. Think about how cool it would be to play an Honor Harrington or Vorkosigan RPG. Even a license on that scale might be too much, but it would be interesting to get a licensed game on something that isn't totally mainstream (e.g. Star Wars).


    Anyway, I hope Obsidian does try this at some point (soon) in the future. I think we would get something from them that could never have seen the light of day otherwise.

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